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  • QASF Company, Ltd. Road No. 12, Dong Xuyen Industrial Park,

    Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria –

    Vung Tau Province, S.R. Vietnam

    Phone: +84 064 3614299



    Established in July 2001 due to the upturn in

    fabrication requirements in Southern Vietnam.

    QASFCompany, Ltd. is a blend of Scottish and

    Vietnamese expertise.

    Steel fabrication, pipe work, tanks, pressure

    vessels, mech/elec installation, labour supply are

    just some services offered by our company.

    Since achieving ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel

    accreditation in August 2008 we have been

    constantly fabricating pressure vessels.

    Our capabilities have seen us perform many fast

    track projects and tasks all of which have been

    completed on time under difficult circumstances.


    To offer an affordable quality service utilizing

    local expertise, labour and equipment. Our

    goal is to continually improve quality

    standards by training and guidance.

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    Located in Dong Xuyen Industrial Park of Vung Tau City, our 9,100 square meter

    facility contains 5,600 square meter covered workshop area and 3,500 square

    meter for outside work. Conveniently itisalso situated across from Dong Xuyen

    Commercial Shipping Port and many other nearby commercial shipping ports

    such as PTSC, Vietsovpetro, Phy My and Cai Mep. One of the largest ports is

    Cai Mep port that is located about 40 kilometers from our facility. With the latest

    technology, equipment and convenient location, we can offer clients cost

    effective solutionsin both prototype and production jobs.

  • x CNC Machine bed

    (3m x 10m)

    x Air Compressor

    x Reclaim Shot Blasting Enclosure

    and Painting Facility

    x Machine shop, lathes and drilling


    x Cranage – 1x 5T, 1 x 7.5T, 2 x 15T, 1

    x 20T and 25T overhead cranes

    (16m under hook)

    x 50T Rough Terrain Mobile Crane

    x 1 x 5T and 1 x 7T Fork lift trucks

    x Electric Elevating Tower

    x Plate rolling machine

    (16mm x 2.5m)

    x Plate bending machine

    (16mm x 5m x 300T)

    x Pipe welding station

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  • Hua Quoc Anh Managing Director

    Steve Fairweather General Manager QA/QC

    Nguyen Thi Thuy Accountant

    Nguyen Huu Doan Projects Manager

    Hua My Mao Admin & Logistics

    Hua Dang Tien QA/QC Supervisor

    Tran Quang Dung Engineer – QA/QC

    Le Thanh Tung QC Inspector

    Nguyen Bao Nguyen QC Inspector

    Rudy Ng Hung Seng Design Engineer

    Tran Dinh Viet Ha Engineer

    Vu Tien Dung Workshop Foreman

    Security (4)

    Vuong Huy Hai Welding Inspector

    Luu Thanh Tuan Welding Inspector

    Welders (15)

    Fitters (20)

    Electrician (2)

    Mechanic (1)

    Helpers (12)

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  • DNV 2.7-1 Stainless Steel (304) Drilling Chemical

    Storage Tanks (2M³)

    Drilling fluid mud plant facility

    MERPRO (Singapore) AzGaz gas drying unit for FSO-5 (PTSC)

    Bulk oil storage tanks

    DNV Certified offshore office container

    Custom Container for offshore use

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  • Mr. Hua Quoc Anh

    Having a business administration background, Quoc

    Anh was subject to extensive construction

    experience during his time with Proctor & Gamble,

    Vietnam. Quoc Anh is capable of Supervision at any

    level, decision making, planning and estimating.

    Quoc Anh runs business matters and has an

    extensive knowledge of available resources in Vung

    Tau and Ho Chi Minh City.

    Mr. Steve Fairweather

    With over twenty years of Oil & Gas (Including North

    Sea) experience in the Inspection, repair and

    maintenance field, Steve fully understands the

    need for quality, quality control and efficient work


    Mr. NguyenHuu Doan

    A Mechanical Engineer to trade with experience of

    large steel fabrication projects with local and

    international oil and gas companies. Extensive

    QA/QC experience for international projects.

    Road No. 12, Dong Xuyen Industrial Park, Rach Dua

    Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province,

    S.R. Vietnam

    Phone & Fax : +84 064 3614299


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