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Providing Value Added Services to Your Customers Going Above & Beyond Slide 2 Why Go Above & Beyond? 1.Gain a Competitive Advantage over: Online / Worldwide Competitors Big Box Stores Other Small Businesses 2.Create loyalty 3.Generate new marketing opportunities Slide 3 The Basics of Most Successful Businesses 1.Knowledge 2.Customer service 3.Convenience (location & accessibility) 4.Quality products and/or services How can you Add Value? Slide 4 Add Value 1.During the shopping experience 2.At purchase 3.After purchase 4.Ongoing Slide 5 Add Value During the shopping experience Slide 6 Add Value During the shopping experience Make your shopper comfortable Offer water, tea & coffee Have food available (If lengthy shopping experience) Comfortable seating / massage chairs Entertainment - magazines/books/TV Childrens play area / childcare services Slide 7 Add Value During the shopping experience Make it easy to compare products Wi-Fi for Smart Phones Competitor catalogues / Other information Product Samples / Demonstrations / Stories & Testimonials (Humanize the experience) Make it easy to shop Provide baskets/bags/carts Provide walkers, strollers, wagons, scooters Clear signage, wide aisles Free convenience parking / valet Slide 8 Add Value At purchase Slide 9 Add Value At purchase Give bonus items Product samples Offer add-on services at a discount Candy / Chocolate % discount when a client spends over $x Free gift with purchase over $x Validate parking / pay back parking Donate a % of their purchase to charity Slide 10 Add Value At purchase Niceties Free gift wrapping Product instructions Forgetful forgiveness (For clients who forget their wallet) Loyalty Programs Discount cards (% off next purchase) Loyalty cards (Buy 5 get the 6 th free) Point systems (Purchase items on points ) Slide 11 Add Value After purchase Slide 12 Add Value After purchase Niceties Carry out service Free shipping / delivery Have umbrellas available Package items in a reusable bag Offer installation at a discount Say thank you personal emails Slide 13 Add Value Ongoing Slide 14 Add Value Ongoing Maintain an online relationship Manage an email list and send out E-Newsletters with information & promotions Have an active social media presence and interact with your clients Run contests Blog Slide 15 Add Value Ongoing Show you care Support charities Go green Be socially responsible Slide 16


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