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BI Solutions for Discrete Manufacturing.


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2. Started in 1994 in New Jersey, USA as a softwareconsulting firm Had presence in 4 continents and 6 countries Started Indian operation in 1998 Working in the areas of OLAP,ETL, Enterprise Reporting,Business Intelligence for the last 16 years Consulting on most of the major BI tools Launched Kautilya Business Intelligence framework in2008 for the Indian Industry Despite global meltdown have clients in BFSI,automotive, telecom and manufacturing verticals OST Group and SAP join hands to deliver great BIsolutions to SAP customers Evolve solutions for the Discrete Manufacturing domainas the most critical domain RIPL Founders have over 75 man years of experience inBI and SAP. Radium Infoway Pvt. Ltd2 3. 3www.open-soft.net 4. Over 70% of business decisions today are based on human intuitionWisdom Harvard Business Review talks about a 2000 page 136 studies in which human judgment was compared to algorithmic Knowledge prediction. 65 of the studies found no real difference between the two 63 found that the equation performed significantly betterInformation than the person. Only eight of the studies found that people were significantly better predictors of the task at hand Data Just under a 6% win rate for the people and their intuition, and a 46% rate of clear lossesRadium Infoway Pvt. Ltd4 5. Business Perspective of your organizationDataData ProducersUsersDATA Radium Infoways Pvt. Ltd5 6. EmployeesCorporateDatabasesdatabasesofCorporateofexternal intranetinternaldatadata Decision support systems Transaction Databases ManagementBusiness processing information ApplicationExecutive oftransactions systems validsystems databasessupport transactionssystemsDrill-down reportsException reportsExpert systems Operational Key-indicator reports databasesDemand reports Input and Schedulederror listreports Radium Infoway Pvt. Ltd 6 7. Radium Solution Architecture SAP BO ServerSAP R/3SAP toBOSAPIntegrationKitNONSAPSYSTEMSDashboardsReports Analytics7 8. Great transactional system covering allaspects of business Pain Points: Stable SAP yet lack of visibility of information toUsers Data extraction from SAP, a challenge Out dated Look and Feel to the Reports In flexible and static reports Sub optimal utilization of IT Department Resources Lag between information generation and delivery Lower or longer ROI to SAP investments. Radium Infoway Pvt. Ltd 8 9. One stop shop for buildingvalue on Data Pre built solutions for fasterdelivery giving platform for fasttrack further development Best of Breed Industry practicefrom Global experience Extensive experience betweenthe core team of partners All KPIs aimed at providingmission critical information inreal timeRadium Infoway Pvt. Ltd9 10. Typical reports: Overall Sales/Profits by Year/ Quarter/Month Current inventory by Product Sales by Product Line Customer Complaints Yearly/Quarterly top 5 customers On time delivery Product Sales by Channel Account Receivables Sales/Profit by Product Delayed shipments Sales/Return Ratio Sales by State Sales Forecasting and BudgetingRadium Infoways Pvt. Ltd8/27/2012 10 11. Typical reports: OverallStock Stock overview Inventory Holding Cost Finished goods stock Finished goods actual/plan Inventory in hand No. of days Monthly inventory vs. order status Inventory status Quarterly deadstock Vendors Monthly on time delivery Top ten component shortage Monthly fill rateRadium Infoways Pvt. Ltd8/27/2012 11 12. Typical Reports: Total sales MOM Lifetime sales customer wise Daily sales by cities Sales by Products HR overview Finance overview Inventory overviewRadium Infoways Pvt. Ltd 8/27/201212 13. Radium Infoway Pvt. Ltd 13


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