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The files contains information about Greece, AIESEC and the LCs of AIESEC in Greece.


  • "We are happy that you will be

    part of the team that will impact

    the Greek youth and develop your

    leadership potential

    AIESEC in Greece - Non Corporate Team

  • Content 0.AIESEC

    1. About the country

    2. People and Language

    3. Culture

    4. Financial and Safety information 5. Lifestyle

  • AIESEC Experience

    What is AIESEC? AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-

    profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not

    discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin.

    Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential, to have a

    positive impact in society.

    We are all volunteers!

    Leadership we want to develop

    Self-Aware Aware of

    strengths and


    Know personal

    values and

    purpose in life.

    for the World Responsible

    Aware of the worlds take

    ownership for it and act

    Effective Communication Can engage others with personal purpose

    and values.

    Can communicate effectively and build


  • The projects organized by AIESEC are national or local initiatives that empower a certain category of people or

    institutions, bring a societal impact and have a high range of relevance from local to global. These projects offer

    impactful team and leadership experiences to our members, while delivering powerful GIP or GCDP internships to

    students from Greece or from abroad, just like you.

    Which are our National Projects? What is their purpose? Young Power:

    The project runs n Middle- and High schools in order to help students develop their soft skills and global mindset. The aim is to provide students with practical knowledge on skills that are highly useful for their future both personally and professionally while being aware and provide solutions to tackle burning issues in Greece. NGO for Change: Is an entrepreneurship Project aiming at contributing actively to Greek NGOs financial sustainability and organizational structure improvement. The vision of the project is to empower Organizational Growth and Sustainability of NGOs in Greece. In this way we can give to them the capacity to act on facing social issues that Greece is facing right now.

    Our Projects

  • About Greece

    Currency: Capital Location

    Population: 10,816,626 Main Ethnic Groups:

    Greek 91%, Albania 4,3%, Bulgarians 0,7%, Romanians 0,4%


    Christian Orthodox 85%, Roman Catholic 1,8%, Islam 2,2%, Atheist-other.: 10%

    Form of State:

    Greece is a parliamentary republic. The nominal head of state is the President of the Republic, who is elected by the Parliament for a five-year term. The current Constitution was drawn up and adopted by the Fifth Revisionary Parliament and entered into force in 1975 after the fall of the military junta of 19671974.

    Legal system:

    Based on European models and Constitution of 1991.


    The climate of Greece is primarily Mediterranean, featuring

    mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.





  • Clothing: Just to be sure, ask your EP buddy about the

    weather in your host city and for any other

    advice regarding this subject!

    If you come during summer, be sure you pack your bathing suit. During is really hot so bring light clothes. During your stay you can visit the Greek islands in your free time or seaside places like Chalkidiki in the North or Peloponnese in the south. If you come during winter, be sure you pack warm clothes . You will not freeze but we have a lot of rains and sometimes also snow. So bring waterproof shoes! During winter islands arent the number one place to go so you can visit the amazing Greek landscape and make a lot of trips in archeological places all over Greece.

    Flag: 9 Horizontal blue-white

    Stripes with a cross

    up left

    Time zone: GMT +2 50,949

    sq miles

  • If something can characterized the Greeks this is the hospitality and the joy for life. Greeks are by nature fun, loving, warm, hospitable. Someone could call them

    traditional but the new generations are eager to learn new cultures.

    Being a Greek

    There are 130 towns in Greece out of which 20 have a population of more than 60,000 while 10 cities count more than 100,000 inhabitants. 40 % of Greeks live in rural areas: 1,500 communes

    Regarding the Greek islands there are over 600 islands in

    Greece from which around 80-100 inhabited with the most

    known of the to be Crete, Santorini, Corfu and Rhodes.

  • Greek has a huge tradition from which many big persons stayed in history:

    Alexander the Great Great king of Greek who lived until the age of 33 and ruled until then the biggest part of the known world Georgios Papanikolaou known doctor and inventor of the pap test zone of the female reproductive system detect potentially pre-cancerous and cancerous processes in the transformation

    Socrates ancient Greek philosopher who was credited as on of the founders of Western philosophy.

    Aristotle Was a Greek philosopher and scientists and a student of Plato. He is considered to be the first scientist in history. According to the encyclopedia Britanica every scientist is in his debt.

    Aristotelis Onasis Was a prominent shipping magnate. His is the most successful businessman of modern Greece known not only for his life but also for his haritage after his death

    Read more about other famous Greeks HERE!

    Official Language: Greek People speak English in the big cities, mostly

    the young people. Even if some people dont completely understand you, Greeks are very sociable and helpful, ready to try to help you even through body language or redirecting you to someone who speaks English.

    Over 50% of the population can make a proper conversation in English so dont worry .If you ask someone in English and he cant respond you, the next one you will stop will be for sure your guy.

    15th place at English from

    non- English


  • Festivals and events Some of Europe's most traditional folkways are meticulously

    preserved here, with young celebrants wearing the same

    costumes and dancing the same steps to tunes played on

    instruments traditional to their forefathers since time

    immemorial. Festivals provide wonderful opportunities for visitors to experience the amalgam of the people who make up this country which was influenced during the year by many civilizations but always holding his uniqueness.

    Major festivals throughout the year include:

    Athens and Epidaurus festival Enjoy a performance as the ancient Greeks would do in this outstanding architectural monument known for its unique acoustics.. Performances are in Greek but in the program you will find summaries in other languages too and English subtitles for the Festivals productions.

    River Party Kastoria The longest living festival outside of Athens is takes place every year in Nestorio of Kastoria at the river Haliacmon. River Party gives an opportunity for visitors to be entertained and participate for 5 whole days.

    Rockwave Festival The Rockwave Festival journey begins in 1996.This was the first attempt in Greece to create an institution of an annual live music event to host contemporary pop and rock artists and bands.

    Kalamata International Dance Festival Kalamata International Dance Festival was held for the first time in Kalamata on 1995.

    June July August

  • Other events Due to the amazing weather in Greece there is a variety of events that take place in cities, islands an touristic places. So feel free to explore them also by yourself according to your interests.


    Thessaloniki International Film Festival It has become one

    of the Balkans primary showcases for the work of new and

    emerging filmmakers.


    Ragkoutsaria Is one of the most famous events after new year and it takes place every year between 6-8 January in the city

    of Kastoria.It is the Kastorian Carnival and has its routes in the

    greek-roman times.


    Patras Carnival is the largest event of its kind in Greece.It has more than 160 years of history. It climaxes in the last

    weekend of Carnival with the Saturday evening parade of

    carnival groups, the extravagant Sunday parade of floats and

    groups, and finally the ritual burning of the carnival king at the

    St. Nikolaos Street pier in the harbor of Patras. Its characteristics

    are spontaneity, improvisation, inspiration and volunteerism.

  • Greek Foods

    "The Greek cuisine, with its wide variety of high quality

    ingredients and its wisely considered and highly beneficial

    combinations which encapsulate the knowledge of

    centuries, enjoys a privileged position in the global culture

    of taste alternatives.

    Greece is characterized by its numerous islands and the

    rugged terrain of the mainland. This morphological

    diversity creates "worlds within worlds". A trip to Greece

    means a fascinating exploration of tastes, flavours,

    unexpected combinations and endless variety.

  • e

    The main ingredients used by Greek chefs are meats such as pork, beef and lamb, fish, vegeta