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These are recent works using the new skills I have acquired at the Art Institute


  • ALTEREGO brandingI created a logo for a friend of mine who also does graphic design, She couldnt think of anythingso I did it for her.1

  • BOOM MEDIA2 ETSY bannerEtsy is one the biggest ways to trade goods since Ebay. I have been creating banner ads for friends and customersfor the past couple months.

  • DR.PEPPER3 IllustrationDR pepper is my absolute favorite, I did this illustration using adobe illustrator and using the mesh and pen toolto create a realistic vector piece.

  • ICONMANIA4 App BrandingI created icons for applications for mobile device. This was made with photoshop and illustrator.

  • POSTER5 Personal Poster ADI am apart of a street team called Karmaloop. I have a rep code that I had to promote and this is what I createdfor myself.

  • BRANDING6 Personal WorkSomething I created for my typography class.

  • MIDTERMS7 Photoshopped ArtworkI turned this in today (4.30.2013), and its something I am very proud of. Love the USA! This iscompletely photoshopped, and I used the image of the soldiers from a different artist (as was required).

  • FACEBOOK8 Social Media BannerI had the opprotunity to create a facebook banner for a model in the Seventeen magazine. I currently still do work forher every so often.

  • LOGO9 More BrandingI have a little side company where I take old shirts and make them into redefined scarves! Its pretty fun, and I lovethis logo.

  • CHARITY10 Poster WorkerA fellow designer of mine had been accused of stealing artwork, which were of course not true, but my friends and Imade a little charity to help pay her lawyer bills.