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PRx is a conference hosted by the PRSA Tri-State District. It took place on October 21, 2014 at the Yale Club in NYC. Speakers included: Fred Cook, President and CEO, Golin @fredcook Barri Rafferty, Senior Partner and CEO of North American Ketchum @barrirafferty Richard Galant, Senior Editor, Opinion, CNN Digital @richny Chris Allbritton, Senior Editor, The Daily Beast, & Freelance Writer @chrisallbritton Steve Barrett, Editor in Chief, PR Week @Steve_J_Barrett Brendan Lewis, Director of Communications, Foursquare @bplewis Laura Covington, Communications Manager, Foursquare @lpc Megan Hess, Assistant Editor, Mashable @mhess4 Sandra Fathi, President, Affect @sandrafathi


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2. PleaseuseourcomplementaryWiFiNetwork:YaleClubPassword:6N43X3Ifac(veonTwiJerpleasefollowalonganduseourhashtag:#PRx#PRx 3. PRSAChapters_________________________________________________________________________#PRx 4. #PRxFredCookCEOGolinInterna(onalT@fredcookT"Improvise:Unconven(onalCareerAdvicefromanUnlikelyCEO"SessionTopic: 5. 6. Expose Yourself 7. Drive a Drunk 8. Guide a Tour 9. Make the Rules 10. Begin applying TODAY! 11. Make It Special 12. #PRxBarriRaffertyCEOKetchumNorthAmericaT@barriraffertyT"Gender&RacialDiversityintheExecu(veRanks"SessionTopic: 13. #PRxRichardGalantSeniorEditor,Opinion;CNNDigitalT@richnySessionTopic:"Opinions:HowContributedContenthasChangedtheNewsMedia"Q&AHostedbySandraFathi,President,Affect 14. #PRxPleaseenjoyourshortbreakIfac(veonTwiJerpleasefollowalonganduseourhashtag:#PRx 15. #PRxChrisAllbriJonSeniorEditor,TheDailyBeast,andFreelanceWriterT@chrisallbriJon"AnUnconven(onalPathtotheFuture"SessionTopic: 16. #PRxMeganHessAssistantEditor,Mashable@mhess4SessionTopic:"TheNews,ButinFewerWords:TheRiseofVisualStorytelling" 17. MASHABLE: WHO WE ARE 40 million monthly uniques 20 million social followers (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) 7.5 million shares per month thats 3 shares per second. Our sweet spot: Telling stories in an inherently social way. If yousee people talking about it on Twitter or Facebook, its a story weshould be telling. 18. WHERE WE ARE 50/50 U.S. and International Largest Markets: New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles,Chicago, Toronto, London and Southeast Asia. 19. Or, if youre a visual learner: 20. THE SNOWFALL EFFECT: LONGFORM Not adding bells and whistles for the sake of adding bells and whistles 38% more time spent with longform pieces than with a story in theregular template on Mashable Our first foray into longform: The Ballad of Kiwi Gardner 21. BUILDING A VISUAL NARRATIVE Picking and choosing worthy subjects and optimizing for mobile The iPhone 6 Review and the iPhone 6 Plus Review 22. FIRST AND FOREMOST: ENGAGEMENT Iterate, experiment, fail then again with new products Its not just on your website: Building communities on new,emerging platforms and integrating them into stories 23. ITS NOT JUST FOR STORIES ABOUT CUTE CATS Maps, charts and graphs to more clearly paint a narrative in Gazaor Ukraine, or pulling Instagrams from the ground during theWorld Cup in Brazil 24. Or using Vine videos to illustrateglobal warming or the path of ahurricanes destruction. 25. At the end of day, it comes down to:How can you best tell your story sothat people not only read it, butshare it and come back for more? 26. "HowtoManageCommunica(onsinaStateofConstantChange"#PRxBrendanLewisDirectorofCommunica(ons,FoursquareT@BPLewisTLauraCovingtonCommunica(onsManager,Foursquare@lpcSessionTopic:InterviewedbyStevenBarreJ,EditorinChief,PRWeek 27. #PRxSandraFathiPresident,AffectClosingRemarksT@sandrafathiTThankyouforjoiningus! 28. #PRxPla(numSponsors:Sponsors&MediaPartners