Real Beauty vs Artificial Beauty

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1. REAL BEAUTY VS ARTIFICIALBEAUTYBYMOSES ONIEL DAVID 2. BEAUTYWHAT DOES IT MEAN ?It means,1.A person or a thing that has beauty.2.An excellent example of something.3.A beautiful woman. 3. QUESTION AROUSESWhat beauty is ? 4. ARTIFICIAL BEAUTYThe word artificial means1.Not Real.2.Not Sincere.3.Not Genuine. 5. ARTIFICIAL BEAUTYIt is that type of beauty which involves human mind of constructing and managing things.How it involves human mind ? 6. CHARACTERISTICS OF ATBNot Long Lasting.Gives pleasure.Hundered percent based on human mind.Copy.Unpredictable.Expensive. 7. REAL BEAUTYThe word Real means1.Not Artificial.2.Geniune.3.Original.4.Proper. 8. REAL BEAUTYIt is that type of beauty which involves Gods Nature. 9. CHARACTERISTICS OF NBDont need any introduction.Gives Pleasure.Glance of Creator is Present.Long Lasting Beauty.Inborn Talent.Free of Cost.No competitor of it. 10. BEAUTY IS REAL BEAUTYBut how ? 11. COMPARISON BYEXAMPLES