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  • The Many Faces Of The R4 DS CardFinding The Right R4 DS For Your Nintendo System

  • When youre considering making your R4 DS Card purchase, determining which version of the card will work in your specific Nintendo hand held system can seem like a daunting and often confusing task. It shouldnt be! This is presentation aims to be your quick and easy guide to determining which R4 DS Card is the one that will best suit your needs based on which Nintendo Hand Held System you have.Which R4 DS To Buy?

  • If you have a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite:The Nintendo R4 DS Card was the very first in a long line of R4 cards.It was originally manufactured for use with the Nintendo DS console.With the release of the Nintendo DS Lite the R4 DS Card continued to beTHE DS Flash card to use and was completely compatible with the DSAnd DS Lite systems.

  • If You Have a Nintendo DSI or Nintendo DSi XL System:The R4i SDHC Card was the next step in DS and Dsi Homebrew gamesAnd development. While the R4 DS Card worked perfectly on the DS &The DS Lite, the Nintendo Dsi had some major changes to the hardareAnd as a result, the R4 was not compatible. And this is when the R4iSDHC was born. With full compatibility with the DS, DS Lite, and the DsiAnd DSi XL systems. Much like the DS and DS Lite, there were no hardwareChanges internally from the Dsi to the Dsi XL systems, and as such, the R4iWorks on both of them. One flash card that works universally on all ofThe mentioned DS versions.

  • And Finally, If You Have A Nintendo 3DS System:With the debut of the Nintendo 3DS, the R4 DS manufacturer quickly cameTo the rescue of all homebrew gamers world wide. The solution to playingAll of your homebrew games on the Nintendo 3DS is the R4 3DS Card. TheThing that sets this card above the older versions of the R4 and R4i CardsIs the fact that it works in ALL of the Nintendo hand held game systems toDate. Regardless of which system you have, the R4 3DS will just work. IfYou have a Nintendo 3DS or plan on getting the new 3D game system, thenThis is the card that will enable you to upgrade your console without issue.

  • You can find out more about the R4, R4i and R4 3DS line ofFlash cards for Nintendo DS systems by visiting one of theOfficial online retailers for the R4 DS cards. Youll get the latestFirmware, homebrew game reviews, and youll be guaranteed toHave access to only AUTHENTIC R4 products at