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Abtract :The 'Hand tracking and object representation' project. The purpose of this project is to enhance thecommunication in real world, by adding useful information to a scene by augmenting objects of interest in real time, with no extra engineering of the environment.

In simple business meetings or presentations, or a video chat between two people, representingthings visually will have more impact, than describing the topic of interest in words. If a presenteris presenting a topict that requires certain object imagination, the listeners might have difficulty inunderstanding it and might lead to misunderstanding of core idea/subject.If the presenter will be able to present a 3D model of the object in real time, the topic is effectively communicated.

Project Scope description :

Phase 1: In real time video, track the fingers in each and every frame of the video. Along with the object(finger) identification, the motion of the object also needs to be tracked/recorded. Once the motion is tracked, we need to understand the shape that is made by the movement of the finger, which could be obtained by the fingertip point from every frame. Approximate the shape ( fill in unfilled details). Phase 2: Build a binary classifier that has N number of classes corresponding to each shape. ( Simple shapes like circle, square, triangle). Phase 3: Run the approximated shape against the classifier to get the class that matches closest to the shape. Phase 4: Augment the video with the 3D object corresponding to the obtained shape class from the database in the next frame of the video for limited time.

Phase 1 and 2 are complete. Phase 4 works with one predefined shape. Phase 3 needs more work