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    Live, Laugh, Learn and Achieve together

    Head Teacher: Mrs Philippa Maksymiw Chair of Governors: Mr Daniel Routledge


    2014 - 2015

    Overdale Infant School Eastcourt Road

    Leicester LE2 3YA

    Tel: 0116 2882724 Fax: 0116 2570323


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    Welcome I would like to welcome you, your child and your family to

    Overdale Infant School. Our mission statement is:-

    We aim to meet the needs of every unique child through an exciting broad, balanced curriculum which is based on developing skills for

    learning and investigation of the world around us. We work in effective partnership with the families and wider

    community, valuing all children as individuals and developing their interests and potential accordingly.

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    Overdale Infant School session times are:- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    9.05am 12.15pm 1.20pm - 3.20pm

    Attendance and Absence:

    It is vital to your childs education that he/she attends everyday possible during each school year.

    If your child is unable to attend through illness, please contact school on 0116 2882724.

    -------- We cannot authorise any holiday leave during term times for any

    reason, unless in extreme circumstances. This is a directive by the Government and will incur a penalty charge if unauthorised leave is

    taken. In extreme circumstances please apply for an authorisation form

    from the Head teacher to discuss this.

    Please try and ensure that your child is punctual for every session. The start of morning school is the most crucial time

    of every day for the children.

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    Overdale Infant school strongly adheres to the following principles: Being Healthy, so that they are physically healthy, mentally and emotionally healthy, have healthy lifestyles and understand age appropriate information about sex and drugs. Staying Safe, so that they are safe from maltreatment, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation; safe from accidential injury, bullying and discrimination; safe from crime and anti-social behaviour in and out of school; have security and stability and are cared for. Enjoying and achieving, so that they are ready for school; attend and enjoy school; achieve challenging National Educational standards at school; achieve personal and social development and take their learning beyond the classroom. Making a positive contribution, so that they engage in decision making and support the community and environment; engage in positive behaviour both in and out of school and understand that rules are there for the benefit of all; develop positive relationships and choose not to bully and discriminate; develop self confidence and successfully deal with significant life changes and challenges. Achieving Economic well being, so that they are aware and understand about the next stages in their education; that education leads to employment which provides money to buy homes, food and the necessities of life.

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    Head Teacher

    Mrs P Maksymiw


    Mrs C Chester Mrs P Coplin

    Mrs R Dhadwar Mrs M Doniak

    Mrs M Edwards Mrs H Holmes Mrs N Howard Mrs L Jamieson

    Mrs S Loyal Miss L Meakin

    Mrs S Pridmore Miss H Skipper Mrs A Wanless

    Admin Staff:

    Mrs J Robinson Mrs R Smith

    Support Staff:

    Mrs J Archer Mrs S Ardley Mrs P Cann

    Mrs D Clayton Mrs S Gosal

    Mrs J Livesey Miss L Marlow Mrs J Ortega Mrs S Pinches Mrs C Ricketts Mrs W Stone Mrs J Taylor

    Mrs M Weatherhog Mrs J Welsh Mrs L Wykes

    Dining Supervisors:

    Mrs S Ardley Mrs I Fernandes

    Mrs E G Mrs S Gosal

    Mrs R Higgins-Jones Mr P Keen

    Miss D Rawson Mrs K Ridge Mrs J Taylor

    Chair of Governors: Mr D Routledge

    Governors: Mr A Bayford Mrs S Birch Miss H Boyd Mr R Grant

    Miss L Meakin Miss H Powell

    Mr G Witcombe Ms Z King

    Premises Staff:

    Mrs D Cuthbertson Mrs C Stratford

    Who you will find in school

    Lollipop Lady:

    Mrs L Bailey

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    Role of the Governor

    It is the role of the Governors as a corporate body to be responsible for every aspect of a school. This in practice

    translates to having an overview of the whole school and being actively involved in specific aspects of school life.

    The responsibility for the management of a school is delegated

    to the Head Teacher who works in close partnership with the LA.

    Parent representatives sit on every Governing Body.

    The Governors of Overdale Infant School are extremely

    conscientious and dedicated to the welfare and best possible educational opportunities for all your children.

    Our Chair of Governors this year is Mr Daniel Routledge

    He can be contacted through the School Office

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    School Organisation

    Overdale Infant School caters for 270 children between the ages of 4 and 7 years, all of whom attend full time.

    The school operates in two key stages whilst prioritising the individual

    needs of our children:

    Foundation Stage 4 and 5 year olds

    Key Stage 1 5, 6 & 7 year olds

    There are 90 children in each of three year groups:~

    F2 Year 1 Year 2

    30 children in each class.

    Whilst at Overdale Infant School your child will have the opportunities to

    work with different teachers and many support staff who specifically enhance areas of development including:~

    Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, SEN

    Gifted and Talented, G&T English as an Additional Language, EAL

    Curriculum Support

    Your child will be taught in classes of mixed ability for the majority of each day. However, in years 1 and 2, children work in groups at least

    twice each week for Literacy and Numeracy. This is to ensure that every child receives focussed teaching at the level appropriate to them on a

    regular basis.

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    The School Day

    Morning Session KS1 9.05 12.15 F2 9.05 11.45 Afternoon Session KS1 1.20 3.20

    F2 1.05 3.15 Parents are asked to ensure that pupils arrive at school punctually. In the morning a teacher will be on duty in the playground from 8.55am. The bell

    is rung at 9.05. You may leave your child with her but please do not leave children before this time.

    The children in Year 1 and Year 2 are dismissed from their classrooms at 3.20 pm and parents are encouraged to meet their children at the outer

    classroom door or in the playground. Teachers are not able to supervise children walking to the gates.

    Under no circumstances will children be allowed to leave the school site unescorted during the school day. If they have to leave for a special

    reason, the school must be notified and the children must be collected by an adult. Children leaving school during the day have to be

    signed out in the office.

    Children in the Foundation Stage must be brought to school and collected by an adult. They are dismissed at 3.15pm. Should your usual arrangements

    change, please inform the staff so that they know who is collecting the children.

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    When your child is admitted to school you will be asked to complete a form giving relevant details about your child, stating your current place of work (mother and

    father) and telephone numbers, including an emergency contact number. It is important that this information is kept up to date, so please notify the school at

    once if there are any changes.


    The L.A. Code of Practice for the Administration of Medicines states that Children who require a short course of medication,

    e.g. antibiotics, will normally remain at home until the course is finished. If it is felt by a medical practitioner that the child is fit enough to return to school, the dosage can usually be adjusted so that none is required at lunch time. In line with this we are unable to administer short term medication in

    school and children cannot bring such medicines into school. You as carers however, may wish to make a special arrangement with the Head Teacher who is

    willing to administer the medicine to your child.

    Some children need to use long-term medication, e.g. an asthma inhaler. As an inclusive school, we do cater for these medical needs.

    Accidents/Illnesses at School If your child is taken ill at school s/he will be seen by one of our qualified First Aiders and we will contact a parent or carer. All accidents are recorded in our medical book and the child is given a letter to take home informing you of the incident. We are aware of the seriousness of head injuries, and will usually

    contact parents at the time of the accident if a child receives a bump to the head. It may not be necessary for the child to be collected from school, but we

    are sure that you would welcome being informed.

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    Autumn Term 2013 School Opens Thursday 28 August 2014 School Closes Friday 17 October 2014 Autumn Half Term Monday 20 October Friday 24 October 2014 School Opens Monday 27 October 2014 School Closes Friday 19 December 2014 Christmas Holidays Monday 22 December2014

    Monday 5 January 2015 Spring Term 2014 School Opens Tuesday 6 January 2015 School Closes Friday 13 February 2015 Spring Half Term Holiday Monday 16 February Friday 20 February 2015 School Opens Monday 23 February 2015 School Closes Friday 27 March 2015 Easter Holidays Monday 30 March


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