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PSYCHOLOGY COMIC STRIPAGNES YEO SHU YUAN 0318668TAN ZHAO MING 0318724SHAM ZHEN WEN 0317733KAYLA NEOH 0318228INTRODUCTIONWe have included 5 concepts in this comic strip.

The comic strip is about a Chinese girl, Lina, who fell in love with an Indian man, Hariish.

Linas parents did not like Hariish at first but after the incident, they approved Hariish to date their daughter. COMIC STRIP

5 CONCEPTSDiscrimination - Racism

First Impression


Prosocial Behaviour - Altruistic Model

Observational Learning

DISCRIMINATION( RACISM )Discrimination directed at a specific racial group.

Racial discrimination is when a person is treated less favourably than another person because of their race. DISCRIMINATION ( RACISM )Linas mother was not happy when she found out that her daughter is dating an Indian man.

We can see that Linas mother is being racist, she did not like Hariish at first because he is an Indian.

FIRST IMPRESSIONFirst impression is when one person first encounters with another person and forms a mental image of that person.

Based on their race, culture, appearance and more.FIRST IMPRESSION When Linas mother saw Hariish, she did not like him because of his dark skin colour.

Her first impression of Hariish was bad because she thinks that all Indians are most likely to commit crimes.

She did not like Hariish because he is not rich and charming .

PERSUASION Attempt to influence a persons beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations or behaviors.

Peripheral Route involves being persuaded in a manner that Is not based on the arguments or the message content. PERSUASIONLinas mother tried to persuade her daughter to date her friends son, Marcus, who is more rich and charming compared to Hariish.

Lina decided to break up with Hariish because her mother wants them to be together.

PROSOCIAL BEHAVIOURSocial behaviour that benefits other people such as helping, sharing and donating.

Altruistic model is when behaviours are done for selfless reasons.

Motivated by the desire to increase anothers welfare.PROSOCIAL BEHAVIOURHariish helped Linas mother by donating his blood without any conditions.

He is willing to help Linas mother with no other intentions.

OBSERVATIONAL LEARNINGA type of learning that occurs as a function of observing , retaining and replicating behaviour executed by others.

OBSERVATIONAL LEARNING Linas great grandmother was married to an Indian man.

She observed her grandmothers behaviour and attitude.

She then approved Lina and Hariish together.