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RealiaBy Meibis Gonzlez Definition of Realia Realia in EFL/ ESL t er ms r ef er s t o any r eal obj ect s we use in t he classr oom t o br ing t he class t o lif e. the use of real life objects that students can touch, feel, and even smell to ef fectively teach ESL components. I t can be r eal obj ect s or aut hent ic Text s Why should we use Realia? To make t he lear ning exper ience mor e memor able f or t he lear ner . Kinest het ic lear ning st udent s will be most ef f ect ively benef it t ed if t hey have hands-on exper ience St udent s have t he chance t o pr act ice r eal lif e sit uat ions. To expose st udent s t o mor e aut hent ic language t han simply t han t he t ext book examples.Why should we use Realia? The use of r ealia makes t he class mor e int er est ing, it is a br eak f r om t ypical class act ivit ies I t gives t he lear ner t he oppor t unit y of having t o int er act wit h r eal obj ect s which keep aler t and f ocus. I t cr eat es excit ement , and t heyll have f un.Why we should use Realia in our clases?By pr esent ing inf or mat ion t hr ough aut hent ic mat er ials, r ealia helps t o make English language input as compr ehensible as possibleUsing r ealia st imulat es t he mind, and is one way of encour aging cr eat ivit y by involving t he senses. Why we should use Realia in our clases? Realia saves t ime, as r ecognit ion of an obj ect is immediat e and so cut s out t he need f or lengt hy explanat ions. Using r ealia st imulat es t he mind, and it encour ages t he use of cr eat ivit y by involving t he senses.Advantages of Realia I t helps t he st udent s gr asp t he cult ur al dif f er ences I t is visually int er est ing and capt ur es t he lear ner ` s at t ent ion I t is accessible and r elevant I t helps under st and gr ammar and vocabular y dif f icult iesUses of Realia Uses f or pr esent ing vocabular y. Uses f or pr esent ing new st r uct ur es. St udent s get int o char act er when act ing out dialogue and doing r ole play. The ser ve as pr ops f or dialogues and r ole play. They ar e usef ul when playing language games.Authentic Materials Aut hent ic Mat er ials ar e examples of r ealia Nunan (1999) def ines aut hent ic mat er ials as spoken or wr it t en language dat a t hat has been pr oduced in t he cour se of genuine communicat ion, and not specif ically wr it t en f or pur poses of language t eaching. Authentic Materials I n f act , in his t eaching he encour ages his st udent s t o br ing int o t he classr oom t heir own samples of aut hent ic language dat a f r om r eal-wor ld" cont ext s out side of t he classr oom. They pr act ice list ening t o and r eading genuine language dr awn f r om many dif f er ent sour ces, including TV and r adio br oadcast s, t aped conver sat ions, meet ings, t alks, and announcement s. They also r ead magazine st or ies, hot el br ochur es, air por t not ices, bank inst r uct ions, adver t isement s and a wide r ange of ot her wr it t en messages f r om t he r eal wor ld" in sit uat ions as t hey occur .Examples of RealiaReferences J ean-Pier r e Ber wald. 1987. Teaching For eign Languages wit h Realia and ot her Aut hent ic Mat er ials. Er ic. Cent er f or applied linguist ics. Washingt on. Aut umn 2004 The use of Realia t o impr ove st udent s speaking abilit y in pr ocedur e t ext . Er ny Rokhmawat i. Semar ang. 2010.


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