Really Good Stuff Really Good Stuff 0% Contract Good Stuff Really Good Stuff 0% Contract Reference Number: Website for on-line ordering with Bid terms: No Vendor Contact: Claudia Fellini

Download Really Good Stuff Really Good Stuff 0% Contract   Good Stuff Really Good Stuff 0% Contract Reference Number: Website for on-line ordering with Bid terms: No Vendor Contact: Claudia Fellini

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  • Really Good Stuff Really Good Stuff 0%

    Contract Reference Number:

    Website for on-line ordering with Bid terms: No

    Vendor Contact: Claudia Fellini


    Phone Number: 203-261-1920, ext. 246

    Fax Number: 203-268-8120

    Discount Exceptions: "Volume Discount" allowed for any order

    over $30.00

    General Freight Terms:

    Freight Free, Prepaid & Included:

    $ Minimum:

    within _____ miles:

    Prepaid & Added to Invoice:

    % added to order:

    Actual amount billed As shown in current issue of


    General Freight Terms Exceptions:

    Other Exceptions: Returns allowed but customer may be

    responsible for shipping, processing, and restocking fees.

    Delivery ARO: 10-14 days

    P-Card Accepted: Yes

    Vendors' Principal Place of Business: Connecticut

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  • Equal Opportunity in Education and Employment

    LAKE Superintendent: Susan Moxley, Ed.D.

    School Board Members:

    District 1 Bill Mathias

    District 2 Rosanne Brandeburg District 3 Tod Howard District 4 Debbie Stivender District 5 Kyleen Fischer



    Leading our Children to Success

    Procurement Services 29529 CR 561 Tavares FL 32778

    (352) 253-6760 Fax: (352) 253-6761


    December 20, 2013

    Ms. Kelly O'Connell Really Good Stuff 448 Pepper St. Monroe, CT 06468

    RE: Bid #3745BM Catalog Discounts

    Dear Ms. O'Connell:

    At their meeting held on December 16, 2013, the Lake County School Board approved the award of the above referenced bid for the catalog(s) and/or website(s) shown below. The bid proposal we received from your company will serve as the contract and will be in effect from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2016. Purchase orders will be issued as needed.

    Please note that it is your responsibility to label and distribute approved printed catalogs to LCSB schools and departments. As new catalogs become available it is your responsibility to 1) submit them to the Procurement Services Department for approval; and 2) label and deliver to the schools and departments.

    Really Good Stuff

    On-line internet ordering may be allowed only if a web portal designed specifically for LCSB has been reviewed and approved by the Procurement Services Department. Such approval must be obtained prior to sending any information to the schools and departments. The Procurement Services Department must be notified of any website modifications, changes, or additions that could affect connectivity to the website during the term of this contract.

    A complete copy of the award recommendation letter and the bid tabulation may be viewed on the LCSB Procurement Services Departments website located at We look forward to working with you. If you have questions, please contact me at 352-253-6764 or


    Crystal Pierson, CPPB Certified Purchasing Agent


    ./.) " ~ (} (] ~ ~0}!-tRO. P YOSS~.L L F -~,R; Vendor Name: ____[) ~ ~c/ rJV r;

    Vendor Bid/Contract Reference# (if applicable): j Y} '-{ .c;- /3 i~

    Vendor has a website catalog that can be configured specifically for use by)..ake County Schools for on-line ordering reflecting the special pricing offered: 0 Yes [i}r[o


    1. Percentage Discount offered on all items listed in catalog: -tJ_% 1 ' U D llAA'vtL- (':':> iS t-~~ 2. Percentage Discount offered by catego;~---- OR ------ 3 -- IS 17 .t: ~)~

    (V~ndor must provide definitive guidelines to ascertain the category in which a given item may~~ be Included.): _..u



    Supplies: __ _{)_%)' L/~/t-uuL-Equipment: __ _fl_% /J'~''

    Other (Specify): __ f) % ' //. ' - r~

    Discount Exceptions: ~ 4.-u-a:IJ:~ ~ . \ O::ki~

    General Freight Terms (Check all that apply? I) , . L1 _ -) 0 Freight Free, Prepaid & Included t Jl~ 4...-Lt '~~ 0 $ minimum . _ 0 within __ miles ~ ~ 0 Prepaid & Added to Invoice [91'vye bill % of total order- Add __ % to each order 7 D rJ A A , QA1\Ie bill actual amount 1 -..J(__,t'~ ..,.~

    General Freight Terms, Exceptions: W \A Other Exceptions: ~

    10 _ l W ~ J ~ ~

    Delivery after Receipt of Order: __ calend~r days. Vendor's representative name. for ordering purposes and questions:

    Representative's Name: L l k[ 0 1 C {J ;:n t--l! . Phone Number: ~ D ,3 - d- & I - l q ~D X. .).. '1:&. Fax Number:

    L{.- {.g ~LS ~ cLurp~

    :;h12 3 ~ ;)_ /./? ..,

  • Rtally Good Stuff Really Good Stuff 448 Pepper Street Monroe, CT 06468 Phone: 203-268-1920 Fax: 203-268-1796 Fun & crealivf1Y~CIC;~i~fl.1~1~1C)t_t~~ys classr~m.


    1. Really Good Stuff is offering our "Volume Discount". This discount ranges from 3-15/o off regular pricing, on any order over $30 (merchandise total), where indicated in print catalogs.

    2. Really Good Stuff will take back any product at any time and for any reason. We will promptly replace the item or refund your money (less shipping and processing). If your item is damaged or defective, or if you change your mind, please call our Customer Service Department for instructions in order to avoid a restocking fee. All products must be in their original condition. A copy of the original packing list or invoice must accompany the product.

    3. Prices do not include shipping and handling charges. Prices are as stated in our catalog or website with shipping and handling charges added to the subtotal of each order.

    Kelly O'Connell Bid Coordinator Really P~-?d Stuff

    / i < (


  • ~hipping Info Page 1 of 1

    Teachers' Lounge Blog ~~ Siqn In

    0 Items

    Rtauy Good Stuff ~un l creative hloching toots for today'$ cto&Jioom*

    Organizers & Storage

    Ou1 Company

    rrac;t)\liy Order

    0!~erinq & ~Yl.1JIl!

    Engaging With

    ......... __ ,., ___ _

    Teacher Supplies

    Bulletin Boards & Posters

    Games & Activities

    Shipping Policies

    Books & Media

    Teacher Management Tools

    Celebrations & Themes

    Shop by Shop Subject Common Outlet

    All standard packages are shipped UPS or through the USPS (at the discretion of the company). Some of our products require additional

    time and/or charges, please see item descriptions for detail. Priority Shipping NOT available on products that require additional shipping time

    or changes. Additional processing fees may apply and are subject to change without notice. Available products will arrive within 15 business

    days of receipt of the order. In the unlikely event that one or more of your items is back-ordered, the bulk of your order will arrive within 15

    business days of receipt of the order (and the rest of the items will follow as soon as they are available).

    Super Priority Express: Guaranteed delivery of in-stock items in 3 business days. Please add $15.00 to standard shipping and include your

    street address. UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box. Express delivery is not available for U.S. orders shipping outside the continental U.S., or for

    items that require additional shipping time and/or charges. Please refer to item descriptions for details. 10% for totals over $150.00

    Outside Contiguous U.S. Orders: For orders under $200 shipped to U.S. addresses outside the Continental U.S. (i.e. HI, AK, PR, GM)

    please add $15.00 to the standard shipping and processing. For orders over $200, please call.

    International Orders: All orders shipped outside of the U.S. (except APO and FPO addresses) must pay with a VISA, MasterCard or Discover

    Card. Please f!.L

  • Vendors' product lines for the Printed Catalog/Price List referenced on this Cost Proposal Form A include supplies and equipment within the following categories (check all that apply):

    ~~~... ~ W bddio Visual D j?hystcal Education I Athletic

    Cia room/TeachingAids ~ S ce D alth Care ecial Needs I Therapeutic Devices

    Library I Media Technology D Music I Band D Vocational

    We submit our prices and agree to adhere to all terms and conditions included in Bid #37 45BM -

    Catalog Dis;;;.m ntss.. , _11


    Company: ~ ~ d s~ lvW Mailing Address: Str~, Ci

    Signature: ---+--+~_..c:..o."""-+---f-1,.t--~l.L.lLI...It.l-"-..16~-=-------.....-----____,.----=-----

    Type name: -1ie./l "-/ V {Ctl) pt f) t// ( Title: ~~ (M; /. .~ I H~- &; Telephone#: .212 .. 3.-~,) f.el -- (tf' )D Fax#: ) () ) - ) L/( --C(/2-D

    Date: -'2..k/13(L_~ . E-~ail: r )LLJCbY)Y'! ~ ( { ~ v e_Q {I 'fCZovJ ShJf-f.c.~


    Indicate additional percentage discount if estimated number of actual orders Rer item exceeds 10% of the estimated quantities durin9 each term of the agreement: __ % kJ j /t The Dis