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Rabbler BSchool Presentation


  • Social Polling #DigitalDemocracy


    Presentation for Business School Marketing Internships


    Contact e: amod@getrabbler.com m: +91 9717299488

  • The Problem: round-about polling

    Using Retweet to gather opinions;

    Limited to only a Yes vote 6m Followers, only 876 retweets!

    Not everyone wants to wear their opinions on their sleeve Retweeting stuffs your followers feeds

    Live-action political poll on Facebook

    Text in in your support; Seriously?? 1.9 m followers fetched only 8.4k likes

    Did anyone hear about this anywhere else?


  • More tortured polling

    Classroom clickers

    So 20th Century!


    FashionPoll on desktop website; only a teaser on social media

    Not really Social at all

    Enough already!!!

    A liberal rags lame attempt at shaping public opinion by reporting a poll among a grand total of 834 respondents

  • The Rabbler Solution

    Proper Polls that can go viral within the platform and on all other social media as well


  • The Rabbler Solution

    Fashion Rags Multiple Choice poll with pics


    Professors poll for Ethics 101Disclaimer: All Rabbler content in this presentation that bears the profile picture of The White House, Dr Rand Paul and Stylist magazine and their respective handles exists exclusively on internal test servers and not in the public domain. The purpose is solely to demonstrate the capabilities of the app and not to impersonate any organisation or person. Rabbler respects all trademarks and copyrights.

  • + + =

    Microblogging Chatting Polling Rabbler

    What is Rabbler?

    Rabbler marries public microblogging with private chatting and adds polling (both public and private) to deliver democracy into the hands of every user.

    All kinds of polls Multiple Choice, Ranking, Rating, Free Answers.

    You can poll the entire world on any matter.

    You can also choose to poll only your friends via private chat groups.


  • More Types of Rabbles

    Rating Poll Ranking Poll


  • More Types of Rabbles

    Free Answer Poll Simple Messages


  • Chatting

    Public Poll forwarded into a group chat Various options in a chatChat blurbs


  • Making Content go Viral

    Sharing on other Social Media platforms Sharing within the app

    Share content from Rabbler with all other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp Send a public poll from your feeds to your private chat groups for a private discussion.


  • Content Creation

    Choosing Poll type Choosing where to publish the pollComposing a message Composing a poll


  • Some Actual Polls on Rabbler

  • Some more

  • Vivek Singh Technology B. Eng., N.T.U. Singapore, Singapore Airlines Scholar Formerly, System Architect at Yatra.com. Responsible for creating and managing their entire technology platform from day 1 until October 2014

    Amod Agarwala Operations, Marketing B. Eng., N.T.U. Singapore, Singapore Airlines Scholar MBA, IIM Calcutta Formerly, Trader with Merrill Lynch & BTG Pactual in Tokyo, London, New York, Hong Kong

    Divya Agarwala Director B. Tech., IIT Roorkee MBA, IIM Calcutta Formerly consultant with IBM, Hong Kong and banker with ANZ, Singapore

    Founding Team

    Rabbler is an offering of Charles and Minx Pvt. Ltd., Singapore Registered Address: 41, Lorong N, Telok Kurau, Singapore 425166 Development centre #1104, Tower 1, 3C Lotus Boulevard, Sector 100, Noida, India - 201305 Registered India Office Ssqueal Technology India Pvt. Ltd. (OPC) #04073, ATS Greens Paradiso, Plot GH-03, Sector Chi-4, Greater Noida, India - 201310


    Contacts e: amod@getrabbler.com m: +91 9717299488

  • Internship Brief


    Purpose: To exercise the students skill in digital marketing to deliver meaningful new user acquisitions and engagement in the biggest new business activity of this decade. Process: Interested students will use the Rabbler app and make a 10 interesting polls and messages each to demonstrate their capability. After 3 days, we will review all content and select 10 students to submit a 1-page marketing plan. Out of the 10, we will select 3 students to run their proposed campaigns for 1 month. During the month, all other interested students are encouraged to stay engaged with the Rabbler app. After 1 month, we will again invite fresh marketing proposals for the 2nd month. The new proposals will be expected to build upon the achievements of the 1st months activity that we shall publish. 1st month interns will also be considered for continuing into the 2nd month. The best 3 proposals shall be selected for the 2nd month. Interns will be expected to leverage the virality tools of the app and other social media and show exponentiality in their new user acquisition graph Similar iteration will be run for the 3rd month. Each intern will earn a stipend of Rs 10,000 per month of internship. Each intern will also receive a certificate acknowledging their work and achievements. Deliverables per Intern: Minimum of 5 polls plus 5 messages per day. 500 new installs per month

    Key Requirement: an excellent internet/broadband connection on your smartphone. Normally a college/hostel wifi will be required unless you have a very good personal 3G data plan and strong 3G signals.

  • Some pointers for Marketing


    User Acquisition: by targeting natural voter groups Colleges/Universities (classroom polling, festival contests etc) Political parties and action groups Conferences Condominium managements Television game shows, Sporting events

    User Retention: using curated content make and attract exciting content for as many interests as possible engage your followers with carefully thought out rerabbling and commenting

    Bring celebrities and opinion makers to the platform Bring news outlets and all kinds of digital/print publications to the platform Organise Rabbler campaigns on hot-button issues of the day

    These are only a few pointers. Use all your creativity and learning to come up with more and better ideas!


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