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Green living with style. Our fifth issue embraces outdoor living as summer approaches.


  • 1 | PUREGREEN issue 5/summer 2011

    Sandwiches for theperfect al fresco meal

    Get to know Coriander Girl

    A luxe green home



    PUREGREEN issue 5/summer 2011

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  • issue 5/summer 2011 PUREGREEN | 3

    ecobiltAN EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION by Jonathan MacKay

  • 4 | PUREGREEN issue 5/summer 2011

    TABLE of Contents

    11 WORK & PLAY By Celine & Jonathan MacKay A quick and stylish do-it-yourself potting bench.

    38 SUGAR FROM SUNSHINE Featuring Beckly Devlin A inside chat with an organic flower grower.

    59 REAL LIFE RENO Featuring John & Patsy Bell A Toronto couple takes on an extensive green reno.



    14 CURRENT EVENTS Eco events across the country.

    16 INSPIRED LIVING Produced by Michelle Carangi Eco style finds for gardening & outdoor living.

    20 BEFORE & AFTER By Kirsten Grove Bespoke wicker.

    66 HOMESTEAD - The Crackers Column By Jesse & Melanie Senko A close look at one familys choice to explore slow food.

    102 ECO-LOGICAL By Charles Nock A look at whats happening with honeybees.

    104 IN THE BAG Get inside our Editor in Chief s purse and see what eco accessories she cant live without!

  • issue 5/summer 2011 PUREGREEN | 5




    21 VINTAGE By Hindsvik Vintage A guide to plant styling using vintage vessels.

    24 DIY By Rikkianne VanKirk Create plants markers with unexpected materials.

    26 PRACTICALLY ECO Products & Tips for green living.

    28 WORKPLACE Get to know popular Toronto florist Alison Westlake of Coriander Girl.

    44 THE NEW GARDEN PARTY By Kate Black Make your own fashion traditions.

    46 SEAT BY THE WINDOW By Conrad Buck Cancel your appointments - fashion picks for the leisurely man.

    49 HOME FEATURE By Celine MacKay A historical property gets an energy efficient, luxury update.

    76 THE SANDWICH ISSUE By Jonathan MacKay Invite Summer to the table with these delectable sandwiches.

    92 STONE CREEK CAMP By Petra Boykoff A Montana property that takes your breath away.

  • 6 | PUREGREEN issue 5/summer 2011

    Editor In Chief............................................ Celine MacKay

    Creative Director of Photography..... Erin Monett

    Style Director............................................. Michelle Carangi

    Design Director......................................... Anile Prakash

    Illustrator..................................................... Bess Callard

    Food ........................................................... Jonathan MacKay

    Editorial....................................................... Kate Black Kirsten Grove Rikkianne VanKirk Petra Boykoff Jesse & Melanie Senko

    Copy Editor................................................ Erica Midkiff

    For general inquiries about Pure Green Magazine please call 705-783-6844 or email info@puregreenmag.com

    For advertising in Pure Green Magazine please call 705-783-6844 or email advertise@puregreenmag.com

    For submissions please email submissions@puregreenmag.com. Please note that all applications will be included at our discretion only.

    Pure Green Magazine is published 4 times per year. All material is unique to Pure Green Magazine. We welcome you to quote us or use our images, however Pure Green Magazine must be credited.

    Pure Green Magazine Head Office is located at 8 Crescent Road, Unit B2, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, P1H 0B3.

    NEW features!

    Our new section icons, created by Bess, our illustrious illustrator, help you identify items at a glance.

    ECO-LOGICALItems for living green.

    DESTINATIONPlaces to visit.

    FOODEat organically!

    STYLEEco is very stylish!

    CURRENT EVENTSA selection of eco events within Canada.

    HOMELIFEChic green interiors.

    WORKPLACEA look inside green businesses.

  • issue 5/summer 2011 PUREGREEN | 7

    EDITORS NOTEAs this issue comes full circle, I am overwhelmed by one thing: gratitude. The journey I and the Pure Green Mag team have undertaken has been quite an adventure, and I couldnt have done it without the amazing support structure behind me - a heartfelt thanks to all who have had a hand in creating this issue!

    Starting with this issue, our special re-launch - you will notice quite a few new features! A new logo and style, new faces, columns and more. Weve put careful consideration into every single word and function - we hope you like it. Your patience these past few months as we have been recreating ourselves has been very much appreciated. Weve also been polling our subscribers and have listened! Youve asked for more tips and knowledge on how to live green - youll find columns such as Eco-Logical and Practically Eco that are dedicated to just that, along with tidbits of information throughout the magazine. And, of course, Pure Green wouldnt be complete without a giant dose of eco style.

    This issue were talking gardening and outdoor living. I hope youll gather inspiration from the following pages - my surroundings are exactly what inspire me! Each time I go for a walk Im in a constant state of awe - where I live the apple trees are in full bloom right now and serve as constant reminders to never stop admiring the beauty in nature. It sparks in me such passion and strong will to help protect and conserve, which I hope

    translates to you within these pages in ways that are uplifting, casual, lighthearted and fun. Alison Westlake of Coriander Girl, our Workplace Feature (p.28) is exactly that - we had such a blast shooting with her (see photo at left)!

    Of course, part of appreciating your surroundings is to share it with others - be sure to check out our food editor Jonathans Organic Kitchen this issue (p.76) - hes created delicious sandwich recipes that are begging to be shared. Each recipe creates meals for 4, so grab some friends and get started! Take the opportunity to rediscover your local farmers markets - tis the season to enjoy locally produced good eats!

    With that, turn the page! Enjoy - and thank you for reading Pure Green.


  • 8 | PUREGREEN issue 5/summer 2011


    Hey, PURE GREEN team,What does living green mean to you?

    To me, living green means respecting and loving your environment. At home we take small steps to do what we can; recycling, hanging laundry outside in the summer, making green choices at the market, cleaning with eco-friendly products, etc...

    I believe that living green is acknowledging every single choice, big or small, that you make on a daily basis that will undoubtedly improve our environment.

    Those who doubt one person can make a difference have never spent the night in a tent with a mosquito - Source unknown.

    To me, living green means making the effort (within your means) to be respectful of what youre taking and of what youre giving back - whether its with food, products, or lifestyle.

    Living green boils down to respect. Respect for ones health and quality of life, and respect for all the earth and creation.

    Living green means remaining conscious of what is happening in the world around us, and taking what steps (small and large) we can take to preserve the resources we have.

    Bess CallardILLUSTRATOR

    Michelle Carangi STYLE DIRECTOR

    Jonathan MacKayFOOD EDITOR

    Anile PrakashDESIGN DIRECTOR


    Erica MidkiffCOPY EDITOR

  • issue 5/summer 2011 PUREGREEN | 9

    What does living green mean to you?

    For me its not being wasteful with what we have been given. I am trying to teach my kids to use exactly what they need and no more. It sometimes feels like baby steps, teaching your kids to be kind to our planet but everything helps!.

    I do my best day to day, from buying local food where possible, consuming less energy at home, choosing quality items that are built to last, supporting local businesses, and always remembering those three Rs.

    This season, I took out all of my spring/summer clothes and made my own capsule collection by pulling together ten essential pieces that are the mainstays of my SS11 wardrobe, which helped me rediscover forgotten items.

    The provenance and ethics surrounding a product has always been at the forefront of my mind when making any purc