radiation sign- restricts entry to radioactively contaminated sites

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  • 1. Radiation Sign- Restricts Entry To Radioactively Contaminated Sites
  • 2. Safety signs cannot be ignored as these play an essential role in protecting lives, property and environment. By following the instructions mentioned on safety signs, serious accidents and losses can be prevented to a large extent. Many organizations place safety signs in their buildings as these signs have become a legal requirement as well. If safety signs are not installed at the place of requirement, it is considered to be breach of law.
  • 3. Hazard symbols are safety signs that are specifically designed to make people aware about the presence of hazardous materials at different locations. There are various types of hazard symbols that people come across in their lives. Some of the commonly seen hazard signs include high voltage sign, magnetic field sign, laser hazard sign, food radiation sign, chemical weapon sign, toxic sign, ionizing radiation sign and many others. Different types of signs are designed using specific colors, borders, backgrounds and instructions. The variations in the designs of these symbols enable human beings to easily identify the type of hazard.
  • 4. Radiation sign is commonly found placed in laboratories, commercial research facilities, nuclear medicine area of a hospital and other radioactively contaminated sites for ensuring safety of public. The people working in labs or hospitals wear special suits and gloves for protecting themselves from the ill-effects of radiations. In hospitals, radiation hazard sign is generally seen installed in front of X-Ray rooms.
  • 5. The radiation sign instruct and warn common people not to enter the restricted high radiation areas. People not following the instructions displayed on the sign, may have to face various health risks. Accidental exposure to harmful radiations can cause lung cancers, leukemia, infections, thyroid cancer and other deadly diseases.
  • 6. An ideal radiation hazard sign is the one that alert public about the nature of harmful radiations in an effective manner. Trefoil sign was first developed at University of California, Berkeley Radiation Laboratory in 1946. The trefoil symbol having magenta (or black) and yellow color was posted at the sites where radioactive materials were present.
  • 7. This sign was not popular and people usually fail to recognize the hidden meaning in the sign. As this traditional trefoil symbol failed to communicate the real message clearly, a new and more effective radiation hazard sign was put forward by IAEA and the ISO on February 15, 2007.
  • 8. The newly introduced radiation sign comprises a red colored background, skull and crossbones picture, trefoil radiating waves of black color and an image of a person who is shown running away from radiations. The new radiation hazard sign clearly depicts danger and became more popular as compared to the old trefoil sign.
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