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PUNJABI CUISINESubmitted By-Guru Sai Ram AtmuriIIHM Hyderabad 2nd Year


INTRODUCTIONThe legendary Punjabi cuisine which has no doubt been responsible to a great extent for promoting the love of indian food outside india.It has the influence from the persians, afghans, greeks and mongols has resulted in the cuisines not only rich and exotic but robust and earthy as well.The taste of punjab would perhaps inspired the indomitable tandoor .The rich and spicy tandoori preperations topped up with butter will be tantalisingly tasty and nutritious.Punjabi food is simple, sizeable and hearty - with no unnecessary frills or exotic accompaniments. The Punjabi food, like other Indian cuisines is very spicy. The use of Tandoor is very prominent in Punjabi cooking.


SEASONS OF PUNJABThere are three well defined seasons in the punjab. These are:

Hot season (mid-april to the end of june)

Rainy season ( early july to the end of september)

Cold season (early december to the end of february)

AGRICULTRAL FACTS OF PUNJABPunjab is called the "granary of india" or "india's bread-basket." it produces the following:60% of india's wheat40% of india's riceIn worldwide terms:2% of the world's cotton2% of worlds wheat1% of the world's riceThe largest grown crop is wheat.Other important crops are rice, cotton, sugarcane, millet, maize, barley and fruit.

PUNJABI FOOD HABITSPunjabi people have a heavy diet as their main occupation is farming.

Their diet mainly consist of:ChickenMutton Homemade cheeseYoghurtGhee & ButterFamous breadsNans Parathas Rotis Famous desserts:Gajar ka HalwaGulab jamun

SPICES USED IN PUNJABI CUISINEVarious masalas used in Punjabi cuisines are garam masala ( made of cumin seeds , black cardamom seeds , black pepper corn , green cardamom , cinnamon , mace, shahi jeera , bay leaves and dry rose petals , coriander seeds , fennel seeds , cloves and ginger powder , nutmeg ), aromatic garam masala ( made of green cardamom , cumin seeds, black pepper corn , cinnamon , cloves and nutmeg ) chaat masala ( made of cumin seeds , black pepper corn , black salt , dry pudina , hing , tartaric acid , am choor , ajwain , ginger powder , yellow chili powder ), tandoori chaat masala ( made of cumin seeds , black pepper corn , black salt, dry pudina , kasoori methi, green cardamom, cloves , cinnamon , ajwain , hing , tartaric acid , mace , mango powder , ginger powder , yellow chili powder )

It cannot be denied that spices in their new form have certain disadvantages. Whole or ground spices do not always impart their flavors readily and when we use proprietary, pre-ground spices, much of the aromatic quality is lost. This is the result of the volatility of essential oils and oleoresins which are the life of the spices.INGREDIENTS :-Garam masalaGhee (clarified butter)Dahi (yoghurt)Paneer (home-made cheese)Haldi (turmeric)Amchur (mango powder)Lal & hari mirchi (red & green chillies)

STYLE OF COOKINGThere are many styles of cooking in Punjab. In the villages many people still employ the traditional infrastructure of cooking. This includes wood-fired and masonry ovens. In the past many people employed wood-burning stoves but this method is dying out. One derivation from this type of cooking is the tandoori style of cooking food in the tandoor. In India, tandoori cooking is traditionally associated with Punjab as Punjabis embraced the tandoor on a regional level and it became popular in the mainstream after the 1947 partition when Punjabis resettled in places such as Delhi. In rural Punjab, it is common to have communal tandoors, which are also called tadoors in Punjabi.

THE TANDOORThe discovery of fire was a blessing to man. And use of tandoor in Punjabi cuisine is the distinct characteristics. India got its first taste of kebab with the Muslim invasions. The tandoor is a cylindrical clay barrel, dug in the ground and lit with wood, was use to bake breads. it is not only used for making breads and kebabs . The delicacies cooked in the tandoor have a unique flavor.

PUNJABI DAIRY PRODUCTSClarified butter, sunflower oil, paneer and butter are used in Punjabi cooking. Clarified butter is most often used as the variant ghee.Some north Punjab villages have also developed a local cheese variant known as dhaag.

FAMOUS DRINKSPunjabi cuisine is quite rich in refreshing drinks like kanjee ( fermented carrot and mustard paste drink , served in earthen ware matka ), shikanjvi (chilled drink made of chili water , lemon juice, salt ,sugar black salt powder and black pepper powder ), lussee (sweetened dahi diluted with water and flavored with rose syrup) and mattha/butter milk (made of diluted curd , broiled cumin seed powder , chopped ginger , chopped green chili , fresh coriander leaves with crushed ice and salt )

FAIRS AND FESTIVALS OF PUNJAB The festivals in Punjab have always been celebrated with much exuberance and fan farce. Punjab being a predominately agricultural state that provides itself on its food grain production. Baisakhi is indication of arrival of harvesting season.Tika is celebrated in the month of Kartik, one day after Diwali. Lohri is celebrated in the month of December January. .

FAMOUS PUNJABI DISHESAMRITSARI MACHHI: Ajwain flavored batter fried fish pieces, served with chutney and lemon wedges.

MULTANI TIKKA: Crispy ajwain flavored paneer and onion tikka, served with tandoor kebab masala.

BHARWAN SHIMLA MIRCH: Tandoori stuffed shimla mirch.

TANDOORI JHEENGA: Tandoori prawn enriched with tandoori masala.

MURG MALAAI KEBAB: Chicken supreme kebabs rich in cream and saffron.

SARSON DA SAAG: Green leafy vegetable preparation made of mustard leaves, served with makki ki roti.

BAINGAN KA BHARTHA: Smoky flavored mashed brinjal preparation served with tandoori paratha.

MAAH CHHOLE DI DAAL: It is a dal preparation made of urad dal, rajma, channa dal, enriched with cream and desi ghee.

AMRITSARI KULCHA: Potato cauliflower, paneer stuffed roti cooked in tandoor.

CHOLLE BHATURE: Cooked spicy chickpeas served with deep-fried yoghurt based bread.

MAKKI KI ROTI: Roti made of maize flour, atta, and Maida.

MISSI ROTI: Roti made of cooked mashed chana dal and mung dal, atta, maida, onion, green chili etc. Cooked on tandoor.

RANNA GOSHT: A rich heavy and thick mutton preparation in which mutton boti and mutton mince is cooked together with onion and masalas till done.

MURGH MAKHNI: Tandoori chicken in tomato based rich gravy which is enriched by addition of cashew nut cream and butter.

SHAHI TUKRA, KESARI KHEER, GAJJAR KA HALWA, PHIRNE, is the best sweet preparation of Punjab.


NAAN It is the most popular staple diet for the punjabi people which is made up of refined flour and oil along with the other ingredients.

INGREDIENTSQUANTITYFlour2 kgSalt20 gmsSodium Bi Carbonate3 gmsBaking powder10gmsEgg 2 nos.Sugar 22gmsYoghurt 50gmsMilk100mlRefined oil80 mlKalonji8 gmMelon seeds12 gmButter100 gm

METHOD-At first we need to sift flour with salt baking powder and sodium bi carbonate.Then another bowl we make amixture with yoghurt, milk,refined oilegg,sugar and we mix it well.After this we add the mixture into the flour and then knead it and make asoft dough.Then we make roundels and stretch it to make a elongated oval shape and insert it into tandoor for 3 mins and after taking it out from the tandoor we apply butter and serve immidiately.

GULAB JAMUNA wonderful and most popular pujabi dessert is gulab jamun which is made of grated khoya and chenna and made into poundels and ten deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup and served hot usualy.INGREDIENTSQUANTITYKhoya 500 gmsChenna100 gmsSugar 1 kgWater 500 mlSoda bi carbonate A pinchRefined flour 60 gmsGhee/vanaspatiTo deep fry

METHOD-At first khoya and chenna are to be kneaded to mash any granules.Then we make the sugar syrup.after that we mix khoya and chenna ,add four and the dissolved soda bi carbonate.We kned gently and make 40 roundels.then we heat ghee and vanspati and deep fry the roundels in low heat till golden brown and then dip it in the sugar solution and serve it hot.

DAL MAKHNIA rich punjabi lentil preparation consisting of black urad dal and red kidney beans and lots of butter.

INGREDIENTSQUANTITYWhole urad dal 600 gmsRed kidney beans 120 gmsSalt To tasteGinger chopped 60 gmsGarlic chopped 60 gms Green chillies chopped 20 gmsButter 150 mlRefined oil 180 mlGinger paste 125 gmsGarlic paste 125 gmsTomato puree 250 mlRed chilli pwd 20 gmsButter 240 gmsCream 240 mlCorriender leaves20 gms

METHOD-At first we soak both the dals overnight.Then boil the dal with salt,chopped garlic,ginger and green chillies until the dal becomes soft.then we mash the dal.Then in the heated iol we sautee ginger garlic paste and then add red chilli pwd and tomato puree and simmer for sometime.Then add the boiling dal into it and mix well.add white butter,cream and mix again with salt.after finushing garnish with chopped corriendr and serve hot.

PUNJABI SWEETSPunjabi cuisine includes various types of desserts and Mithyai which include:Amritsari JalebiBarfiGurh: made out of sugarcane juice.KheerKhoyaKulfi, an ice-cream-like dessertLadduMalpuaRabri

PUNJABI BREADSPunjabis eat a variety of Breads. Flatbreads and raised breads are eaten on a daily basis. Raised breads are known as khamiri roti. Sunflower and flax seeds are also added in some breads occasionally. The breads may be made of different types of flour and can be made in various ways:Baked in the tandoor like naan, tandoori roti, kulcha or lachha parathaDry baked on the tava (Indian griddle) like phulka or chapati, jowar ki roti, baajre ki roti and