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Comprehension Strategy


  • 1.Questioning
    Strategies That Work
    By Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis

2. Sensational Strategies
3. Questions lead readers deeper into a piece, setting up a dialogue with the author, sparking in readers minds what it is they care about.If you ask questions as you read, you are awake.You are thinking. You are engaged.
~ Susan Zimmerman
4. Proficient readers spontaneously and purposefully ask questions before, during, and after reading.
5. Readers ask questions to:
Clarify meaning
Speculate about text yet to be read
Determine an authors intent, style, content, or form
Locate a specific answer in text
Consider rhetorical questions
inspired by the text
6. Proficient Readers
understand that many of the most intriguing questions can not be answered in the text, but are left to the readers interpretation
determine whether the answers to their questions can be found in the text or whether they will need to infer the answer using their background knowledge, and/or an outside source
7. Proficient Readers
use questions to focus their attention on ideas, events, or other text elements they want to remember
are aware that as they hear others questions, new ones called generative questions are inspired in their own minds
understand and can describe how asking
questions deepens their comprehension
8. Where to begin?
Model, model, model during Read Aloud
Strategies That Work, Chapter 8 full of lessons for teaching questioning
Thick and Thin Questions
Anchor Charts
The Q Food
9. The Q Food
Quinoa pronounced keen-wa.
Quinoa is a grain from the Andes Mountains, first used by the Inca civilization.
For more information, visit
10. The Q Food
11. QAR Question Answer Relationships

  • Right There literal question, answer can befound in text

12. Think and Search how the information or ideas in the text relate to one another, must summarize, compare, contrast, explain


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