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Post on 17-Feb-2017



<p>Why Microfinance Rocks</p> <p>18th Microcredit SummitNational Microfinance Bank Green Loan Product </p> <p>#18MCSummit</p> <p>3/9/2016</p> <p>#NMB in a few words </p> <p>Alwatani was established in 2006 as a partnership between Program for Development (AGFUND), King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD), and two private sector investors.The concept of Alwatani stems from His Highness, Prince Talal bin Abdul-Azizs initiative to establish banks for micro and small entrepreneurs throughout the Arab World.Alwatani aims at financing income generating projects for underserved segments of society, spreads a culture of micro credit and entrepreneurship and carries out mission driven activities. Also, aims at applying financial inclusion concept to offer all its clients needs and requirements.Alwatani is currently serving Jordanian communities through 30 branches in all Jordanian governorates </p> <p>Sub list 5</p> <p>3/9/2016##18MCSummit</p> <p>3/9/2016</p> <p>#Operational &amp; Financial Indicators as of 31st Dec 2015 </p> <p>Sub list 5</p> <p>3/9/2016##18MCSummit</p> <p>3/9/2016</p> <p>#Product Back ground Jordans Country Energy Strategy seeks to Increase Reliance on Renewable Energy to reach 10 % of the overall Energy Mix By 2020.According to Jordan Renewable Energy &amp; Energy Efficiency Fund , Solar Heaters Penetration rate into Potential Market is only 12% NMB developed a green Loan product in collaboration with USAID Energy Sector Capacity Building where ESCB provided technical Assistance .That product will assist Jordanians tremendously reduce their power consumption and become resilient against increasing electricity prices. </p> <p> NMB green loan product will make available financing to Jordanians purchasing energy efficient productsGreen Loan product =Electrical Appliances 2. Solar Water Heaters 3.Photovoltaic systems 4. Lighting Fixtures NMB conducted Initial walkthroughs to asses and identify potential vendors .NMB attracted offers from all major vendors in the kingdom among which Main Green Loan providers where chosen . NMBs Minimum rating requirement for any Appliance to be Min of A+</p> <p>#18MCSummit</p> <p>3/9/2016</p> <p>#What makes this Loan product appealing to Clients ? </p> <p>This Loan product is unique in away that clients repayments will match electricity bill saving Saving Calculation Through Smart tablets tech. all credit officers will Calculate saving in power bill for each client after purchase of Green Loan products .Based on each clients consumption, payback periods will be calculated . </p> <p>NMB Green Loan </p> <p>#18MCSummit</p> <p>3/9/2016</p> <p>#</p> <p>#18MCSummit</p> <p>3/9/2016</p> <p>#</p>


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