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  1. 1. Find Homes Below Market Value
  2. 2. #1 Bank Foreclosure Site In Canada It was in the year 2007 that the websit was launched because its creator saw how much people specifically investors and prospective home buyers needed comprehensive information on foreclosures, properties on sale, and related searches. The website aims to deliver to its subscribers timely and accurate foreclosure information; and up to this day, it continues to uphold its goal, delivers its promise, and makes the lives of its subscribers as convenient as possible. This excellent service has paid off too as the website now ranks no. 1 as the foreclosure data provider in Canada.
  3. 3. Better than a realtor Better than the MLS? Foreclosure listings from the law courts? Foreclosure listings from banks? is the secret weapon of savvy home-buyers and property investors... who get the latest bargain- priced homes the moment they come up for sale! Usually, a realtor will not give you the full contact information of the listing realtor of a foreclosure (or any home listing, for that matter). Realtor's make their commissions from you by being your "buyer's agent", and will try to control the buying process as much as possible in order to make their commission.Luckily, that's where we come in! We make NO commissions. Instead, we give you full contact info of the property's LISTING realtor. Since this agent is now making BOTH the buyer's and seller's commission, with some smart negotiating, you can often pursue him/her give you a discount on their commission, saving you thousands more on your already bargain-priced home!
  4. 4. Edmonton is located in Alberta, which is the provincial capital and acts as the staging point for the some world-leading oil and gas exploration, production and service companies which maintain large operations here. Edmonton, Alberta is currently ranked as one of the top investment towns in Canada. Edmonton has a thriving commercial real estate market, which has displayed resilience to global economic challenges.
  5. 5. Foreclosures Overview Foreclosure Tutorial Why Invest in Real Estate Foreclosure Guide Mortgages and Financing
  6. 6. #1 Bank Foreclosure Site In Canada
  7. 7. Address : 867 - 10405 Jasper Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5J 3S2 Call Us : 1-888-829-5832 Visit Us :