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  • 1. QCC Distance Learning GED Our program in a nutshell Presentation by Cathy Coleman
  • 2. What Our Program Offers Free 12 week Overview GED Class Blended Course offered mostly online with some face to face meetings involved Workbook, Video, and Web-based assignments Individual help from GED teachers Opportunity to work with classmates Use of the QCC ABE Program Resources (Counseling & Referral, Use of Computer Labs etc.)
  • 3. Program History Summer, 2004 Applied to be a part of the Distance Learning Project through DOE Fall, 2004 Participated in Distance Learning 101 Course designed by Project Ideal & Facilitated by Jennifer Rafferty Winter, 2004 Began Session # 1 Spring, 2005 Started Session # 2
  • 4. Who Is Our Target Audience? Students reading at the GED level Students with fair to good computer skills Students with some ability to work independently Students with access to a computer with the net in their home or close by Students who need & want a course but whose schedule necessitates more flexibility
  • 5. Moodle Our D.L. Platform List of People in Class T pe y A of s itie v cti s ach nts of E nme e tlin ssig Ou s A eek W
  • 6. Different Kinds of Moodle Activities A Journal Assignment in Moodle
  • 7. One Section of a Lesson on Interpreting Cartoons
  • 8. An Assignment From Our Course
  • 9. How Students Get Assignments to Teachers Students Upload Assignments on the Moodle Course Website Students can also e-mail their assignments as attachments They also may request a tutoring session and bring the assignment in person
  • 10. How Students Get Feedback
  • 11. The Video Connection Students borrow GED Connection video tapes from our lending library Sometimes they watch in their teams Sometimes they watch on their own Usually there are a couple of focus questions to answer to go along with the video
  • 12. GED Connections Workbooks Each week there is an assignment from the GED Connections Workbooks
  • 13. Lessons Learned So far Students seem to need more explicit directions on how to use Moodle The new 2 day (6 hour) Orientation seems promising. Talking ahead of time about potential barriers to success may prove helpful in retention Choosing the right students for DL is hard but doable. 12 Weeks is too short for the Overview GED Course for most students.
  • 14. How We Can Work Together Reaching Out to Workforce Central Reaching Out to Other Adult Ed Centers Reaching Out to Local Libraries Utilizing Community Access TV Possibly Joining Forces w/ other DL Programs to do Joint Advertising
  • 15. Future Plans for QCC DL Filming & Editing PSA (Public Service Announcement) to advertise DL Program to be shown on Community Access TV Re-designing GED Overview Course Designing Shorter Term Intensive Single Subject Courses Using Elluminate Experimentally in One or More Courses Working more closely with other DL Programs