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Read It Like Common Core

Read It Like Common Core1Common Core

CCSS Class2TESSDomain 1: Planning and Preparation1a Content Knowledge1c Setting Instructional Outcomes1d Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources1e Designing Coherent Instruction

TESSDomain 3: Instruction3a Communicating with Students3b Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques3c Engaging Students in Learning


Strand CodeGrade Specific contentStandards(1-10)StrandConceptual Organizers(4)5Standard 1Reading CloselyThinking like a Detective

6Standard 2Central IdeaGetting to the Point

7Standard 3Development Following the thread of steps

8Standard 4Word MeaningsKnowing the Word

9Standard 5Text StructuresExamining how the text is built

10Standard 6Point of ViewSeeing it different ways

11Standard 7Content of Diverse MediaPutting it together

12Standard 8Reasons and EvidenceHearing the Argument

13Standard 9Comparing and ContrastingWeighing the Works

14Standard 10Text ComplexityStepping Higher


Common Core Standards: ELAShift in emphasis from fiction to nonfiction in reading and writing:

GradeShare of Literary ContentShare of Information Content450%50%845%55%1230%70%Distribution of Literary and Informational Passages by Grade in the 2009 NAEP Reading FrameworkBased on Reading framework for the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office.17Common Core State StandardsText ComplexityQualitative


Reader and Task considerations (i.e., student knowledge, motivation, and interests)

Text Complexity Grade Bands

Break Time

20Before ReadingStudents get focused on and excited about readingStudents develop purpose for readingStudents activate their questions, beliefs, and predictionsStudents make connections with prior knowledge

21During ReadingStudents visualizeStudents notice questions they haveStudents make connectionsStudents make inferencesStudents distinguish main ideas from minor elementsStudents monitor their comprehension

After ReadingStudents synthesize the informationStudents follow-up on questions Students see if the purpose was reachedStudents share thoughts on the informationStudents reflect

Before ReadingBrainstorming and Tea PartyHave them jot down two reasons they might read somethingdo tea party where they share and their list growuse big index cards for this activity. Have them set down and pull out handout 5 on the house24During Reading and After ReadingCoding and highlighting TextThree column notes


Standards Covered in House TextBrainstorming and Tea PartyRST 9-10.6, RST 9-10.9Coding and HighlightingRST 9-10.1, RST 9-10.2, RST 9-10.10Three Column NotesRST 9-10.7, RST 9-10.9, RST 9-10.10

Before ReadingProbable Passage27Me, $25, and the Search for the American DreammaterialisticlethargysuccessfuldreamhomelessnessschoolprojectPoliticalpremiseworking stiffsexperienceaverage

28During and After ReadingIt Says, I Say

Standards Covered in American Dream TextProbable PassageRST 9-10.2, RST 9-10.4, RST 9-10.5

It Says, I SayRST 9-10.1, RST 9-10.6, RST 9-10.10

Before and After ReadingKWLDaniel31After ReadingWritten Conversation32

Standards Covered in 3D Arm TextKWLRST 9-10.1, RST 9-10.7, RST 9-10.10

Written ConversationRST 9-10.1, RST 9-10.9, RST 9-10.10

After ReadingQuick Write35Twitter Love StoriesShannon@BooksDevouredFollowIt took him three days to give her the note written with bright greencrayon. She checked the box for yes in Bright Red.#TwitterLoveStory (138)

Tessa Anderson@tessaandoFollow"Do you love me?" He asked. "Yeah, look, I saved you half of my Twix,she said. He laughed and kissed her.#TwitterLoveStory(125)

Ellie@bookrevelsFollow"I don't mind being alone," she says, glancing up at him. "Then I'll be alone with you." He touches her hand.#TwitterLoveStory (127)


Standards Covered in Twitter TextQuick WriteRST 9-10.2, RST 9-10.10,

Resources Availablewww.archford.orghttp://www.corestandards.orghttp://www.parcconline.org

During readingstrategyturn and talkuse the model on page 35 to share how turn and talk should go39



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