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  • Prospects of Mountaineering and Trekking Tourism in Nepal

    Submitted By:Faculty of ManagementPublic Youth Campus Tribhuvan University

    A Field Work Report

    Submitted To:Suman Babu Panta

    BBS IIIrd yearClass Roll No:1664

    Exam Roll No: 16004T.U. Registration No:7-2-31-1000-2005(2062)

    In the partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Business Studies

    Dhobichower, KathmanduAugust, 2008

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  • Faculty of ManagementTribhuvan University


    This is to certify that the field work assignment report:

    Submitted by:

    Suman Babu PantaT.U. Registration No.: 7-2-31-100-2005(2062)

    Class Roll No:1664Exam Roll No:16004

    BBS IIIrd year

    EntitledA case study on Prospects of Mountaineering and Trekking Tourism in


    Has been prepared as approved by this Department.This field work report is forwarded for examination.

    Date:.. Head of the DepartmentPublic Youth Campus

    Dhobichour Kathmandu

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  • Acknowledgement

    This field work report entitled 'Prospects of Mountaineering and Trekking Tourism in Nepal' has been prepared under Tourism Management as partial fulfill requirement of Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Programs of faculty of Management T.U.

    A detailed list of authors, books and other sources which were used as references and sources in the course of preparation of this report has been included in Bibliography.

    I would heartily like to thanks to my respected lecture Dr.Hari Prashad Shresta and Mr. Ramchandra sedai and all other respected lectures of the campus. I am also grateful to the staff of Nepal Tourism Board, who provided information and cordial support to complete this study.

    Lastly, I would like to extend sincere gratitude to the known and unknown writer of the books and references that has been taken during the preparation of this field report. Also my thanks goes to all of my friends for their regular motivation, support and help to make this report possible.

    Thank you!Suman Babu Panta

    Public youth campus


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  • Table of Contents

    Chapter-I 1 Introduction 1-151.1 Background 1

    1.1.1 Evolution of tourism in Nepal 21.2 Major tourist attractions in Nepal 31.3 Concept of trekking tourism 5

    1.3.1 Prospects of trekking in Nepal 61.3.2 Importance of trekking tourism in Nepal 61.3.3 Major trekking area 71.3.4 Season for trekking 71.3.5 Possible trekking tourism activities in Nepal 71.3.6 Problem of trekking management 8

    1.4 Concept of mountain tourism 81.4.1 Prospects of mountaineering in Nepal 91.4.2 Importance of mountaineering expedition 101.4.3 Existing management problem in mountaineering . 121.4.4 Season of mountaineering 12

    1.5 Scope of tourism in Nepal 131.6 Problem of tourism in Nepal 131.7 Prospectus of tourism in Nepal 131.8 Statement of the problem 141.9 Objective of the study 151.10 Significance of the study 151.11 Limitation of the study 15

    Chapter-II Research Methodology 16-162.1 Source of data collection 162.2 Research design 162.3 Data analysis tools 16

    Chapter III Data presentation & Analysis 17-223.1 Data Presentation 173.1.1 Total tourist arrival and tourist arrival for Trekking 173.2 Data Analysis 213.3 Findings 22

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  • Chapter IV Summary and conclusion & Recommendation 23-244.1 Summary 234.2 Conclusion 234.3 Recommendation 24

    Bibliography 25

    List of tables and Figures

    Title of tables page no. 1. Arrival of total Tourist and Tourist arrival for trekking.. 172. mountaineering from MOCTCA 183. Trekking peaks 194. Gross foreign exchange earning in convertible Currencies by fiscal year(2059/60-2063/64) 195. Tourism income in convertible currency by monthly (2063/64)20

    List of FiguresTitle of tables Page no. 1. Arrival of total tourist and tourist arrival for mountaineering and trekking 182. Tourism income convertible currency by monthly 21

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  • Abbreviation

    & : And

    FY : Fiscal year

    Govt. : Government

    HAN : Hotel Association of Nepal

    HMG : His Majestys Government

    MoCTCA : Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

    MMTC : Manpower trained by training centers

    NATA : Nepal Association of Travel Agents

    No. : Number

    NTB : Nepal Tourism Board

    URL : Universal Resource Locator

    T&M : Trekking and Mountaineering

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    1.1 Background

    Tourism in the present world is a very fast growing industry all over the world. It has been

    accepted in many countries as lucrative industry and this respect Nepal is not exception.

    Specially all land locked country like ours it is more than appropriate to have declared

    Tourism as number one industry. It has been proved past few years that Tourism is the

    only field in which Nepal is comparatively less dependent on other countries. We have

    seen other industries coming to a stand still but Tourism continued relatively undisturbed to

    the surprise of all. Thats why there is a need to carryout study to promote mountaineering

    and trekking in Nepal.

    Nepal is situated in the lap of Himalayas. Nepal is located between the latitude the latitude

    26022N to 30027North and Longitude 8004 E to 88012 East and elevation ranges from 90

    to 8848 meters. The average length being 885 Km east west and 193 north south which

    area is 147181 sq. Km. The country is bordering between the most populous countries of

    the world. India in the east, south, west and China in the North. Thats why it is also known

    as land locked country and home place of natural beauty with traces of artifacts. Nepal is a

    very beautiful country. Where nature has poured all the colors of rainbow. The northern

    range(Himalayan) is covered with snow over the years where the highest peak of the world,

    the Mount Everest, stands. The middle range(hill) is captured by gorgeous mountains, high

    peaks, hills, vallys and lakes. The southern range(Terai) is the plain of alluvial soil and con-

    sists of dense forest area with anstonding untamed wild life reserves and conservation


    It is a very old country with many rich cultural heritages temples dedicated to various deit-

    ies, the breath taking monasteries, the age less monuments all these combine to make it Page 7 of 327

  • wonder museum beneath the blue dome of the sky. The graceful, sloping caves of those

    masterly creations are so healthy land scrapped with the undulation of the surrounding hills

    and mountains that they make perfect blend. The Stupas, Temples and Pagoda style of ar-

    chitectures of Shiva Durga and Bishnu lures the visitors. The religious, customs and fest-

    ivals of Nepal are famous all over the world. The Hinduism and Buddhism is the complex

    blending of Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal and all the deities are worshipped by Hindu

    and Buddhist alike. A remarkable features of this country is the religious momegeneity ex-

    isting particularly between the Buddist and Hindu communities who for centuries have cher-

    ished mutual regard and respect for one another. The people of Nepal are religious. The

    traditional shrines of Stupas preserving unique patterns of wood carving and stone sculp-

    ture adds glory and grandeur to artistic and cultural scene of Nepal.

    Being the god gifted natural beauties Nepal has many places and to visit and water. There

    are many tourists attractions. Nepal is the variety of adventure tourist. Mountaineering,

    trekking, mountain biking, nature tours, culture tours, pilgrim tours, white water rafting,

    kayaking, jungle safari, bird watching, fishing hang-gliding, ultra light aircraft ride etc. Nepal

    is ultimate destination for the trekking enthusiast offering myriad of possibilities from the

    short and easy to demanding challenges of the snow peaks. Nepal has aptly been called A

    trekkers paradise as her terrain-mountains hills and the Terai.

    The friendliness and hospitality of the people of Nepal, where guests are treated as God;

    the variety of exciting adventure activities including trekking, mountaineering, rafting and

    jungle safari combined with culture that epitomizes peace and harmony art and craft; songs

    and dances make a visit to Nepal a memorable experience.

    1.1.1 Evolution of Tourism in Nepal

    Tourism before 1950s

    Tourism after 1950s (after the ascending of Mt. Everest)

    Adventure tourism (Mountaineering, Trekking, rafting, )

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  • Tourism in the part was limited to those who could travel on foot or trek, in the face of great

    natural hazards because of the lack of facilities such as road, communication network and

    crude means of tourism existed in some way or other. The development of arts, architec-

    ture, culture and religion drew the attention of foreign travelers, mostly scholars and people

    with missionary zeal.

    Tourism in Nepal is said to be initiated during the Gopas, the ruling dynasty in Nepal. Being

    impressed by Nepalese arts and architecture, many famous people visited Nepal during the

    ruling period of Lichhivis, Mallas and Ranas, but practically, tourism in Nepal was initiated

    after the revolution of 1951. The people were liberated and the gates of Nepal we