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Knowing your R PiOPERATING SYSTEMSIt uses a very vast variety of linux based operating systemsDEBIAN - It is the OS developed & updated by raspberry pi foundation. Its the official operating system developed this foundation specifically for RPiARCH LINUX Its the arch-linux built for ARM processorsOpen ELEC open embedded linux entertainment center is an OS which runs on popular XMBC- open source digital media centerPINDORA Its a FEDORA remix, customised for ver. of unix like fedora systems

RASPBMC Its yet another implementation of XMBC open source digital media centerMINEPEON Its a arch-linux ARM based OS. Bitcoin mining can be doen very securely on this OS.KALI LINUX Is is Debian derived OS specifically designed for penetration testing & digital forensics OPEN Wrt RPi with this OS is usually used Router n/w ..........& RPi has a whole lot of operating systems built for it. DEVELOPMENTDue to low no. of students taking interest in programming & having poor skill level EBEN UPTON & his colleagues frustrating problems In 2006 EBEN UPTON decided to dev. A very cheap & easily programmable dev. board which any body could play/hack with, without fearing expensive mistakes Working on it, EBEN in collaboration with Comp. Lab. At UNIVERSITY OF CAMBIDGE & BROADCOM dev. Raspberry Pi in 2009, and since then it has evolved with its new and upgraded models {basically model-A, B, B+ & RPi-2}

TECH. CONFIGURATIONIt has BROADCOM BCM2835 system on chip (SOC) which has ARM11 76JZF-S processor with 700 MHz frequencyJ- jazelle bytecode Z- trust zone F- floating point S synthesizable core It also has BROADCOM video core 4 BCM2763 which is a very flexible 2D DSP architecture capable of playing very high resolution videos BROADCOM has monopolistic feature in developing high feasibility video cores for smart phones .etc.. It uses USB 2.0 in all of its modelsRAM used in model A- 256MB | model B & B+ 512MB | raspberry pi 2 1GBVideo input or camera connection is doen via CSI connectorVideo output is via RCA(only model A & B) or HDMI or lcd support via DSI connectorETHERNET support each Pi ( except model A ) has an on board ethernet port {10/100 Mb/s for model B/B+}Audio Input a 3.5 mm jack is provided in every model A micro USB port is provided for power source of 5Volts & (1-2) Amps.

The GPIO pins Its generic on any IC whose behaviour is controlled by user at runtime. GPIO pins are most specifically used for connection of external modules, ex)- Rpi camera module, led panel module, ARDUINO-UNO module & other dev. boards can also be integrated using GPIOs

Its a set of 26 pins (model A & B) or 40 pins (model B+ & RPi-2)


Home electrical automation

Creating our own servers

We can make our own super computer integrating large no of RPi boards .

We can make our own Audio Players

One can make a QUADCOPTER using raspberry pi .We can make our own DLSR camera using GPIO integration

Arcade gaming machine is also a fascinating application of Rpi

For more applications refer THE MagPi an official monthly magazine published by RASPBERRY PI FOUNDATION

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