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  • Recent Advances in Recent Advances inAyurvedic PharmaceuticsAyurvedic Pharmaceutics

    International ConferenceInternational Conferenceon

    14-15 October 2011

    Organising SecretaryDr. K.R.C. Reddy


    VARANASI - 221005, INDIA


    Chief Patron :

    Patron :

    Vice Patron :

    Chairman :

    Organising Secretary :

    Joint Organising Secretary :

    Treasurer :

    Local Advisory Committee

    Prof. D.P. Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Banaras Hindu Unviersity

    Prof. B.D. Singh, Rector, Banaras Hindu Unviersity

    Prof. T.M. Mohapatra, Director, I.M.S.

    Prof. C.B. Jha, Dean, Faculty of Ayurveda

    Dr. K. R. C. Reddy

    Dr. L. N. Gupta

    Dr. K.N. Murthy:

    Prof. S. N. Upadhyay, Former Director, ITProf. V. B. Pandey, Former Dean, Faculty of AyurvedaProf. M. Dwivedi, Former Dean, Faculty of AyurvedaProf. V. K. Joshi, Former Dean, Faculty of AyurvedaProf. M. Sahu, Shalya TantraProf. R.G. Singh, NephrologyProf. S. D. Dubey, Dravya GunaProf. Yamini Bhushan Tripathi, Medicinal ChemistryProf. M. Sahai, Medicinal ChemistryProf. V. P. Singh, Medicinal ChemistryProf. Neelam, Prasuti TantraProf. S. K. Tiwari, Kaya ChikitsaProf. K. N. Dwivedi, Dravya GunaProf. D. N. Pandey, Shalya TantraProf. A. K. Mishra, CommerceDr. Neeraj Kumar, Superintendent, Ayurvedic PharmacyDr. A. K. Singh, Dravya GunaDr. B. Mukhopadhyaya, Shalakya TantraDr. B. M. Singh, KaumarbhrityaDr. Ananda Kumar Choudhary, Rasa ShastraDr. J. S. Tripathi, Kaya ChikitsaDr. Shiv Ji Gupta, Shalya TantraDr. P. Singh, Womens CollegeShri Vachaspati Tripathi, Surya Pharmaceuticals

    Prof. R. H. Singh, Former Vice Chancellor, R.A.U., Jodhpur

    Prof. Radheshyam Sharma, Vice Chancellor, R.A.U., JodhpurProf. M. L. Sharma,Vice Chancellor, G.A.U., JamnagarProf. S. P. Mishra, Vice Chancellor, U.K.A.U., DeharadoonProf. O. P. Upadhyay, Vice Chancellor, G.R.D.A.U., PunjabDr. S. K. Sharma, Advisor, Deptt. of AYUSH, New DelhiProf. Ramesh Babu, Director General, CCRAS, New DelhiProf. M.S. Bhaghel, Director IPGTRA, GAU, JamnagarProf. Ajay Sharma, Director, NIA, JaipurProf. S. S. Savirkar, Former Vice Chancellor, G.A.U. JamnagarProf. C. H. S. Shastry, Former Director, N.I.A., JaipurProf. Subhash Ranade, PuneDr. Jaya Prakash Narayan,Vice-President, CCIM, New DelhiProf. Damodar Joshi, Rajasthan, Prof. S. K. Dixit, Member of T.K.D.L.Prof. H.M. Chandola, JamnagarDr. Janardhan Pandey, Dy. Advisor, Dept. of AYUSHDr. C. K. Katiyar, DRF, New DelhiProf. L. K. Dwivedi, NIA, JaipurProf. O. P. Verma, RoorkeeProf. V. A. Dole, PuneProf. Prasanna N. Rao, HassanProf. Sukumaran Nair, TrivandrumProf. Rajendran, TrivandrumProf. P. K. Prajapati, G.A.U., JamnagarProf. Sobha Hiramath, BangaloreDr. Durga Prasad, Dabur India Ltd.Dr. Rangesh Paramesh, Himalaya Drug Co.Prof. R. K. Sharma, GauhatiDr. Neuton, Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan Pvt. Ltd., Naini

    Prof. H. S. Sharma, Osaka, JapanDr. A.P.J. Amarasinghe, Sri LankaProf. C.P. Sapkota, NepalDr. Chandralata Samarashekhar, Sri LankaProf. Raja Vashisth Tripathi, U.S.A.

    ChairmanProf. C.B. Jha

    Address for CommunicationDr. K.R.C. Reddy

    Dept. of Rasa Shastra, Faculty of AyurvedaIMS, BHU, Varanasi

    M-07897845512,09415813533, 0542-6703556, 6703550Fax : 0542-2366382, E-Mail :


    SOUVENIRA souvenir will be brought out on the occasion of conference with all regular features of academics. Advertisements of products/organization for publication in souvenir and to host an event is mentioned below : Back page Rs. 30,000.00 Session Rs. 20,000.00Inside cover Rs. 25,000.00Back inside cover Rs. 25,000.00 Lunch Rs. 60,000.00Full page Rs. 15,000.00Half page Rs. 10,000.00 Dinner Rs. 75,000.00



  • Category Registration feeth(up to 25

    Sept. 2011)

    Registration feeth(up to 10

    Oct. 2011)

    Spot registration

    Delegate Rs. 1500.00

    Associate Delegate


    Foreign Delegates

    PG Diploma/ PGStudents & Ph.D. Scholars

    Ayurvedic physicians very efficiently. Ayurvedic pharmaceutics i.e. Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana, enriched with number of formulations.

    Present day demand of Ayurvedic formulations has been raised globally. Hence commercialization of Ayurvedic drug manufacturing took place. Therefore certain things i.e. Standardization, Quality control, Safety became essential requirements for Ayurvedic formulations.

    In view of evidences, practices and belief about Ayurvedic formulations , Department has been decided to conduct this ICRAAP-11 to reveal the real fact and to find out a protocol and guidelines for Ayurvedic formulations by incorporating recent advances took place in this field.

    Resource persons of repute, from the concerned field i.e. Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics, will deliver lectures in scientific sessions. One session is being reserved for brain storming interactive discussion related to recent advances in Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics.

    01. Issues related to collection, procurement and storage of Raw Material

    02. Different aspects related to manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines.

    03. Quality control and Quality assurance of Ayurvedic formulations.

    04. Safety and efficacy studies of Ayurvedic formulations

    05. Global scenario of Ayurvedic Formulations.

    Organisers will be happy to receive abstract and full papers up to 20th Sept. 2011 and they will be published in Souvenir after due scrutiny by scientific committee in international conference.

    Abstract for oral/poster presentations in the scientific sessions during conference should be in maximum 200 words typed in MS word (for English - Times new roman, font size 12 and for Sanskrit-Khalnayak). The registration fee is mandatory to submit the abstract and it should be mailed along with, soft copy (CD) and hard copy.





    Banaras Hindu University

    Rasa Shastra

    Banaras Hindu University established in 1916 by Mahamana Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviyaji. One of the most prestigious Central Universities of the country. Largest residential University of the Asia with the humble message Sarvavidhya ki Rajdhani is the only University in India. At present 04 institutes, 04 centres of excellence,

    , 04 interdisciplinary schools, 16 Faculties and 140 Departments with the addition of Rajeev Gandhi South Campus are contributing for academic growth in their respective areas.

    Ayurveda is the science of life practiced by ancient Aryans, and it is based on Atharva Veda, one of the oldest scripture of Hindus. Mahamana Pt. Malaviyaji was of the firm view that, Ayurveda is the science which can serve the entire Nation for improving its health and life as a whole. With this aim full fledged studies of Ayurveda commenced in BHU since 1927 and with due progresses, Faculty of Ayurveda is working today. Faculty of Ayurveda is propagating Globally due to its uniqueness in relation of its management of diseases.

    Rasa shastra Department was established in 1978, in the Faculty of Ayurveda, Institute of Medical Sciences ,Banaras Hindu University. Department of Rasa Shastra is responsible in teaching , training and research of Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana. Rasa Shastra deals with conversion of mineral/metal/ animal origin, herbs of poisonous nature, some aquatic substances and plant material in to efficacious medicines as an out come of its specialized processing techniques i.e. Shodhana, Bhavana, and Marana etc. Rasaushadhies are known for their uniqueness to provide quick therapeutic action, lesser dose regimen, better palatability, long shelf life and wider range of therapeutics to treat acute and chronic diseases. Bhaishajya Kalpana deals with preparation of different dosage forms i.e. churna, vati, gutika, avalehya, asava, arishta and pathya kalpana etc. these dosage forms are still prescribed by

    Womens College



    Accommodation will be arranged to participants on request in advance and subjected to the availability because limited accommodation is available in the guest houses of the University. The arrangement for the stay of delegates can be made at their own cost by the organizers on prior request.

    The holy city of Varanasi is oldest of civilization known for spiritualism, religion, knowledge, music and art. The holy river Ganges, Kashi Vishwanatha temple, Saranath, Ramnagar Fort are the main attraction sites of the city and Banarasi Sarees and dessert are famous world wide.

    The climate in the Varanasi during Oct. will be pleasant. The city is well connected by Road, Rail/ Air to other parts of the country.

    Registration fee will be accepted only through Demand drafts in favour of ICRAAP-11 payable at Bank of Baroda, B.H.U., Varanasi

    Registration fee includes Registration kit, souvenir, break fast, lunch and dinner during conference. Local hospitality will be provided subjected to availability of University facilities.

    Rs. 1200.00

    Rs. 5000.00

    $ 100.00

    Rs. 1200.00

    Rs. 1700.00

    Rs. 1500.00

    Rs. 6000.00

    $ 150.00

    Rs. 1500.00

    Rs. 2000.00

    Rs. 1700.00

    Rs. 7000.00

    $ 200.00

    Rs. 2000.00


  • Recent Advances in Recent Advances inAyurvedic PharmaceuticsAyurvedic Pharmaceutics

    International ConferenceInternational Conferenceon

    14-15 October 2011

    Department of Rasa Shastra, Faculty of AyurvedaInstitute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

    Name of Participant ..Full Address ....................................................


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