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  • 1.RAISERS EDGE USER GROUP T H E P R I N C E S S M A R G A R E T H O S P I TA L F O U N D AT I O N TORONTO, ON J U N E 1 4 , 2 0 1106/06/20111

2. INTRODUCTIONS & ICEBREAKER06/06/20112 3. GENERAL GUIDELINES Today is meant to be a forum; the sharing of your ideas is critical. Everyones input is equally valuable. Listen to and learn from those around you. Our role is to steer discussion, clarify points & facilitate input from all participants. Take advantage of this time & enjoy yourself today!06/06/20113 4. AGENDA8:30 9:00Registration, Coffee & Tea Networking9:00 9:15Introductions & Icebreaker Tips & Techniques Presentation: presented by Eve Lacouture, The Kidney9:15 10:30 Foundation of Canada and Chris Geady, Blackbaud10:30 10:45Break10:45 11:15Poll the Experts11:15 12:15Breakout groups by job role12:15 1:00 Networking lunch1:00 1:15Blackbaud News Update1:15 2:15Breakout groups by topic2:15 2:30Summary/Dismissal2:30 2:45Q&A/Conclusion Thought Leadership, Theres a Stat for That , & Internet Solutions Demos:2:45 3:45 Presented by Rachel Simon & Victoria Goins, Chris Geady, Blackbaud (optional) 06/06/2011 4 5. M A N A G I N G Y O U R R A I S E R S E D G E D ATA B A S E E V E L A C O U T U R E , T H E K I D N E Y F O U N D AT I O N O F CANADA06/06/2011 5 6. MANAGING YOUR RAISERS EDGE DATABASE Document Monitor Keep it clean Engage & train users Review06/06/20116 7. DOCUMENT Document your organizations policies & procedures Your standards & preferences Your methods & logic Have users commit to respecting the p&p Update your policies & procedures Keep users informed of your changes Create quick how-to guidelines Have a plan for training new users06/06/2011 7 8. MONITOR YOUR DATA Use dashboards to check on data being added. Use queries to find records with missing data06/06/20118 9. MONITOR YOUR DATA Run duplicate reports make sure to vary your criteria06/06/2011 9 10. MONITOR YOUR DATA Find new potential Major Donors with no solicitor assignment Reconcile with Finance on a regular basis Document reconciliation process and problems Post gifts06/06/2011 10 11. KEEP USERS ENGAGED Have user check-ins on a regular basis What takes the most time? Whats difficult? Sit & observe Help with data entry Train yourself and your end-users06/06/2011 11 12. KEEP IT CLEAN Inactivate Campaigns, Funds & Appeals on a regular basis New list should be distributed Delete static queries no longer in use Delete extra copies of reports, mail tasks & exports Mark records inactive based on your P&P Mark In Memory tribute records as deceased Purge06/06/2011 12 13. KEEP IT CLEAN Raisers Edge tools can help:Global addGlobal changeGlobal deleteGlobal write-offUse MS Excel to format data and use import to modify records06/06/2011 13 14. REVIEW Conduct an annual database review: Review your list of users & your security groups Review your table entries Review your attributes Review Blackbaud Services Seek-out contraband data and develop a plan to bring it back into the fold06/06/2011 14 15. MANAGING YOUR RAISERS EDGE DATABASE To your calendars:- Set aside a little bit of time every week to manage your database- Schedule monthly end-user check-ins- Schedule an annual review of your databaseKeys to successful database management:- Security- Policies & procedures- Monitoring06/06/2011 15 16. BETTER DONOR RECOGNITION W H AT H A P P E N S A F T E R T H E G I F T C O M E S I N ? C H R I S G E A D Y, S O L U T I O N S C O N S U LTA N T06/06/2011 16 17. First, Ill need to see an audited statement of revenue and expenses.06/06/201117 18. OVERVIEW Why do donors give? Building your stewardship program Standard stewardship stuff Going above and beyond Other tips06/06/2011 18 19. WHY DO DONORS GIVE? Through research to solve a problem, cure a disease or buildknowledge To encourage clients/students and provide financial support To facilitate change To fuel economic growth To contribute to a happier, healthier, more productive society To acknowledge achievement or love Local, national or international in scope Determine the motivation as part ofyour stewardship program.Source: Pro-active Stewardship, CCAE Canada06/06/2011 19 20. BUILDING YOUR STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM Ask yourself: - What do your donors need and want from your organization? - Who are your top donors and what are your plans for them? - How do we use stewardship to increase donor retention and loyalty? Considerations: - Include stewardship opportunities for all levels of donors (not just major/legacy donors) - Strive for high touch, high impact - Type and frequency of reports, correspondence, etc. - Design channels for donors that complain (why?) - Who is responsible for which tasks06/06/2011 20 21. SAMPLE STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM Annual/Event Donors - Add to Silver Recognition Group (immediately) - eReceipt and Targeted TY Letter (1 week) - Quarterly eNewsletter (recurring) - Annual Report publication delivery (Current FY) Major/VIP Donors - Add to Platinum Recognition Group (immediately) - eReceipt and Personal TY Letter (1 week) - Quarterly and Solicitor eNewsletter (recurring) - Follow-up phone call by Executive Director and Board Member (3-4 weeks) - Publish article about the gift (depending on level) in local media (2-3 mo.) - Donor Wall and Annual Report listing and publication delivery (Current FY) - Invitation to special media event (Current FY)06/06/201121 22. STANDARD PROGRAM ELEMENTS Tax Receipt (required by CRA) (electronic or paper) Thank you letters (electronic or paper) Assignment to Recognition Levels/Groups/Circles(example: see right) Donor Listings Supporter Stories Quarterly Newsletters, Annual Reports Solicitor eNewsletters06/06/201122 23. RECOGNITION LEVELS Two main ways to track recognition levels: 1.In the Constituent record, record the recognition level using: - Constituent Codes (easy to find, but limited fields/flexibility) - Actions (use specific Action Type) - Attributes (limited flexibility) - Prospect Ratings (requires Search module) 2.Outside the Constituent record - Set up Donor Categories in Configuration (needs to be based on dollar amounts) - Query (very flexible, nothing stored in Constituent record unless you use Global Add)06/06/201123 24. RECOGNITION LEVEL IN CONSTITUENT RECORD Constituent Codes- Easy to filter/limit reports- Be careful about number ofConstituent Code choices indropdown Actions- More fields than Constituent codes- Auto-Remind functionality createsgreat workflows!06/06/2011 24 25. RECOGNITION LEVEL OUTSIDE CONSTITUENT RECORD Donor Categories- Forces your recognition levels tobe dollar amount-based- Use Donor Category Report toobtain up-to-date lists- Filters: date, Const. Code, CFAs,gift types, query- Amount Given is an optionalcolumn Query- Use a Constituent query- Query results may be used inreports, exports, mail merges,Global Adds, etc.06/06/2011 25 26. NEWSLETTERS, ANNUAL REPORTS, SOLICITORS Create an easy way to track recipients:- Track using Solicit Codes, Constituent Codes orAttributes Allow the donor to manage their subscriptions byphone, mail or Internet- Internet is truly a self-service option- Blackbaud NetCommunity integrates directly withRE Constituent record! Turn your solicitors into superstars, give themtheir own eNewsletter One step further: keep staff informed with aninternal communication/newsletter- Include internal stewardship stories not published inthe quarterly newsletter06/06/201126 27. GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND Profiling questions Gift Announcements/Media Releases Articles about gift in newsletters/publications Special letters: condolence, congratulations Special occasion cards (holiday, birthday, anniversary) Invitations to donor/VIP stewardship events - Networking, Public/Media Relations Information about how funds were used06/06/201127 28. PROFILING QUESTIONS Ask supporters for information duringsolicitation/cultivation:- Interests- Communication Preferences (Language,Delivery Method)- Donor/Patient/Supporter Stories- Promotion Opportunities (Volunteer,Events, Major Prospect, etc.) Store this information in the Constituentrecord:- Constituent Codes- Attributes- Module-specific areas- Other renamed fields06/06/2011 28 29. SPECIAL LETTERS Send out letters directly from theConstituent record using the Lettersmenu Letter names and content are completelyconfigurable Archive finished letters by clicking Savethis document as an action Each user may have a different list ofletters06/06/2011 29 30. SPECIAL OCCASION CARDS Examples: birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc. Tracking (for individual events): - Use Action Reminders (can even do a mail merge on the spot) Tracking (for mass lists): - You only need to track in the Constituent record if staff want to have individual control over whos on the list. - Try to discourage this! Rather try to set criteria of whos on the list, then you can use a query and avoid individual selection. Now you can use a query (much more automated and can be easily reused). - Use the query to feed a mail merge. Track the results using an Appeal (ie. Appeal tab in Constituent record). See next slide for more - If its unavoidable then refer to tracking on the Constituent record)06/06/2011 30 31. TRACKING MASS MAILING USING APPEALS Set up an Appeal record for each mass mailing. Add this appeal to the Appeals tab (in the Constituent record) when the mail/email is sent.06/06/2011 31 32. SPECIAL EVENTS MEDIA RELATIONS Publicize the event (if applicable). In order to get the word out, track mediacontacts.- (Constituent Code = Media, Relationship Contact Type = Media Contact) Improved Media More Donor Exposure Better Stewardship06/06/2011 32 33. STEWARDSHIP EVENTS TIPS Track invitee and attendee lists in eventmodule Use multi-channel communications: follow-up invitations by a follow-up phone call.Increases participation rate and donor loyalt


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