psychological commentaries on the teaching of gurdjieff and ouspensky vol. 4

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The Psychological Commentaries on the teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky by Maurice Nicoll are the best, most in depth and easiest to understand books on the subject of Gurdjieff's and Ouspensky's teachings. Everyone interested in Gurdjieff's and Ouspensky's teachings should read all five volumes. Regardless of what spiritual path a person is on, the psychological commentaries can be a big help because they detail on a day-to-day basis the obstacles the false personality creates and how to conquer and remove those obstacles.


  • ContentsNegative Emotions And The Illusion Of UnityNegative And Positive EmotionsCommentary On SufferingNotes On Different Qualities Of ConsciousnessNumber 4 Man In RecurrenceCommentary On Self-RememberingFurther Note On Self-RememberingNote On Internal And External Attention And Placing Of ConsciousnessWhat Is This Work About?Note At Christmas-Time 1948Life As Events And Our Mechanical Reactions By Identifying With ThemThe Work-Teaching About Man As A Self-Developing OrganismA Note On False PersonalityCommentary On AttitudesCommentary On Real IAnother Note On UnderstandingThe Ray Of CreationFurther Commentary On Different 'I's In OneselfCommentary On ScaleCommentary On The Influences Under Which We Can LiveWhat It Means To Work On OneselfSelf-Remembering And Self-ObservationA Note On Interest And TimeCommentary On Negative EmotionsLaw Of Accident And Law Of FateTransformation Of BeingOn Making Force In The Work For YourselfLevel Of BeingThe Work-Conception Of Man As A Self-Developing OrganismOn Changing One's Level Of BeingFurther Note On EffortThe External World And The Internal WorldSome Notes On Practical WorkThis Work Is About Change Of Yourself -- Not Change Of Your LifeTwo Ways Of Meeting EventsSelf-ObservationBalanced ManRelationship With The Internal WorldWork On False PersonalityOn Devaluation In The WorkObservation Of Certain 'I'sOn Observing Internal ConsideringFurther Note On Observing Internal ConsideringSelf-RememberingFurther Ideas About Self-RememberingPictures Of OneselfThe Work-Idea Of SinPractical Application Of The Work-Ideas To Your Life NowOn Seeing People Less PersonallyWork On Mechanical AssociationsOn Practical WorkOn GoodwillSelf-Awareness And Self-ObservationThe Idea Of Violence In The WorkOn Applying The Work To OneselfThree ForcesOn Changing Your Feeling Of IA, B And C InfluencesThe Infection Of Negative EmotionsObservation Of One's PhantasiesChief FeatureOn Thinking For OneselfPsycho-TransformismReversalThe Seconf EducationThe Selection Of ThoughtsOn The Formation Of A Psychological BodyThe Ray Of CreationOn Willing What You Have To DoWhat We Have To Observe In OurselvesEntropyNote On Self-ObservationComments On A Review Of "In Search Of The Miraculous"On Trying To See Without Negative AssociationsOn "Knowing" And Observing How We Behave MechanicallyKnowledge And BeingThe Middle Compartment In The Three-Storey FactoryThe Difference Between Mechanical And Conscious EffortThe Idea Of Balanced Man In The WorkThe Position Of Man In The Ray Of CreationPositive EmotionsA New Way Of ThinkingCertain Sayings Of The WorkOn Taking In ImpressionsA B And C Influences That Act On Man On This PlanetThe Hypnotism Of LifeOn Making Personality PassiveOn The Idea Of HappinessJudgement In The WorkOn The Selection Of ThoughtsThe Work-Idea On MechanicalnessWork On BeingA Further Note On Work On BeingThe Importance Of Memory In The WorkContact With Higher CentresThe Sphere Of BeingDifferent 'I's In BeingWork On IdentifyingFurther Work On IdentifyingThe Necessity Of Living The WorkThe Body As The Ultimate Degree Of OneselfFurther Note On The Body As The Ultimate Degree Of OurselvesWhere Are You Internally?Your Place In Your Psychological WorldGood HouseholderThe Beginning Of Separation From The Feeling Of I In The BodyNote On Second ForceA Note On BuffersThe Necessity Of Having A Point In The WorkThe Arrangement Of Truth In The MindEssence And PersonalityNote On The State Of Our Emotional Centre When We Are Asleep In The Work-SenseThe Necessity Of Forming An Intermediary Between Higher And Lower CentresBeauty And The Puer AeternusThe Difference Between Internal And External ConsideringSelf-RememberingNote On Horse, Carriage And DriverNote On More Interior Thinking (Part 1)Note On More Interior Thinking (Part 2)On Testing The Work In OneselfOn Making A RetortFriction Between Old And New In OneselfInternal And External DenialNotes On Will, Being And StructureWill And DelightEmotions That ShutRemembering And Willing The Work


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