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  • Head of Anti-Fraud Agency


    Head of the Crime Prevention Office

    IT Director Head of Fraud Prevention


    Head of Bank Security Department

    Fraud detection expert

    PS FRAUD ///  Preventing fraud

  • Key benefits

    Increase scope of identified fraud (Fraud Detection)

    z Single interface to manage various types of fraud. z Dedicated predictive models to identify new, atypical behaviour. z Interface adapted to the needs of the analyst on the lookout for new cases of

    fraud. z Quick implementation of new scenarios for identifying fraud for production. z Tests and simulations of efficiency of new fraud identification scenarios prior

    to production launch. z Multidimensional calibration of scenarios, rules, patterns, and models for

    identifying fraud. z Support for investigation process and fraud recording.

    Reduction of the number of successful fraud cases (Fraud Prevention)

    z Set of ready-made rules and domain and cross-domain models (employee, credit, card, and transaction fraud).

    z System for alerts and case management integrated with risk assessment. z Multi-stage system for detecting fraud:

    z real time fraud detection z automated case preparation for suspicious instances z in-depth risk assessment as a part of case verification z continuous monitoring of the level, area of occurrence, and detection

    rate of fraud using dedicated management panels and KPIs z sales network fraud monitoring z monitoring of offences on customer accounts z branch fraud monitoring

    Reduction of the number of false alerts resembling fraud (false positives)

    z Association of rules with predictive models z Use of external and internal whitelists and blacklists z Integration with case management systems (automated feedback) z Adjustment of predictive models and rules based on verification

    of detected instances. PS FRAUD ///  Preventing fraud

  • Reduction of time and cost of introduction of new fraud prevention processes

    z Dedicated interfaces to make modifications to rule and model parameters. z Environment for groups of analysts to introduce new fraud risk assessment

    scenarios and look for new types of fraud. z Automated generation of alerts and preparation of cases in the case

    management system.

    Safe modification of the production process

    z Testing and calibration of scenarios, rules, and analytical models. z Dedicated simulation interfaces. z Integration of an environment dedicated to detect new fraud-like behaviour

    patterns and a production environment dedicated to handle implemented rules and models. PS FRAUD ///  Preventing fraud

  • Predictive Solutions (former SPSS Polska)

    Twenty five years of experience in building analytical IT solutions that help businesses increase income, reduce costs, and limit risk. The only provider of the SPSS technology in Poland in 1992 – 2009. Since 2009: IBM Premier Business Partner.

    Predictive Solutions products registered with IBM – PS AML, PS ACRM, PS FRAUD, PS VINDICATIO, PS IMAGO PRO, PS QUAESTIO PRO – combine:

    z IBM SPSS analytical technologies, z predefined sector-specific content (data structure, analytical models, process), z and Predictive Solutions own components, as a result of experience of many

    implementation projects.

    Predictive Solutions ul. Racławicka 58 /// 30–017 Kraków T 12 636 96 80 /// F wew. 102

    PS FRAUD © Copyright Predictive Solutions Sp. z o.o. [formerly SPSS Polska], 2014 ‒ 2016 ///  PS ACRM, PS AML, PS CLEMENTINE PRO, PS FRAUD, PS IMAGO PRO, PS QUAESTIO PRO, PS TUTELA PRO and PS VINDICATIO are trademarks Predictive Solutions Sp. z o.o. ///  IBM SPSS © Copyright IBM Corporation, 2000 – 2016 /// Mapy Polski © Copyright Emapa, 2007 ‒ 2016

    PS FRAUD ///  Preventing fraud


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