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  • Natalia M.

  • To acquire good listening and comprehension skills

    Focus on intonation devicesPitch patterns = melodyTiming = rhythm

    Intonation variation in the speech, todistinguish the range on what we say

    Importance (Brow, 1997)- essential to recognize syllables and try to identify the message

  • To understand this 2 devices on languageLearning, learners must be instructed ofintonation and its physical devices

    Pitch changeLengthening Vowel clarity

  • Intonation: Musical Signals of EnglishBasic elements (pitch and timing)

    Are learned in different ways in differentlanguages, that the become automatic

    Learners dont realize they are speaking w/ themusic of old language

  • Transforming new info old infoEnglish uses intonation to mark distinction b/ new info and old info

    A: Ive lost an umbrellaB: A ladys umbrellaA: Yes, a ladys umbrella with stars on it. Green stars.


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