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Arizona Adult Education Conference Presentation by Jeff Scott: Public Library Resources for Adult Education


  • 1. Public Library Resources for Adult Education
    • Program will cover
      • Access
      • Cards
      • Books
      • Internet
      • Programs
      • Strategic Plan
      • Grants
      • Adult Literacy Programs
      • Online resources
      • Items for you
  • 2. A Free Card
    • A free card is available to Residents of the Community
    • No paperwork is required other than photo id and proof of address
    • A matricular card is an acceptable form of identification for services (we dont ask for paperwork other than photo and proof of address)
    • A matricular card can be received from the Mexican Consulate. The mobile consulate provides stops, 553 S Stone Ave Tucson, AZ 85701 (520) 882-5596
  • 3. Books
    • Literacy
    • Resume books
    • Workforce Development
  • 4. Internet
    • Computers with internet access
    • Microsoft word with resume builder
    • Usually one hour per day
    • Most libraries provide wireless internet access as well
  • 5. Programs
    • Technology Classes:
      • Basic Computers
      • Basic Internet
      • Job skills
      • Libraries provide space for programs
      • Job fairs
      • Credit counseling
      • Programs in Spanish
  • 6. Strategic Plan
    • Most libraries have a strategic plan
    • Adult Literacy is one of 13 services libraries focus on
    • ESL Programs
    • For a list of libraries:
  • 7. Grants
    • Libraries are great points for collaboration
    • Library may be seeking grant
    • You can easily collaborate with library and score points on application
  • 8. Adult Literacy Programs
    • Many libraries have Adult Literacy/Adult Education Programs
    • Collaboration works well
    • Establish a task force with them
    • Literacy Collections (High interest, low vocabulary)
    • Tutor materials
    • Spanish to English Materials (Ingles Sin Barreras)
    • GED Programs
    • ESL Programs
    • Citizenship Tests
    • Chandler CORE most elaborate
  • 9. Online
    • For more advanced students:
      • Spanish to English Databases
      • Spanish only databases
      • Career assistance and testing databases
      • Ask for Literacy and Adult Education Databases
      • ClasePeriodica (Spanish Articles)
      • Gale (Thomson) Informe!
      • MasterFile Premier
      • Grolier (Science)
  • 10. For you
    • Dont forget to treat yourself and your students
    • Library has educational, but also entertainment books, music, and moviews
    • Most libraries have materials in Spanish
    • Barrier of entry to the world of the library is low/Benefits are high
    • Make sure you and your students have fun! (Spoonful of sugar)