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  • providing excellent customer service in the libraryHOLD THE PICKLES

  • hello, its a pleasure to meet youVanessa Uribe, El Dorado County Law Library

  • My presentationWhat to Take HomeObjectiveOur Current Situation and How We can Make the Best of it

  • program inspirationZingermans Delicatessen, Ann Arbor MichiganZingTrainIn Person Customer Service Training

  • bringing it back to the library

  • building a culture of customer serviceTEACH ITDEFINE ITLIVE IT MEASURE ITREWARD IT

  • service culture assessment

  • number one: teach itDiscussion:Engage people in open-ended questions:Why is great customer service so hard to find?Why is it even important?Is customer service a skill you are born with?Can it be taught? (5-90-5)

  • number two: define ItQuestion:What does great customer service look like at your organization?

  • defining it........continuedTwo Parts:

    The Positive: The steps to providing great serviceThe Negative: The steps to handling customer complaints

  • defining great customer service: three stepsFigure out what the guest wantsGet it for themGo the Extra Mile

  • defining it........continuedStep 1: Figure out what the guest wantsOpen-ended questions, restate request, be an active listener10/4 rule

    Step 2: Get it for themAccuratelyPolitelyEnthusiastically

    Step 3: Go the Extra MileWhat is an Extra mile?Definition: Doing something for our customers that they did not ask us for

  • five steps to effectively handling customer complaints1. Acknowledge the complaint

    2. Sincerely Apologize

    3. Take action to make things right

    4. Thank the guest

    5. Document the complaint

  • a note on fairness:Fairness is on another planet

  • number three: live itWe need to distinguish between the values and visions to which we give lip service and those that are truly the basis for our actions - Sam Keen, Hymns to an Unknown God

  • systems should support great serviceWhy have systems?Systems should lead to better service!!!!Mission/VisionValuesCultureSystemsResults

  • number four: measure it Systems role in customer service In order to gauge how well systems are operating, you have to measure their effectivenessExamples of customer service measurement tools:Code RedCode Green

  • number five: reward it Professional Advancement Group Rewards


    What does your organization do to reward great customer service? How can they do it better?

  • original training feedbackExtremely positiveToo Short- more time needs to be dedicated to CS trainingSystems in the Way needs to be better highlightedMore time for role playingNeed to make sure that there is continuing education, forms in library for staff, reminders,....etc

  • thank you!Vanessa Uribe, El Dorado County Law, 530-621-6423

    ****Fairness is another planet.

    Most times complaints arent fair to us, need to let go of that.