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Punjabi WordNet. Development of Punjabi WordNet. User enter a word in textbox and click submit button. The system will display the corresponding result for the searched word. Development of Punjabi WordNet. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Punjabi WordNet

Punjabi WordNet

Development of Punjabi WordNet User enter a word in textbox and click submit button.The system will display the corresponding result for the searched word.Development of Punjabi WordNet

We have also provided some words here by clicking on any word user can view the details about that word.

Strategy for Extraction Synset Information

Table: wn_wordTable: wn_synset_wordsTable: wn_synsetTable: wn_synset_exampleTable: wn_synset_wordsTable: wn_word

Table: wn_master_category

Table: wn_master_categoryTable: wn_synsetTable: wn_synset_wordsTable: wn_word Here in this example we have two types of category for the searched word.We can map category_value through category_id.Strategy for Extraction Synset Information Cont.5Output


WordNet Relation Lexical and Semantic RelationsLexical relations are the relations between members of two different synsets. For example: Antonymy is a lexical relation, {rise, ascend} and {fall, descend} are opposites but not antonyms. {rise} and {descend} are not antonyms.Semantic relations are the relations between two whole synsets. For example: Hypernym/Hyponym relation. {organism, being} is hypernym of {plant, flora} and {plant, flora} synset is hyponym of {organism, being}

Table:wn_semantic_relationsTable: wn_relation_typesWordNet Relation Implementation

Table: wn_wordTable: wn_synset_words

Table: wn_relation_typesTable: rel_hypernymy_hyponymyWordNet Relation Implementation cont.

Table: wn_synsetTable: wn_synset_exampleTable: wn_wordTable: wn_synset_wordsOutput.



Demonstration of Punjabi WordNethttp://localhost:8080/Thapar_WordNet/