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The RavenDB 3.0 keynote, what is going on with RavenDB, and where are we going?


  • RavenDB 3.0 Keynote Oren Eini ayende@ayende.com ayende.com/blog Hibernating Rhinos
  • About this conference Twit with Logistics
  • Free stuff RavenDB Coupon: ravenconf2014 RavenDB In Action 45% discount: ravdb14cf
  • Metrics beyond anything youve seen Recent Microsoft Case Study at: http://goo.gl/GTgkv6 VIP Subscription for attendees: codealike.com/VIP Token: RavenConf2014 Get 3 months of Codealike Premium
  • History Mid 2008 - Rhino Divan DB Started Sep 2009 - RavenDB is created May 2010 - RavenDB 1.0 Nov 2010 - RavenDB 1st production deployment Jan 2013 - RavenDB 2.0 Jul 2013 - RavenDB 2.5 Aug 2013 1st RavenDB book it out Apr 2014 -1st RavenDB Conference Jul 2014 (est) RavenDB 3.0 launch
  • RavenDB (ohloh) 40,100 commits 210 contributors 2,774,921 lines of code estimated 797 years of effort (COCOMO model) first commit in September, 2009 most recent commit about 13 hours ago
  • Jan 1st 2015 RavenDB becomes self aware
  • RavenDB 3.0 ~15 team members Some parts were started in 2011 18 months of work (another 2/3 remaining) More than 600 issues Awesome
  • What did we do?! Voron OWIN / Web API Indexing Operations RavenFS JVM client API Spit & polish New studio
  • behold http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/leof_gallery/86716.jpg
  • Its not about the UI Yes, important Yes, we have ~8 people on it now Were a database http://issues.hibernatingrhinos.com Features, not cosmetics
  • Seriously, now What should you be excited about? It isn't the feature, it is the direction
  • Removing friction Indexing Index deletes are async Index ids Small collection optimization Fan out prevention Operations No performance counters Additional debug endpoints Periodic backups bundle full/incremental & deletes Explicit failover servers Reduced # of assemblies Server to server smuggling
  • Increasing access
  • Raven File system Tailored persistence solution In production since 2012 Replicated file system Optimized change tracking Very large files Replacing attachments
  • Spit & polish Preserving missing properties Lazy async Single pipeline (embedded / http) Multiple database support for embedded Everything on top of OWIN / Web API
  • Where are we now? Stabilization http://issues.hibernatingrhinos.com Force new feature mode: On No new features going in until release
  • Hi, what about Voron?! Internal only Not important
  • !!Not so fast! Voron is very important Impl. details after lunch Implications of Voron are: We own the entire stack Tailored solutions
  • Where are we going? Actual Voron - distribution Log shipping Raft Polyglot persistence solution RavenFS is just the beginning Event aggregations, the fallen feature Research Project Corax Project Tempus Project Duco
  • Hackaton After hours Let us make something cool! Full feature, from the disk to the UI
  • Questions?