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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The project displays how reality shows are ruling Indian television.Where the late nineties saw the emergence of Mom in Law and Daughter in LAW soaps for the desperate housewives working from home; the new millennium added the younger generation to its list of audiences by getting their attention to a host of reality shows on television.The west of course was our source of inspiration and Indian producers hit gold when they realized that these shows should be redesigned for the Indian audience, would change the hand that held the T.V remote control. So instead of the homemakers now, it was now the youth who sat glued to their TV sets watching their favorite shows without batting an eyelid. The Indian Reality Shows successfullygot ahead itself in various fields such as singing, dancing, comedy, quiz, modeling, hard core stunts and many other talents. The exciting amount of prize which has hardly been assumed by the common people made a marked difference in the popularity of the Indian Reality shows. The presence of popular celebrities has also contributed in raising interest of the common mass.The rising popularity of the reality shows on television channels has added a new dimension to the production of TV programs. These shows give opportunities to the geniuses residing in the interiors of the country to showcase their talent.These shows have not only changed the destinies of many television channels but also of many ordinary people.Celebrity reality shows are another aspect of reality television that has become extremely popular with the audience. People from various parts of the world come to a common podium and experience the thrill of attention and feel touched by the feeling of being a celebrity from all around. It helps spread love among countries, people and of course installs a sense of appreciation in the contestants and a sense of applauding among the viewers but at the same time reality showsat times gets vulgar and shoddy. By creating wannabe celebrities it contributes to the humiliation of popular test. Often professionalism gets at stake. Something we all fearInsult. Reality tv is often cruel, exposing youngsters to gross humiliation for our amusement.Efforts have to be initiated to remove such kind of occurrences. One cannot deny that standards and rules have to be enforced towards a better reality tv world. Racism, Regionalism should not be promoted. Reality tv should not be degrading and quality must not be compromised on.

Reality shows are the trump cards of the producers of the television Industry. Common audience have become bored watching the never ending melodramatic daily soaps. From the urge for something new the idea of reality shows sprang up. Simultaneously they generate good revenues for Television Industry and create a very good platform for thousands who want to achieve great things in their field of interests. The project provides an insight into thewhats and hows of reality television and a look into the genuine appearance of these shows.The project also covers the impact of reality shows in the presentsociety with respect to children, family values

and teenage transitions along with its growing popularity.

OBJECTIVE OF STUDY It is very important to answer the question like what is purpose of this study and what are the objectives of the research? if these are not answered zproperly the study is likely to be pointed in the wrong direction and to follow unfocusedand imprecise goals. The final result will be that the collected data will not be effective and trustworthy as desired.

Objective of the study To give the clear portrait of the concept of reality show. To understand the various aspects of reality television in India. To viewthe changes taken place in television shows as compared to earlier days. To view the question of genuineness raised on reality shows. To recognise the overall impact of reality shows on youngsters and to get their responses on reality TV.

SCOPE OF THE STUDY Reality shows seem to be the new age entertainment recipe. They might be sellingcontroversies or cashing upon peoples emotion; but at the end of the day, they are the most popular shows with the highest TRPs.Since it involves real people and real emotions of people there are many controversiessurrounding it. Reality show is well understood as a television programme that features real people

doing real things. Some can be hilarious, some can even make the audiences cry and some can make the audience go wild. Reality shows are very well accepted in viewers.. Thousands of reality shows have already been in a place called the heart of the audiences. Reality TV shows are now a days widely accepted by viewers as a different source of entertainment, widening its presence, covering more and more viewers.

Reality TV shows given a new direction to Indian TV market, giving a new direction to the entertainment in home screen.

Study analyze various aspects of reality TV shows by collecting data from different respondents regarding their views on reality TV shows, it also collects data from various secondary sources.

Report studies the impact of reality TV shows on the youngsters, so it also analyzes the perception of youngsters regarding reality TV shows.


The word reality is defined as "the quality or state of being actual or true, or a real thing or fact." TV (television) is self-evident. Combine the two and you get a definition somethinglike, "actual, true, or real things on the television." Reality shows are a popular genre of television viewing which shows participants in situations that test their nerves, intelligence, emotions and sometimes even integrity. Theseresponses are all caught on camera and are therefore totally natural.Reality television is a genre of television programming, which presents supposedly unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events and mostly featuresordinary people. Participants are often put in exotic or abnormal situations, coached incertain ways by off screen handlers. Events that are presented on screen are manipulatedthrough editing and other postproduction techniques. These programs not only promise big money but also overnight stardom.Reality shows stand apart from other television shows because the responses aresupposedly unscripted and unplanned. Their higher than average TRPs could be because Reality Shows thrive on naked human emotions, and play to an audience thatthrives on questioning and high-living. In many ways, Reality Shows demonstrate the uglyreality of what people actually want to do in their spare time. We live in an age of mass culture. Newspapers, TV, Movies, and Internet are all manoeuvrings over the minds of masses. They have kept the common man in touch with the ever growing world around. Reality Tv shows seem to play their role-bit in this mission.India is a liberal country in all terms. Democracy has paved the way for immense freedom and opinions of one and all are being taken into account. Reality is one such tool of expression of popular and democratic taste. Nobody is compelled to appear in reality TV programs, or indeed to watch them. The most effective advantages of reality TVs for examplethe sa re ga ma on zee tv, dance shows on Colors is that the run for talent search gets easier. It deserves a first-mention that doors have opened for newbies with an aura of special talent to a platform of fame and money. Competition has grown along with it and special skills are thereby being tested, groomed and developed.As a system should have, reality tv has its own disadvantages.


Without a doubt, USA is the mother of this concept though European countries have given sizeable contributions as well.

The genre came on to its own in the very between the latter parts of the 20th century and the early 21st century, it existed from late 1940s in America. Allen Funts Candid Camera is often described as the granddaddy of reality television. Shows like Beat the Clock, Truth or Consequences, Ted Macks Original Amateur Hour, Arthur Godfreys Talent Scouts, You Asked For It showed contests, practical jokes, stunts, amateur competition, audience voting and selections dictating the shows trajectory .

Beauty pageants gained light after the Miss America beauty pageant attained heady success since its broadcast in 1954. The winners often got instant celebrity status. This laid the ground for international beauty pageants like the Miss Universe and the Miss World,, both of which began very successful journeys in the 1950s and continue till date with record participation and audience viewership from across the globe.

Modern reality television featuring participants who were more than raring to let go off their confidentiality and decorum to attain their very precious yet fleeting five minutes of fame began in the 70s. Chuck Barris: The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game and The Gong show brought out the early version of the brazenness that we see today in reality shows

across the world. Cops, which began airing in 1989, brought out the camcorder filming style to reality television. The concept of heavy soundtracks being used to confessional room videos were pioneered by the series Nummer 28 which was a Dutch production. Survivor

had its basis on the Swedish show Expedition Robinson, created by TV producer Charlie Parsons, and began airing in 1997.

The 21st century brought with it multiple reality shows which hit the bulls eye with precision. American Idol is one such show which has been reproduced in possibly every part of the globe. Other shows like Survivor,

Top Model, Dancing With The Stars, The Apprentice, Fear Factor and Big Brother have all also had a global impact, having each been successfully