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1. Mrs Smiths Exam Preparation Hub 2. The Facts: Compare, Contrast, Evaluate. Find 4+ pieces of information (at least 2 from each text). Work chronologically. Set out your answer by using evidence from both texts. Make it clear which texts you are answering from. If you are a foundation student, you could set out your answer in a table. 3. Learn how to spell and use these words, they will help structure your answer, particularly on the Compare, Contrast , Evaluate question. 4. Here are some examples of this type of question. You need to identify the key words in the question and you need to provide evidence from the text but you wont necessarily have to do much explaining (which means this is another quick way to get full marks). You need to make enough points to gain 10 marks so dont just cover the a,b,c or the bullet points and think youve done enough. The final question is bound to ask you to comment on both texts on Paper One. 5. Identify the focus & key words Identified in red above is what you need to focus on, but you need to comment on each text for each focus. For example, set your answer out with starting sentences like these: The website gives the impression that instructors are... The article gives the impression that the instructors are... 6. Practise Question Now have a go at a practise question, the next two slides contain the texts. Give yourself a few minutes to read them both, then 15 minutes to write your answer. 7. Here is the examiners suggested answers, compare yours.