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A presentation that I gave to a University of Toronto Computer Engineering class -- they were studying BPM and creating a process modeling too, and their instructor wanted them to see how BPM is used in the real world.


  • 1.Real-World BPM Business Process Management Technologies and UsageSandy Kemsley l l @skemsley

2. Agenda lWhat are business processes and why are they important?lWhat is BPM and how is it used?lBPM history and related technologieslQ&ACopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 20142 3. What Is A Business Process? lHow work gets done l l l llWhat steps are involved The order of the steps Who is involved (people/roles) Where it happens (internal/external)Looks different from different points of view lExternal participants might be a black box to your processCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 20143 4. A Somewhat Important ProcessCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 20144 5. Student Point Of ViewCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 20145 6. Loan Centre Point Of ViewCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 20146 7. The Practice Of BPM May Include Methodology l Process improvement l llRemove wasteful steps Rethink orderOutside-in processes lTechnology l ModelingInclude the customerl llDocumenting processes Shared understandingAutomation llSystems control/monitor workflow, e.g., BPMS Replace human steps with automated actionsCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 20147 8. Different Aspects Of BPMCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 20148 9. Early History Of BPM Technologies BPM Suite Pure-play BPM Workflow (person-to-person)Integration-focused BPMLightweight EAI (OEM)Simple workflow (build)EAI/IBS (system-to-system) extendextendBusiness activity monitoring Process governanceBusiness rules B2BiProcess modelingProcess simulationAdministrative BPMCollaborative BPM Copyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 20149Embedded BPM 9 10. Todays BPMS = Application Development Environment llGraphical process modelling Process execution (runtime)lIntegration, e.g., web serviceslSocial collaborationlReal-time and predictive analyticslSimulation and optimizationlBusiness templatesUI builderllRules engineCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 201410 11. BPM And Integration Process Step 1Process Step 2Process Step 3Process Step 4Enterprise Service BusAPIJDBCERP ServicesInternal Service Legacy SystemDatabaseExternal ServiceERP SystemCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 201411 12. Applying BPM TechnologiesCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 201412 13. Summary lBusiness processes are everywhere!lBPM may include methodology, modelling and automationlSome BPM systems are full application development environmentsCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 201413 14. Slides at Sandy Kemsley Kemsley Design Ltd. email: blog: twitter: @skemsleyCopyright Kemsley Design Ltd., 2014


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