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QUEST er et nytt og moderne engelskverk for grunnskolen som kombinerer elevbøker med digitale ressurser. Systematisk innlæring av ord og begreper fra første trinn gir elevene gode mestringsmuligheter senere, f.eks. når de skal forholde seg til ukjent tekst ved nasjonale prøver. Vokabulartrening tar utgangspunkt i lek, humor og gleden av å lære engelsk. Med QUEST tilegner elevene seg raskt et vokabular som bidrar til at de kan bruke språket i hverdagen.


  • 8Talk about it!a Whatcanyouseeinthepicture?Icanseeb Sayfiveschoolwords.c WhathasBillgotinhispencilcase?d Whathaveyougotinyourpencilcase?e Tellyourfriendwhatyoudidinthesummerholiday.

    Workbook page 3 9

    FocusListen and read: dialogue,poem,non-fictionSpeak and write: schoolwordsandphrasesLanguage work: vowels,a/an,this/thatCulture: schoollifeintheUK,traditionalnurseryrhyme




    R 1

    So Cool! Back to School!












    Language Work


    Hvert kapittel starter med et oppslag med mlene for kapitlet og skal fungere som en igangsetter til temaet. I lrerveiledningen finner du konkrete ml til hver side.

    DifferensieringRd delHer finner du de enkleste tekstene og oppgavene. Alle skal starte p de rde sidene.

    Gul delEtter de rde sidene fortsetter du p de gule sidene. Her finner du litt vanskeligere tekster og oppgaver.


    P disse sidene finner du lrestoff knyttet til sprklring.

    VurderingI slutten av hvert kapittel finner du dette symbolet. Det minner deg p vurdere underveis i arbeidet med kapitlet. I lrerveiledningen finnes kopiark for egenvurdering og kapitteltester til hvert kapittel, og tips om hvordan disse kan brukes.

  • I love English and amazing facts.

    ContentsEveryday Practice 41 So Cool! Back to School! 82 At the Farm 183 Home and Family 30 Christmas Time 424 Boy, I Am Hungry! 445 Hobbies 546 In Town 64Glossary 76

  • 4 cloudy foggy hailing thunder and lightning

    Everyday PracticeWeekdays(Tune: Oh, My Darling Clementine)

    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday.Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

    What Is the Weather Like Today?

    It is hot today. It is cold today. It is freezing today!

    sunny windy raining snowing

  • Workbook page 2 5

    Months and Seasons





    May June











    10 20 30 40 50 ten twenty thirty forty fifty

    60 70 80 90 100 sixty seventy eighty ninety a hundred

  • 6What Is the Time, Please?

    It is eleven oclock. It is quarter past eleven.

    It is half past eleven. It is quarter to twelve.

  • 74 year old children ask 400 questions

    a day.

    AmAzing fActs

    How Are You Feeling?

    happy sad excited angry

    tired hungry surprised frightened

    QuestionsWhat is it?What do you think?Where is it?Who is it?When is it?Why is it like that?Which one is it?How do you do that?How much is it? How many are there?Do you like it? Does he like it? Do they like it?

    Twenty-Five Common Wordsthe of and a to in is you that it he for was

    on are as with his they at be this from I have

  • 8cha

    pter c


    r 1

    So Cool! Back to School!

    school uniform





    Have you got a new pencil case, Bill?

    Yes. Look inside!

  • Talk about it!a What can you see in the picture? I can see b Say five school words.c What has Bill got in his pencil case?d What have you got in your pencil case?e Tell your friend what you did in the summer holiday.

    Workbook page 3 9

    FocusListen and read: dialogue, poem, non-fictionSpeak and write: school words and phrasesLanguage work: vowels, a/an, this/thatCulture: school life in the UK, traditional nursery rhyme

    So Cool! Back to School!

    Hello, Rob. Yes, I have been to Spain.

    Hello, Wendy. Have you been on


  • 10

    Before readingLook at the title and the picture. What do you think this text is about?

    Welcome Back to SchoolTeacher: Good morning! You look very smart in your uniforms.Bill: I have a new uniform. My old one was too small.Wendy: I have a new school bag and lunch box. Jill has a new school bag, too.Teacher: Lovely! Now look at todays lessons.Jill: Oh, good, we have art today. That is my favourite lesson.Rob: And we have PE. That is my favourite!

    G l o s s a r y

    smart stiliglunch box matbokslesson timecircle time samlingsstundwriting skrivingmaths matematikkPE kroppsvingart kunst og hndverk

  • Workbook pages 4, 5 11

    After readinga Make sentences like this: Bill has a new , Wendy has a new b What is Jills favourite lesson?c What do you think Wendy has in her new school bag?

    Talk about it!a Do you have something new? I have a new b What is your favourite lesson? My favourite lesson is c Name things in your classroom. This is a That is a

  • 12

    Before readingLook at the title and the pictures. What do you think this text is about?

    The School Day

    The pupils are lining up.

    It is playtime.

    It is time for assembly.

    It is time for maths.

    The pupils have a writing lesson.

    It is lunchtime in the canteen.







  • Workbook page 6 13

    After readingLook at the pictures:a What time is it? It is oclock. It is quarter past b What are the children doing?

    G l o s s a r y

    time to LAugh Mother: What did you learn at school today?Son: How to write.Mother: What did you write?Son: I dont know, they havent taught us how to read yet!

    It is time for PE. It is time for art. It is time to go home.

    7 8 9

    Talk about it!Is this like your school day? What is the same? What is different?

    pupils eleverlining up stiller oppassembly morgensamlingplaytime friminuttmaths matematikklunchtime lunsjcanteen kantinePE kroppsving

  • Workbook page 714

    Before readingLook at the title and the picture. What do you think this text is about?

    School UniformIn many countries children wear school uniforms.School uniforms come in many colours.Different schools have different uniforms.The children often weara school tie and a school blazer.The blazer has the school badge on it.

    G l o s s a r y

    Talk about it!Would you like to wear a school uniform? Why? Why not?

    countries landdifferent forskjelligetie slipsblazer jakkebadge skoleemblem

  • Workbook page 8 15

    Before readingLook at the title and the picture. What do you think this text is about?

    Mary Had a Little LambMary had a little lamb,Its fleece was white as snow.And everywhere that Mary wentThe lamb was sure to go.

    It followed her to school one day,It was against the rules.It made the children laugh and playTo see a lamb at school.

    Sarah Josepha Hale

    G l o s s a r yAfter readinga What followed Mary to school?b What are Marys school rules?c Do you think the teacher was happy to see the lamb? Why?

    Talk about it!a Do you have school rules? What are they?b What other animals can you name in English?c Role-play the poem.

    School RulesDo not bring animals to school.

    Be a good friend.Keep the classroom tidy.

    tidy ryddigfleece pelseverywhere overaltwent gikksure sikkertfollowed fulgte etteragainst the rules mot

    reglenelaugh le

  • Workbook page 0016 Workbook page 916

    Before readingLook at the picture. What can you see?

    Time to Go HomeIt is quarter past three.The children are going home.They go to the zebra crossing.Mrs Dun is the lollipop lady.She stops the trafficand helps the children cross the busy road.Two boys are talking to Mr Len, the caretaker.Look, the football is on the roof.Can you help us, please?

    G l o s s a r y

    zebra crossing

    lollipop lady

    After readinga Where do the children cross the road?b Why do you think it is called a zebra crossing?c Who helps the children to cross the road?d Why do you think they call Mrs Dun a lollipop lady?

    children barnlollipop lady skolepatruljecross kryssebusy travelroad veiare talking to snakker tilroof tak

  • Workbook pages 10, 11, 12

    Read these words and find the vowels:cat red sit dog rug

    Find the rhyming words:

    Read these words that start with a vowel:an apple an egg an ice cream an orange an umbrella

    Language WorkVowels

    A, E, I, O, U

    The fat cat sat on the mat. Red Ted made a mess in the shed.

    Colin can spin in the bin. The frog and the dog are on the log.

    The jug and the mug are on the rug.