Rebellions Of The Tudor Period

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  • On October 13th 1536, 40,000 people (mostly commoners and some nobles) were led by Robert Aske to convince Henry to stop his attacks on the churches and monastries, and also to return the country to following the Pope. Many of the followers disliked Thomas Cromwell and blamed him for polluting the King's mind and convincing him to divorce Catherine of Aragon in favour of Anne Boleyn. The harvests of 1535 had also led to high food prices, and this angered many peasants who could not afford the price rise. There were also many rumours and fears surrounding the sheep tax, which in turn contributed to the rebellion. However, the outcome of the rebellion had a positive effect on Henry VIII as the government postponed the collection of the October Subsidy, and they also stated that all pilgrims would be pardoned for their part in the rebellion. Thomas Cromwell also fell from power in 1540 and Mary I was restored to the succession in 1544. Yet the leader of the rebellion, Robert Aske, believed he had won a great victory, but he was later returned to Yorkshire and executed.


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