quick and easy makeover for your ugly kitchen cabinets

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Quick and Easy way to paint your Kitchen Cabinets


Copyright 2007 This book is available only by purchase. It may not be given away except by the author or by the publisher. It may not be sold on eBay or anywhere else, except by the author. This book is for educational and informational purposes only. The author and publisher are not responsible for any decisions you make with regard to the information in this book.

HOW TO DO AN EXTREME MAKEOVER ON YOUR UGLY KITCHEN CABINETSHi! My name is Kelly and I want to thank you for your purchase of my very first how-to instructional ebook with photos! I would like to begin by telling you how I came to learn this low cost shabby chic technique that you can use to makeover your kitchen. Have you ever seen the remodeling and house flipping shows on HGTV and other TV stations? Well, that is my passion. I flip houses in my spare time (spare time.whats that?). My husband and I have purchased, remodeled and sold over a dozen houses, one by one, in the past 3 years. We use our gut instincts to choose the right properties to purchase. We then tap into our creative talents to give these sad homes a face lift, preparing the homes for their new owners. When were finished, our Realtor sells the house for us while we begin searching for the next redo project. Remodeling homes on a budget isnt easy, if you do the job with integrity. Through trial and error, weve learned all sorts of secrets to updating homes. This project is just one of them updating kitchen cabinets.How To Do An Extreme Makeover on Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets www.kellyseverythingstore.info 1

This method will also work for bathroom cabinets, furniture, wood floors, wherever your imagination takes you! Ill bet by the time you finish reading, youll be thinking of all sorts of creative things you can do with this information. By the way, there could possibly be some very profitable opportunities that come your way after you do your own project. Heres what has happened to me: Visitors who came to my home immediately noticed my cabinets and wanted to know how I did them. Even though I explained the simplicity to them, still many of them have offered to hire me to do this project for them. These are usually people who have looked into buying new cabinetry for their homes (ouch!). Have you ever received an estimate on having cabinet doors refaced? (double ouch!) Thats why people are willing to pay a pretty penny for me to work my magic on their cabinets. I have never run an ad, but you could do that once you learn to do this project. Ill bet your phone would ring off the wall with potential customers! Heres another way to make money with this technique. Go out and collect items that others have discarded. Repurpose those items and sell them on eBay, or craft fairs. Put a classified ad in your local newspaper and say that you have wonderful French country or shabby chic items for sale. Use someone elses junk and turn it into profit! You will be making money from thin air. The largest monetary gain you could realize from updating your kitchen cabinets could be that of your home equity position. If you have outdated cabinets that are darkening your home like a dungeon, using this idea could raise the value of your home significantly. If you are planning to sell your home, your house will be easier to market and could sell much faster. Your home will be so much more appealing to a potential buyer with this quick and easy update.How To Do An Extreme Makeover on Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets www.kellyseverythingstore.info 2

When I redid my cabinets, it made me feel better about being in the kitchen. It energized me to accomplish other things I had been dreading, such as getting rid of clutter in my home. Just a side note - When I decided it was time to organize my home, I didnt know where to begin. It seemed very overwhelming to me! I was recommended an ebook, which was filled with wonderful ideas for some FAST decluttering. This ebook was THE answer to my mess! I still refer to it over and over again. Check it out at www.declutter4u.info and see what I mean! You'll be clutter free in no time! My decluttering project left me with some extra stuff I didnt know what to do with. Thats when my dear cousin suggested I sell it on eBay. I am continuously amazed at all the extra money I make as an eBay seller. Its so easy to sign up and get started. Click here to sign up for a FREE eBayseller account!

I have other ideas and projects, which have all been tested and perfected over time. They are all me personal ideas, specially designed to look expensive, yet save a ton of money! Example: I made my ceilings and walls look like leather. Really, they look just like leather! I did NO faux painting, and it cost me very little money. None of my friends can believe the materials I use to achieve this rich, gorgeous texture! I have more, too, and they will be available soon. Keep checking www.kellyseverythingstore.info for more! Now, I know youre ready to begin the FUN! Youre cabinets are going to look so good! Here goes..

How To Do An Extreme Makeover on Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets



Begin by gathering the following supplies: Mild cleaner and Sponge Water based Latex Paint in the color of your choice. I prefer an eggshell finish, which is not shiny. This is personal preference, so just choose what you like best Paint Brush(es) these do not have to be the best you can buy. Use any small medium size brushes that you already have Paper plate(s) and Disposable Bowl(s) Stir Stick and/or Spoon for dipping and stirring Cup of Water

Decide what color you would like to paint your cabinets. Some good choices are off white, black, country blue, or brick red. In this demonstration, (my own cabinets), I use an off white color from

How To Do An Extreme Makeover on Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets



Sherwin Williams called Urban Putty. I photographed the label (if you can read it), in case you want this exact color. You can email me at kelly2u@cox.net if you need clarification, or have any questions

Protect your work area as you see fit. I personally do not use a drop cloth or tape since this technique is not very messy No need to remove the cabinet doors! YEAH!!! Remove cabinet door handles and drawer pulls (unless you want them painted). Sometimes I tape these to the inside of each cabinet door so I wont lose them. Leave the hinges attached if you want them to be painted It is not necessary to remove the contents of your cabinets and drawers! YEAH AGAIN!!!

How To Do An Extreme Makeover on Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets



Use a sponge and mild cleaner to wipe off the surface to be painted. Let dry

before beginning to paint. Do not sand any varnish/finish off. Just clean off the dirt and gunk Open paint can (dont forget to shake and/or stir paint first) and dip some paint into a disposable bowl. Notice my paint is a little thick, since Ive had it around a while!

Add some water to the paint and stir. You want it to be the consistency of creamy soup. Try not to mix it too thin. You can add more water later, if needed. Newer paint needs less water

How To Do An Extreme Makeover on Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets



Now, dip your brush into the paint/water mixture, and wipe off excess onto the paper plate. This step is to give your painting more of a dry brush effect. The idea is to see the wood underneath the paint. Too much paint covers up the wood and completely changes the effect

Begin painting, always painting in the direction of the wood grain. You dont have to be too tedious, but going with the grain helps the brush strokes to look better. Remember, you dont want to completely cover up the wood. Let it show through! Thats what makes this treatment so cool! Each time you dip your brush in the paint, wipe off the excess on the paper plate. Too much paint on your brush ruins the effect!

How To Do An Extreme Makeover on Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets



Do not paint the insides of your cabinets, unless you just want to. Because this particular treatment allows you to see the wood coming through, the inside will match and look great! Open the doors and check every now and then, to make sure paint didnt end up there!

If you get paint where you dont want it, use warm water and it will wipe right off

How To Do An Extreme Makeover on Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets



Youll need to open the doors and drawers to paint the little strip of area where the doors and drawers close. Let it try a couple of minutes before closing Get a clean paper plate when needed Paint directly over the hinges, brushing lightly, again going with the wood grain

After you have painted the cabinet door (or drawer, or whichever part you have painted first), it is time to do the accents. This is what really makes your project look the best. Do not omit this step. To begin, make a sock puppet placing a clean, dry sock on your hand

How To Do An Extreme Makeover on Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets



Lightly dip the end of you pointer finger into water you only want the tip of the sock to be damp, not dripping wet

Now run the tip of the damp sock along any trim or edges that you want to accent, removing the paint. The idea is to remove a tiny bit of paint, only onHow To Do An Extreme Makeover on Your Ugly Kitchen Cabinets www.kellyseverythingstore.info 1

certain places. Usually a cabinet door has some sort of raised area, or groove, or something to give it interest. These are the areas to remove paint from. If you mess up, no