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<p>RAPIDWALL ...!! REVOLUTION IN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY</p> <p>MASS HOUSING ATAFFORDABLE COST++ 91 76667176961</p> <p>ABOUT RCF Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited is a PSU of GOI engaged in the field of Fertilizers and Chemicals. We manufacture about 26 Lakh MT of fertilizers per year and about 20 Industrial Chemicals. We sell 50 Lakh MT fertilizers. We are ISO-9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company. We are one amongst top 10 MOU signing PSUs ++ 91 7666717696 of India</p> <p>2</p> <p>WHAT IS RAPID WALL? These are wall panels of 12 m x 3 m made from gypsum, glass rowings and special chemicals. Australian Technology (RBS). As compared to conventional building material, these are More Carpet Area stronger Fast construction light-weight, (just 12% of conventional) Earthquake / Corrosion / fire / termite proof Cheaper++ 91 76667176963</p> <p>Rapidwall A Revolutionary Building Material RCF produces Phosphoric Acid as an intermediate for Complex Fertilizers Phospho-gypsum is a by product of Phosphoric Acid Plant. Disposal of phospho-gypsum only to a limited extent. Rest is accumulated over years. Value addition to this by-product by making useful building material - Rapidwall++ 91 7666717696</p> <p>++ 91 7666717696</p> <p>1} WALL PANELS(SIZE 12 M. X 3 M. X 124 MM THICK)</p> <p>2} WALL PUTTY 3} WALL PLASTER 4} PLASTER OF PARIS++ 91 7666717696</p> <p>Rapidwall An alternative Building Material</p> <p>++ 91 76667176967</p> <p>Structure of Rapidwall Panelsreinforced by glass rovings</p> <p>Panel is reinforced by micro-strand glass rovings (13 microns) by both ways on all four sides - both flanges and webs. This reinforcement provide load bearing capability &amp; confinement property when cavities filled up with concrete.Tensile strength of glass roving (single filament) is 3100-3800 Mpa (tensile strength ofglass roving is much higher than even that of steel used for concrete reinforcement which is maximum @ 500 Mpa)</p> <p>Elastic Modulus of glass roving is 76-78 Gpa This provide very high load bearing capability to the panel making into a composite material.</p> <p>Micro-strand glass roving role</p> <p>++ 91 76667176968</p> <p>FIRE RESISTANT TESTING BY IIT MADRASRapidwall building material is Fire Resistant</p> <p>4 hrs rating of 700 1000 oC</p> <p>maximum temp recorded using electronic recorder on the opposite side is 57 oC on empty panel</p> <p>Application of 700-1000 oC heat for 4 hrs</p> <p>maximum temp recorded using electronic recorder on the opposite side is 66.7 oC on panel with concrete infill</p> <p>Application of 700-1000 oC heat for 4 hrs</p> <p> Thermal conductivity is very less++ 91 76667176969</p> <p>Rapidwall for Mass Housing</p> <p>With 6 panels pieces a small house can be built in a day or two by self help work by grassroots community.</p> <p>++ 91 766671769610</p> <p>With 2-3 RW panels a small house can be built which is strong and durable with more cool and living comfort.</p> <p>By cutting into required sizes, 4 for four walls, 2 pieces as roofing panels for sloped roof, a small house can be built by self help within days ++ 91 766671769611</p> <p>Saving by one panel</p> <p>10000 litres of water . . . 2.43 m3 / 86 cft river sand . . . 8m3 / a lorry load agri soil . . . 0.80 tons of cement . . . emission of 2.9 tons CO2 . . .</p> <p>With 6 panels of required size, 4 for four walls and 2 pieces for sloped roof a small house can be built by self help within a days </p> <p>++ 91 766671769612</p> <p>Worlds largest load bearing building panels</p> <p>one panel of 36 sq. m can replace 3960 bricks (a lorry load of bricks)</p> <p>++ 91 766671769613</p> <p>Strength of Rapidwall building panel at a glanceCompressive strength empty panel : 73.10 Kg/cm2 concrete infill : 180.70 Kg/cm2 Water absorption &lt; 2% (24 hrs) Flexural Strength empty panel : 21.25 Kg/cm2 concrete infill : 20.80 Kg/cm2 Fire resistance 4 hrs rating 700 oC to 1000 oC.</p> <p>Tensile strength</p> <p>Ductility</p> <p>28.8 kN/mThermal resistance 0.36 R</p> <p>4.11Sound Transmission Class - STC 40</p> <p>Free from Corrosion Light weight 40 Kg / m2(1/8th weight of concrete)</p> <p>Axial vertical load on empty panel of 2.85m high x 1m : 14.04 tons</p> <p>Axial vertical load on concrete filled panel of 2.85m high x 1m :</p> <p>154 tonsEarthquake resistant: test withstood earthquakes up to Richter Scale 8</p> <p>Rot &amp; termite proof Eco-friendly (green material)(raw material recycled waste &amp; no emission of CO2 )</p> <p>Net Density 1140 Kg / Saving m3</p> <p>SavingWater River sand Agri soil Cement Steel</p> <p> Very low maintenance cost Saving in recurring energy cost for Time of cooling (air construction conditioning) [88%] ++ 91 7666717696</p> <p>Cost-effective (affordable cost)14</p> <p>Cost reduction by Gypcrete houses / buildings :item foundation walling &amp; plastering roofing flooring doors &amp; steel windows electrical water &amp; sanitary works painting cost of water contingenciesbreakup to total cost of conventional bldg breakup to total cost of Rapidwall bldg % of saving</p> <p>15% 37% 20% 6% 9% 5% 5% 3% 1% 1%(transportation, contingencies &amp; water)</p> <p>7.5% 30% 17.5% 6% 9% 5% 5% 3% -2%</p> <p>7.5% 7% 2.5% --------</p> <p>Additional carpet areaTotal 100% 85%</p> <p>8%25%15</p> <p>++ 91 7666717696 For repetitive &amp; large projects saving will be 25 - 30%.</p> <p>* 8% more carpet area</p> <p>RAPIDWALL PANEL IS MANUFACTURED IN 12 M X 3 M WITH 124 MM THICKNESS WITH MODULAR CAVITIES.</p> <p>++ 91 766671769616</p> <p>CUTTING OF PANEL TO REQUIRED SIZES USING AUTOMISED CUTTING SAW MACHINE IN RAPID WALL PLANT</p> <p>++ 91 766671769617</p> <p>STILLAGES TO TRANSPORT RAPIDWALL PANELS SAFELY TO EVERY BUILDING SITE.</p> <p>++ 91 766671769618</p> <p>TRANSPORTATION</p> <p>After cutting Rapidwall is loaded onto collapsible frames, ready for transport.</p> <p>Up to 500 m of Rapidwall can be transported on one truck.</p> <p>++ 91 766671769619</p> <p>STANDARD WALL PANEL SPECIFICATION</p> <p>15</p> <p>FIG. 1</p> <p>STANDARD DIMENSIONSThe current nominal manufactured dimensions of each Rapidwall panel are: Length 12,020 millimetres; Height 3000 millimetres; and ++ 91 7666717696 Thickness 124 millimetres</p> <p>15</p> <p>124</p> <p>STANDARD WALL PANEL SPECIFICATION WATER RESISTANT RAPIDWALL PANELWater resistant Rapidwall panels are the same as ordinary Rapidwall panels in appearance. However the ingredients of the water resistant Rapidwall are modified specifically to provide water resistance when used externally or in wet areas such as bathrooms or laundries, etc.</p> <p>EXTERNAL SKINThe two 13mm thick faces making up the panel are collectively defined as external skins as shown in Fig.1</p> <p>INTERNAL RIBThe 20mm thick ribs inside the panel connecting the two external skins are called internal ribs as shown in Fig.1</p> <p>CAVITYThe internal hollow cores++ 91 7666717696 panel are called the cavity inside the as shown in Fig.1</p> <p>STANDARD WALL PANEL SPECIFICATION PANEL LENGTHThe panel length is the maximum horizontal dimension of a single wall without vertical joint as indicated in Fig.1</p> <p>PANEL THICKNESSThe panel thickness is the distance between the external faces of the two external skins, as shown in Fig.1.</p> <p>PANEL HEIGHTThe panel height is the maximum vertical dimension of a single wall without a horizontal joint</p> <p>A AND B SIDEThe smoother side of the Rapidwall panel cast against the machine bed in the manufacturing process is called the A side. The B side is screeded and is relatively rougher than A side ++ 91 7666717696</p> <p>STANDARD WALL PANEL SPECIFICATION GRADE CLASSIFICATIONRapidwall panel is supplied in three grade classifications:1). Class 1 - Water Resistant grade panels that can be used for external walls, in wet areas and/or as floor and wall formwork for concrete filling; 2). Class 2 - General grade Rapidwall panels that can be used structurally or non- structurally in dry areas. These panels are generally unsuitable for use as wall or floor formwork; and 3). Class 3 - Partition grade Rapidwall panels that can only be used as non- structural internal partition walls in dry only areas</p> <p>++ 91 7666717696</p> <p>STANDARD WALL PANEL SPECIFICATION PRODUCT CODINGRapidwall panels are coded using the following convention:-</p> <p>Where panel type is indicated as G for general grade, W for water resistant grade or P for partition grade. For example a Water resistant l grade panel made in RCF, Trombay plant in Chembur , Mumbai 21st Feb 2010 is ++ 91 7666717696 coded as: - RAPIDWALL 124G-12X3-21FEB10/TROMBAY</p> <p>STANDARD WALL PANEL SPECIFICATION DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCESThe manufactured dimensional tolerances for a full sized Rapidwall panel shall satisfy Tables 1 and 2:Table 1. Overall Dimensional ToleranceLength Nominal length 3mm Height Nominal height 3mm Thickness Nominal thickness +3 to 0 mm</p> <p>Table 2 Cross-sectional Dimensional TolerancePanel Classification General Grade &amp; Water Resistant Grade Partition Grade External Skin Thickness Nominal Thickness 3 Minimum 8 Internal Rib Thickness Nominal Thickness 2 Cavity Width Cavity Depth Nominal Width 4 Nominal Width 7 Nominal Depth 3 Nominal Depth 7</p> <p>Nominal Thickness 5 ++ 91 7666717696</p> <p>STANDARD WALL PANEL SPECIFICATION WATER CONTENTThe water content of panels measured immediately after the drying process (without moisture intake after drying) shall be less than 1% when tested.</p> <p>PANEL WEIGHTThe weight of the dried and empty hollow core Rapidwall panel shall satisfy Table 3:-</p> <p>Table 3 Empty Panel WeightPanel Classification (mm) Class 1, 124 mm thick Class 2, 124 mm thick Class 3, 124 mm thick Nominal Weight (kg/m2) 44 44 44++ 91 7666717696</p> <p>Tolerance % 6% 6% 15%</p> <p>STANDARD WALL PANEL SPECIFICATION OUT-OF-PLANE FLEXURAL CAPACITYWhen tested in accordance with Clause 10.4.7 or 10.4.8, the out-ofplane flexural strength of the panel shall satisfy the minimum requirements as given in Table 5. Table 5 Acceptance criteria for flexural strengthMinimum Flexural Strength per metre width General or Water Resistant Grade 2.0 kNm Partition Grade 1.3 kNm</p> <p>Water Absorption RateWhen tested in accordance with Clause 10.4.6, the cross-sectional compression strength of the panel shall satisfy the minimum requirements as given in Table 4. Table 4 Acceptance criteria for compression strength Minimum compression strength (kN/m)General or water resistant grade++ 91 7666717696</p> <p>Partition grade 90</p> <p>160</p> <p>REDUCTION OF MASS (WEIGHT) USING RAPID WALL BUILDING PANELSWeight of 1 sq.m brick wall 9 thick : with 2 sides cement plastering Weight of 1 sq.m Rapidwall panel Weight of 1 sq.m panel with concrete infill Load bearing walls + non load bearing internal walls using filled and unfilled panels++ 91 766671769628</p> <p>400 Kg</p> <p>Weight reduction</p> <p>: : :</p> <p>44 Kg 250 Kg 200 Kg (avg)</p> <p>90.0% 37.5% 50.0%</p> <p>TWO OTHER PRODUCTS FOR USE IN CONVENTIONAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION WALL PLASTERalternative to cement and sand mix plastering of internal walls &amp;ceiling RAPID WALL PLASTERSuperior finish. No need for additional layer of plaster with wall putty to get even &amp; smooth finish. Thereby saving substantial costs</p> <p>WALL PUTTYto get smooth and superior finished wall surface, additional thin layer of plastering is done over cement plaster in conventional brick /concrete wall.</p> <p>RAPID WALL PUTTYGypsum based, superior &amp; more affordable wall putty as an alternative to currently available which are white cement based</p> <p>++ 91 766671769629</p> <p>Thank You</p> <p>++ 91 766671769630</p>