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seasonal entertaining, delicious healthy recipes, fall shopping guides and beauty + nutrition tips.


  • purely fall.

    pumpkin5 ways

    [ pasta, oatmeal, muffins, pancakes, toast]

    fresh for fallproduce and spices

    beer + cheese pairing


    a purely elizabeth publication.

    october, 2013

    a purely thanksgiving13 not-so traditional recipes

    purely lovefall apparel, accessories, books + kitchen finds.

  • foreword | 6 a letter from elizabeth

    lately at purely | 7 an instagram recap

    fall | 8 time for ...

    fall bucket list | 9 fall festive activities

    beauty transitionto fall | 10 beauty tips for a smooth transition into the cold weather

    pep talk + pointers foryour first race | 12 professional triathlete, rebeccah Wassners race day tips + a recipe

    fresh for fall | 14 a guide to fall produce

    nutritional digest | 16 for fall fruits + root vegetables

    autumn spices | 18 6 healing spices to add to your diet

    how changing my diet changed my life | 20 emmy-nominated traffic anchor, Jamie shupak shares her inspiring story

    early bird thanksgiving prep list | 21 a checklist + tips to help your sail through thanksgiving stress free

    4 fall comfort foods | 24 4 hearty, yet healthy fall recipes

    one pot miso soup | 25

    butternut squash, mushroom + kale potato crust pizza | 26

    in this issue

  • brussels sprouts | 28 with caramelized beets + onions

    beet burgers | 30 a purely thanksgiving | 32 13 not-so traditional recipes that relatives will gobble up

    brussels + apples on skewers | 36 roasted grapes, pecans, goat cheese + truffle honey | 38

    white bean soup | 40 with pumpkin seed pesto

    spaghetti squash | 42 with tomato, spinach, garlic + pine nuts

    maple mustard glazed salmon | 44

    quinoa lentil pilaf | 46 with roasted cauliflower, pistachios + cranberries

    roasted broccoli | 48 with garlic + parmesan

    swiss chard + potato gratin | 50

    cranberry sauce | 52 mini caramel apple pops | 53

    apple crumble pie | 54

    raw pumpkin pie tarts | 55

    blood orange chilielderflower tini | 56

    pumpkin 5 ways | 58



  • pumpkin pasta | 59

    pumpkin oatmeal pancakes | 60

    pumpkin oatmeal | 62

    pumpkin toast | 63

    pumpkin chocolate chip muffins | 64

    fall kitchen finds | 66 fall decor to spice up your tablescape

    beer + cheese pairing | 68 5 mouth-watering cheeses, paired with refreshing beer or cider (gf options too!)

    warming cocktails | 72

    ancient grain oatmeal + hot cereal | 74 our new superfood oatmeals + a recipe

    2 homemade + 2 store- bought nutbutters | 76 our fav store-bought nutbutters + two of our own yummy recipes

    purely love for fall | 78 fall apparel, shoes + accessories

    purely guys | 80 mens fall apparel + accessory picks

    bookshelf | 81 inspirational fall reads + cookbooks

    purely candles | 82 the scoop on candle toxins + safe scents youll love

    a weekend in napa | 84 eat, see, stay + drink

    thank you | 86 to our amazing contributors + see you soon for purely Winter Magazine!

    copyright 2013 by purely publishing, inc.



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  • fall is here

    the sights of colorful leaves, the aroma of fresh apple cider and the feel of crisp air all let us know that fall has arrived. there is something so nourishing about fall. Whether it is carving pumpkins, nesting for the warmer months ahead or enjoying warming comforting foods. fall is all about nourishment.

    Weve certainly nourished ourselves in the purely office while putting together this fall edition of the purely Magazine. inside you will find some of our favorite fall finds, delicious recipes for a purely thanksgiving, beer and cheese pairings and even a fun fall getaway guide to napa (sign me up!).

    this fall we celebrated our 4-year anniversary. its been quite a ride looking back at not only the past 4 years but also the past three months since our summer magazine came out. the past few months have been filled with exciting news and changes. We debuted our new ancient grain oatmeals in our local Whole foods region, landed on the shelf at Wegmans, had a tV debut on QVc and traveled from florida to boston to texas sharing the purely love. We received exciting news that our ancient grain oatmeal will launch nationally into all Whole foods in January and even found out that we will be publishing a purely elizabeth cookbook. Wow, its been crazy!

    i am so incredibly thankful for what the fall has brought us and look forward to the coming months ahead. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season ahead filled with joy, warmth and tons of nourishment.

    purely yours, -elizabeth

    purely magazine | october 2013 6

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  • fallcrimson foliage, apple picking,

    flannels, boots, backpacks, pumpkin lattes, nature hikes, hay rides, trick or treat, festive pies, hearty soups, scented candles, raking leaves, butternut

    squash, tail gating, autumn drives.

    time for ...

    purely magazine | october 2013 8

  • purely magazine | october 2013 9

  • moisturize.

    pre-empt the coming cold weather by keeping skin hydrated with a light moisturizer. Virgin coconut oil is a great option

    because it protects skin while remaining light, anti-bacterial and wont clog pores.

    beautytransitionto fall. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


    fall is notorious for being tricky for skin. at least in July, you know to expect hot, sticky weather that will likely lead to clogged pores and a generally melted appearance. in the fall, however, youll get gorgeous, crisp weather one day, humid stickiness the next. to banish the summers lingering breakouts, while keeping skin from drying out too much with the coming cool weather, try african black soap. Made of coconut oil, black plant ash, and shea butter, people swear by its blemish-banishing and anti-aging powers. tumeric is also a great detoxifying ingredient to look for, but beware it can make your skin slightly yellow!

    revitalize your hair.

    all the salt and chlorine can wreak serious havoc on your mane. consider getting a trim (or even better, use it as an excuse to try a brand new look!) a great diy trick is to use uber-hydrating coconut oil and avocado as a hair mask. Mix an avocado with three table-spoons coconut oil and massage throughout hair. leave on for five minutes and rinse well.

    froMkarla Vass

    beauty tips for a smooth transition

    into the cold + dryingfall weather.

    purely magazine | october 2013 10

  • eat for beauty.

    beautiful skin starts with what youre feeding your bodyno matter how many expensive products you slather on the outside. think about it: your skin is the last place nutrients are delivered. if youre getting an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals, your appearance will reflect that. green juice is gold for your skin (its highly alkalizingjust be sure to look for recipes that dont contain more than 5g of sugar), or try throwing a teaspoon of omega 3-rich chia seeds into your favorite smoothie recipe.

    meet carla.

    a nutrition and health nut, carla Vass is a regular contributor to Well + good and can usually be found dragging unassuming friends to favorite spots pure food and Wine and hu kitchen. she lives in new york city, where she enjoys running in central park, and frequenting fitness haunts barrys bootcamp and soulcycle.

    get outside.

    fall is the perfect time to try a new outdoor activity, be-fore the gross weather sets in and all you want to do is sit on your couch binge-watching homeland and orange is the new black. We dont need to tell you that exercise is great for your body, your skin, and overall health, but did you know that even brief periods of physical activity can have a profound affect on weight and overall health? according to a new university of utah study, each minute spent doing higher intensity bouts of exercise offsets the calorie equivalent of .41 pounds and lowered the odds of obesity by 5% in women and 2% in men. all the more reason to take the stairs.

    hemp seeds are another great beauty food. theyre

    rich in omega-3 fatty acids + sulfur (known as the beauty mineral), as

    well vitamin E.

    beauty cheat sheet

    1. increase omega-3 fatty acids in the diet

    2. eat low glycemic meals to balance hormones

    3. reduce animal protein

    4. add in probiotics or fermented foods to balance gut health

    5. increase alkalizing foods like leafy greens

    6. reduce foods that cause inflammation (dairy, sugar,

    wheat) and possible allergens (soy, eggs)

    7. eliminate toxins

    8. do a gentle cleanse with the changing of the seasons

    9. exercise

    10. drink more water

    11. increase super antioxidants

    12. increase vitamin, a, c, e

    13. increase zinc, silicia, sulfur, selenium

    14. sleep!

    15. relax!

    purely magazine | october 2013 11

  • 1. fuel up start fueling the night before the race with a healthy dinner. on race morning eat a breakfast that will