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Quizzes by Clickers. David Dahlquist. Definition and Requirements. Project Description: Develop a system where students respond to questions using clickers. Responses are digitally captured and reported on a PC. General Requirements: Support multiple students (clickers). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Quizzes by ClickersDavid Dahlquist

  • Definition and RequirementsProject Description: Develop a system where students respond to questions using clickers. Responses are digitally captured and reported on a PC.General Requirements: Support multiple students (clickers).Identify the students.Deal with collisions.Address issues like illegal clicks, allowing/disallowing clicks.Provide initialization support.Generalize the system to support several applications.

  • Where I startedInitiallyHow to initialize IrManHow to read from the COM portEnded up discarding COM port read

  • SolutionTwo parts to my solutionEngine reading from the COM portApplication getting information from the engine and dealing with it

  • EngineRead from COM portReads occur every 1/5th of a second and stores in queueEmpties COM ports dataStores information one byte at a timeRemoves from the QueueRemoves one byte from queue and sends 6 concatenated for comparison (why later)

  • ApplicationThree parts of applicationAnonymous responseHand raised queueQuizzing

  • Anonymous responseUsers respond to a questionCan answer Yes or NoProgram keeps track of responses and shows them on screen

  • Raise Your handQueues up responses in order of received in a list boxCan send back one at a time or reset all

  • QuizzesOpens file with information on a quiz in multiple choice formatOutputs users response to a question to a file without displaying it on screen (for anonymity)When quiz complete outputs scores and percentagesQuiz files can be opened by notepad or within program and printed for hard copies

  • How Does a Remote Send?Worked primarily with TV universal remotes6 bytes at a timeIndividual groups Groups of threeRotating remote codesFor those that insist on holding down the key

  • What it looks like

  • ProblemsRolling Remote codesCollisionsIrMan wasnt really designed for multiple remotesDirect line of sight neededDistance is a factor infrared light dispersesReflection off of shiny objects

  • Collisions?

  • How to deal with collisionsProblem: Remotes are dumbCan only sendSolutionTry to recover as much data as possibleGive users feed back whether or not they have successfully sent

  • Direct line of Sight

  • Distance

  • Shiny Objects (not just a distraction)

  • Program Interaction

  • Demonstration

  • Learning and Development Process

  • Strategies VB book is a MUST 20 min of fighting VB or 30 seconds of looking up a solutionAsk questionsColleagues and teachersKeep Dr. Pankratz up to date he can helpNot my strongest pointTry EVERY combination of EVERYTHING

  • KnowledgeEvent ProgrammingVB and my project extremely event drivenUse of timersOperating SystemsCollisions racing conditionsNetworkingError detection/recovery

  • ExceptionsRotating remote codesSynthesis of three sectionsMore automated quizzing processError detection more like error recovery and avoidanceFull screen re-sizing

  • ExtensionsApplicationsRead system in place plug-ins could be an interesting optionSynthesis of applicationsMore intricate quizzing systemInfra red remotes that send and receive

  • RecommendationsKeep Dr. Pankratz up to dateSee professors when you have a problemGet books in your area and keep them next to you when you workStart earlyPlan it out because patching just isnt practical

  • Questions?