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Use of Propranolol in Burns Tan Hon LiangAnaesthesia-Critical Care


The Bad StuffCardiac StressCatabolismWound Healing

Maybe the Good StuffPropranolol

Propranolol - Good Stuff

Propranolol - Good Outcomes?

Not All HarmlessUnopposed alpha actionMesenteric ischemia

Sounds Goodbut Will We Truly Know Soon?

250 - 2017

160 - 2017

DoseTarget End PointHow SoonType of PatientTBSA ExtentType of BurnsTreatment DurationSoon?I Dont Think So!

So What Do I Do?Type of PatientAdultTBSA Extent>30%Type of BurnsAll typesTarget End Point20% of maxHRDoseEscalatingTreatment DurationAs long as I canHow SoonAs soon as possible

SummaryPropranololchildren: good evidenceadults: some evidenceUse Propranololbut be carefulStart early Dose as toleratedTarget 20% of Max HR


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