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Provider DirectoryDecember, 2018Collier County Govt

Community HealthPartners Mission

To improve our communityshealth and quality of life:

Through access to the best network of physicians and hospitals

Through design of innovative and cost effective programs that exceed customer needs

Through integration and coordination of superior medical services

Our Service Area

CHP network of providers covers all of Collier County and southern Lee County

Check Your ID Card

This directory is not intended to supply specific information about coverage and benefits. Please call the number on your ID card or consult your health benefit information for co-payments, co-insurance or deductibles that may apply.

Verification of Providers

To maximize benefits and avoid unnecessary out-of pocket expense, always verify the provider participates in your network. Visit us on the Web at and be watching for up-to date provider information.

To Reach Us

For questions about participating providers, call our office at (239) 659-7760 and ask to speak with Provider Relations or e-mail us

Notice:Participating providers are subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to assure the reliability of directory information

Participating Collier County Govt Providers December, 2018Page 1 of 11

Abdullah, Asif MD RadiologyAbi Aad, Simon MD Oncology HematologyAbood, Richard G. MD Emergency MedicineAbraham, Anil T. MD AnesthesiologyAbrams, Laurie MD RadiologyAbuAwad, Mazen K. MD RadiologyAbuMahfouz, Omar MD HospitalistAdam, Mahmoud MD CardiologyAdams, Christopher R. MD Orthopaedic SurgeryAdams, Jenny W. DPM PodiatryAdams, Michelle MD RadiologyAdamus, Kimberly J. CRNA Nurse AnesthetistAdkins, Garth T. MD Family Medicine (Walk-

in) (non PCP)Aenlle-Matusz, Lisa M. MD NeurologyAgarwal, Anurag MD Facial Plastic SurgeryAguirre, Carlos J. MD HospitalistAhasic, Stephanie A. DC ChiropractorAhmad, Kelly APRN Nurse PractitionerAl-Aly, Robert M. MD RadiologyAlbeldawi, Mazen MD GastroenterologyAlbritton, David T. PA-C PA - Specialty CareAlburger, John F. MD Ear, Nose, and Throat

(Otolaryngology)Alea, Oscar A. MD Pediatric PulmonologyAlessi, Albert DO Family MedicineAlessi, Patricia A. DO Family MedicineAlexander, Johnny MD RadiologyAlfidi, Mary M. MD RadiologyAlfonso, Javier E. MD NephrologyAlford Bartruff, Connie E. MD Reproductive

EndocrinologyAl-Kimawi, Magid A. MD Pain MedicineAllam, Reynald C. MD Preventive/Occupational

MedicineAl-Nakeeb, Sadiq J. MD Pulmonary DiseaseAlper, Jeffrey A. MD RheumatologyAlpert, Myles L. DO AnesthesiologyAlvarez, Alain MD RheumatologyAmes, Tanya E. PA-C PA - Specialty CareAmin, Jyothi A. DPM PodiatryAmin, Neel MD Pain ManagementAmiridze, Nana S. MD NeuroradiologyAnand, Pavan K. MD Internal MedicineAnderson, Charles J. MD Internal MedicineAnderson, Cyrus T. MD, PhD RadiologyAnderson, George PA-C PA - Specialty CareAnderson, Lee K. MD AnesthesiologyAnderson, Robert L. MD RadiologyAnksh, Vita MD Endocrinology, Diabetes

& MetabolismAnton, Robert C. MD RadiologyAnzalone, Salvatore MD PediatricsApata, Joseph MD HospitalistAram, Gazelle MD Pain ManagementArguelles, Elizabeth A. MD General SurgeryArosemena, Jose A. MD Emergency MedicineArrigo Jr, Joseph T. MD AnesthesiologyAsaph, James E. PA-C PA - Specialty Care

Ash, Deborah M. MD RadiologyAviles-Lopez, Luis E. MD PediatricsAxline, David R. MD CardiologyAzad, Hashem DO CardiologyBaccaro, Leopoldo M. MD Plastic SurgeryBadra, Dina A. MD PediatricsBaez, Jose M. MD Internal MedicineBailey, Debra L. MD DermatologyBaily, Robert G. MD CardiologyBairamian, Jack MD AnesthesiologyBakalar, Danielle M. PA-C PA - Specialty CareBaker, Matthew J. MD NeurologyBakr, Maged MD GastroenterologyBalandra, Arturo MD UrologyBandeira, Joseph MD Geriatric MedicineBangash, Affaan K. DO RadiologyBarbaro, Deanna DC ChiropractorBarbounis, Constantine G. DPM


Barile, Michael G. MD Pain ManagementBarnes, Hillary L. MD HospitalistBarrios, Jan M. MD GastroenterologyBartley, Daniel J. DC ChiropractorBarton, Wendy S. OD OptometryBartruff, Christopher R. MD Emergency MedicineBaseman, Donald A. DO Internal MedicineBass, Thomas L. MD Bariatric SurgeryBastien, Brunette APRN APRN - Specialty CareBatelli, Eugene A. DPM Podiatric SurgeryBaumgardner, Paul D. DC ChiropractorBeaulieu, Gregory P. MD PathologyBecker, Douglas A. MD Orthopaedic SurgeryBecker, Russell W. DO Vascular SurgeryBeckett, Thomas A. MD Obstetrics/GynecologyBeebe, Paul E. MD Pain ManagementBelanus, Emily B. PA-C PA - Primary CareBell-Hawkins, Amelia APRN APRN-Family Primary

CareBello, Lindsay E. PA-C PA - Specialty CareBello, Steven L. MD Ear, Nose, and Throat

(Otolaryngology)Bence-Franco, Nicole A. PA-C PA - Specialty CareBendeck, Maria F. DO HospitalistBenmaman, Coty MD DermatologyBentz, William J. DO Family MedicineBeretta, Aldo R. MD Orthopaedic SurgeryBergen, Gary A. MD Infectious DiseaseBergtold, James J. DC ChiropractorBergtold, Matthew R. DC ChiropractorBerlie, Jon R. MD OphthalmologyBernstein, Andrew M. DO Family MedicineBertram-Stewart, Dawn MD PediatricsBeskow, Christian MD Family MedicineBest, Jerry G. MD Family MedicineBest, Susan DO Internal MedicineBetancourt, Roberto CRNA Nurse AnesthetistBethel, Todd D. MD Emergency MedicineBevins, Jennifer L. MD Obstetrics/GynecologyBhasin, Rohit R. MD Neurological Surgery

Participating Collier County Govt Providers December, 2018Page 2 of 11

Bialkin, Steven R. MD NephrologyBickerton, Andrea D. MD Family MedicineBienkowski, Janet R. APRN APRN - Specialty CareBiggs, Henry K. DO Orthopaedic SurgeryBisker, Jeffrey S. MD RadiologyBiskup, Darius MD RadiologyBlack, Daniel A. DPM PodiatryBlack, Richard R. DO RadiologyBlair III, Ray H. MD HospitalistBlanco-Franco, Alejandro MD Internal MedicineBledsoe, Lauren Q. PA-C PA - Specialty CareBobman, Stuart A. MD RadiologyBochorishvili, Vakhtang MD Infectious DiseaseBoles, Kathryn S. DO AnesthesiologyBolin, Stefan M. CRNA Nurse AnesthetistBolla, Leela MD Geriatric MedicineBossinger, Steven O. MD UrologyBoucek, Francis C. MD Interventional

CardiologyBoyette, Leah B. MD Emergency MedicineBoynton, Douglas L. MD Family MedicineBozza, Brian W. MD Family MedicineBraden , Beau R. DO Emergency

Medicine/office based Brady, Bobbi G. MD DermatologyBrawner, Elizabeth W. MD Palliative Care/HospiceBrewer, Edward S. MD Diagnostic RadiologyBridewell, Bruce M. MD Family MedicineBrinnig-Jastrzebski, George MD


Britten, Barbara-Ann M. MD Concierge - Membership Fee

Brockwell, Russell C. MD AnesthesiologyBroderick, Elisabeth C. MD Internal MedicineBroderick, Kathleen MD Internal MedicineBrodie, Todd D. MD Endocrinology, Diabetes

& MetabolismBrogan, Kara A. MD Obstetrics/GynecologyBroniak, Frederick F. DO Emergency MedicineBrosseit, Emily A. APRN APRN-Pediatric Primary

Care Brothers, Betsy L. MD Obstetrics/GynecologyBrown, David C. MD OphthalmologyBrown, Mark A. MD Infectious DiseaseBrown, Reisha F. MD PediatricsBrus, Robert J. DO HospitalistBrzezinski, Diane J. DO Internal MedicineBuck, Gregory J. CRNA Nurse AnesthetistBuck, Tanya L. PA-C PA - Specialty CareBuckley, Christopher M. DO DermatologyBulengo, Stella M. MD DermatologyBurmeister, Todd R. DPM PodiatryBurmeister, William Cliff DPM PodiatryBustamante, Manuel F. MD GastroenterologyBusuioc, Gabriel CRNA Nurse AnesthetistBuzzelli, Marc D. MD RadiologyByerly, Lynn K. MD OphthalmologyCaceres, Maria E. MD Emergency MedicineCachet, Hillary L. PA-C PA - Specialty Care

Calcagni, Christopher J. DPM PodiatryCalderon, Eileen C. PsyD Psychology (Integrated

model-for patients of group)

Caldwell, Dylan M. MD Emergency MedicineCales, Robert K. CRNA Nurse AnesthetistCalifano, Joseph R. MD Interventional

CardiologyCamina, Jorge L. MD PediatricsCamina, Tamara O. MD Emergency MedicineCamisa, Charles MD DermatologyCampbell, John D. MD NeurologyCampero, Leonardo CRNA Nurse AnesthetistCampoamor, Jose M. MD Pain ManagementCamponovo, Ernest J. MD RadiologyCannon, Brian T. MD Family MedicineCanterbury, John P. MD Internal MedicineCao, Tracey N. MD HospitalistCaparros, Raymundo I. MD Pulmonary MedicineCaprio, Lisa S. MD AnesthesiologyCarneiro, Ronaldo MD Hand SurgeryCarr, Michael C. MD Pediatric Urology Carter, Julia A. MD OphthalmologyCarter, Shawn S. MD RadiologyCarter, Susan M. DC ChiropractorCaslowitz, Pamela L. MD RadiologyCassell, Lauren K. MD Emergency MedicineCastillo III, Jose CRNA Nurse AnesthetistCera, Susan MD Colon & Rectal SurgeryChahwan, Santiago H. MD Vascular SurgeryChami, Robert G. MD Plastic SurgeryChan, Alex MD RadiologyChang, Victoria S. MD OphthalmologyChapman, Eric MD Emergency MedicineChapman, Wesley D. DPM PodiatryChermak, Richard B. MD RadiologyChester, Sarah A. DC ChiropractorChon, Joanna K. MD UrologyChoyah, Natasha A. MD Family MedicineChurchill, John A. MD Pediatric OrthopaedicsChurton, Sarah E. MD DermatologyClay, Sarah E. APRN APRN - OB/GYN CareClements, Emily C. DO Obstetrics/GynecologyCodada, Shirley N. MD Palliative CareCohen, Howard L. MD Pulmonary MedicineCohen, Michael E. MD GastroenterologyCoker, Marlin P. DC ChiropractorColeman, Austin W. DO OphthalmologyCollins Jr, Michael J. MD OphthalmologyColon, Gary P. MD Neurological SurgeryColton, Marc D. MD UrologyConklu, Emre M. DO Emergency MedicineContreras, Patricia A. MD PediatricsContreras, Ruben A. MD Family MedicineCook, Thomas L. MD AnesthesiologyCooper, Deborah D. MD AnesthesiologyCordero, Hector J. MD PediatricsCorey, Lois A. CRNA Nurse AnesthetistCorneil, Jonathan E. PA-C PA - Specialty Care

Participating Collier County Govt Providers December, 2018Page 3 of 11