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On The Break News Group welcomes Mike Massey as our newest columnist. You can read his Trick Shot on page 6 of the February Issue. Also in this issue are results from the Derby City Classic and WBPA Masters both of which just completed last weekend, Krugz and CR's Billiards results as well. We have more tournaments, results, instruction and a great product review for you to read this month. Enjoy!


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    3/18/2012 12:30PM-3:30PM 2012WPBAMasters SoaringEagle Semifinal&FinalRounds

    Cover Photo Courtesy of: Ricky Bryant - RB Promotions

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    On January 7, 2012, the first Poison by Predator (PxP) Tour 9-ball event was held at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas. The $1,000 added, one day event was true to format with 50 invited, pre-paid players, with first round matches starting at 1:30pm. The tournament purse yielded $2,500 while the player auction added another $2,420 to the coiffeurs.

    Bill Fuller, longtime Texas player and director of the prestigious Texas Open, and local Tiger Tour champ Jason Pearce both made their way unscathed to the Poison hot seat. Pearce defeated Dalton Riley 6-0 and Fuller ousted Bobby Perez 6-3 on the winners side final four which set the hot seat stage. In the match, Pearce came on strong leading Fuller 5-2, but Fuller came back to win the set 6-5. After losing his first round match to Fuller, Brent Thomas won 8 consecutive matches with wins over Kenneth Price, Bob Guzik, Bobby Perez and Dalton Riley, but was stopped short by Pearce 6-4. It was another heart stopping match between Pearce and Fuller. This time the scenario was reversed when Fuller pulled ahead 5-2 only to see Pearce grind it out and knot the score at 5. In the final game, the two weary competitors traded safeties until Fuller capitalized on a failed 5-ball safety and ran the remaining balls for an undefeated Poison Tour victory. Notable finishes in this event included comeback player Bobby Perez 5th, Chuck Adams 7th, and Run Out Reviews Mark Fusina 9th. View recorded matches by clicking the Live Stream tab at


    All Poison events are live streamed by Run Out Review and played on (14) 8 Gandy tables with new Simonis cloth, Pro-Cup Aramith cue balls, and Delta-13 racks. Players qualified for this PxP Tour event through their performance and participation on the 2011 Lone Star Billiards Tour. The next qualifier will be through the LSBT Amateur Division at Future Cues in Temple, Texas, on February 4th-5th. Visit www.lonestarbilliardstour.com for more information.

    Invites for the March 31st PxP event will go out Monday, February 6th. Check your email!

    Jason Pearce, Brent Thomas, Bill Fuller


    1st $800/$847 Bill Fuller

    2nd $475/$605 Jason Pearce

    3rd $325/$484 Brent Thomas

    4th $200/$242 Dalton Riley

    5th-6th $125/$121 Brian Rosenbaum, Bobby Perez

    7th-8th $100 Victor Rojas, Chuck Adams

    9th-12th $62.50 Mark Fusina, Steve Lindgren, Drew McCoy, Joey Torres

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    EXPLANATION OF ABBREVIATIONS:SUR:SetupRatingsEXR:ExecutionRatingsMSR:MikesSuccessRatio

    Mike Massey

    Nine time World Champion, Mike Massey is considered pools best trick shot artist. He was voted the Best in History and is a member of the BCA Hall of Fame. Mikes most amazing accomplishments were in two 24 hour poolathons. In one he pocketed 8,090 balls playing with one arm. In the other poolathon he ran 330 racks of 9-ball in Austria on live TV. Mike has consulted or appeared in the movies, The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, The Baron and the Kid, Justice, Chalk, and Pool Hall Junkies Mike is available for exhibitions and clinics. Please contact Mike or Francine Massey at 435.640.5787 or francine.massey@gmail.com


    EXHIBITIONS & CLINICSContactMikeorFrancineMassey


    To order Mikes book

    call 888.295.7665

    or 714.894.1157

    Visit us on the web at


    2/3/12 ThePalmsHotelandCasino-LasVegas,NV.

    2/4/12 StageBarandBilliards-Arlington,TX

    2/7/12 Stubbys-Needville,TX






    2/21-23/12 Clinic-ParkCity,UT

    3/3/12 BigMikes-BatonRouge,LA



    Mike MasseyC O L U M N I S T

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    On January 7th, Krugz Pool hall in Muscatine,Iowa, held its 1st annual Jon Grizzly Bair 9-ball calcutta tournament. What was initially going to be a birthday celebration tourney, quickly turned out to be a seriously competitive tournament involving several strong players, traveling from the surrounding area. The tourney was dominated by 2 former Junior

    National Champions, ChrisSpike Aiardo (Fort Hood,TX) and Blake The beast Mattson (Muscatine,Ia). Blake and Spike teamed up with Nate Atkinson in back in 2009 to win the 3 person team, Valley International Tournament in Lincoln Nebraska.The two didnt disappointas they displayed their many talents. Blakes first match seen him up against Eric Biggie Garner (Davenport,Ia). Blake started the day fast as he scored the victory with a 6-4 score. On the bottom half of the bracket, Spike matched up first with Blakes father, Brian Mattson (Muscatine, Ia). Spike, on visit from the service, started the day off right beating Brian convincingly 6-3. Spikes next victim happen to be Rich Fern.(Illinois)

    At the same time Spike was handling Rich, Blake was 2 tables down in a heated battle with Trent Lamar (Davenport, Ia) The race went double-hill as Blake managed to slip past Lamar,by the score 6-5. Mattson seemed to have caught a gear after that match, quickly sending Jeff Nguyen to the losers bracket 6-4, and securing himself a shot at the hot-seat.While Blake

    was running out on Jeff, Spike and Ronnie Martin (East Moline, Il) faced off in their match to see who would play for the hot-seat.It was a battle of champions, but it was Spikes day to shine, as he sent Ronnie to the losers side 6-5 The former teammates matched up to see who would secure themselves at least a 2nd place. It was a shootout between the youngsters, but Pvz Aiardo showcased his skills and determination beating the very hot Mattson, 7-2. The youngster wasnt fazed by the loss, he instead came firing right back at the competition taking down the veteran Ronnie Martin, to see who would get there chance for a rematch with Spike. The stage was set. Steve Krueger, Krugz owner, shut down all surrounding tables,cued the cameras and asked everyone politely to show their respect during the championship