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  1. 1. Rathika Ramasamyyis lndias first woman wildlife pltotograplter.She has been capturing?Lanimals through her lens for the past ten years.Photography for Rathika started at an early age when she was still in school.Today Rathika specialises in bird photography.Her interest in birds started after a visit to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.The best time to click birds is early morning and early evening,because birds are most active during that period.The natural light is also good for a picture.fir-.~. 'I ITTIIL,,: :4 r r in, u=: "I=4; ~1il'l< 1: nu .Q . .-. ;(: : .M tul: !i'| Iu= +: '1 II it "I:1 '. 'I_|1 '1 1' brill:. . - 1 -"Ian I ': . - I InA. _:~-, -L-:.: .*: -_-. ~., -.-. zKx~*;,7 , ..r . -r, ~.-_-;-_ J; .:. l;. L'..x:1c .7.. . . :.; .q=.. .-;-. _k- ': W.,$23-3-_ 3,2;, .,a: ,.L_-__ , __ _. .x-. .'uv. - _. -. 7 , .:- _~, .-. ~.1.: .~: .-, ~.: ~J. '.. ',r; :. e~x. :-Birds are always moving and perch only for a few seconds for a rest.To capture them,always follow them through your camera viewfinder.Birdmovements are caught by using the _ continuous and auto focus modes on _ your camera. Once the focus is locked by the camera,click and take the shot.If the bird is flying,bring it into your viewfinder,select fast shutter speed on your camera and then click to capture the flying bird. The urban habitat birds like peacocks,doves,owls and parakeets are easy to capture. . lL. ... ... ... _:. _.. ... .. The family of crake birds is very difficult to capture as these birds are very shy in nature. This was in Jim Corbett National Park where I spotted a tiger with its kill in a water body.Jim Corbett Park is a thick jungle and spotting a tiger is a special moment. 7 ~: . -: -mum. Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur,Madhya Pradesh,has several species of birds.A pair of Sarus Cranes dancing is a memorable capture.ii ~; + T 'll'A . 7 .W " V ; V J . . .. I r T. -_ T.Q n T I .W,ill; .:nt-' . iA..1: What ccamera and equipment can kids cdrry while going on g wildlife iourney? ps tier young pltotogrggotters_c. ,m Visit lTl[l[2[llTl| .[! [lFll for more cool stuff. Copyright2014 Mocomi &Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt.Ltd.All Rights Reserved.