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  • 1. Methods ProvocationProvocation focuses on using/developing newresearch methods to more rapidly advance thefield and exploit the rapid pace of technologicaldevelopmentEric HeklerVicente Traver

2. 500,000th App Accepted on App Store2005 200620072008 20092010 2011 2012ConceiveSubmit Conduct the studyof a study GrantGather ReceiveSubmit publications Pilot DataFundingfor review Flickr Metrix X 3. Flickr Mathieu StruckTranslation 4. The new methods and theorieswe are proposing are not reinforced in the current academic system. Current values? New Values? Knowledge for knowledge Relevance and social value sake Pre-planned research Iterative experimentation Discipline-driven Interdisciplinary teams and community engagement Fiscal disconnect Fiscal sustainability Post-hoc Peer-Reviewed Open Source Github-like Wiki Publicationswith real-time peer reviewFlickr Mathieu Struck 5. How might we create new processes for reinforcingthe actions of academics to foster the rapiddevelopment of new methods and theories? Flickr Mathieu Struck 6. What questions otherthan does it workshould we ask?What are our tools NOT good at?Flickr Clyde Bentley 7. What are the most importantnew tools for us to becomeproficient at using to answerour new questions?Flickr Cowboy Ben Alman 8. How can we convince ourpeers that these tools aremore appropriate than thetried and true tools? 9. Provocative Questions How might we create new methods for reinforcing the actions of academics to foster the rapid development of newUsing/developing methods and theories? new researchmethods to morerapidly advancethe field Which new tools are best forwhich questions and how do weenable our peers to recognize thevalue of alternative methods?