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  • Promoting Healthy YouthA Parent Toolkit for Enhancing Nutrition and Physical Activity in Schools and at Home


    Introduction 0304 Letter from the OAFHK Chair and Ohio PTA

    05 Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Fact Sheet

    07 Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Zone Teams

    10 How to Use this Toolkit

    Advocacy 1516 Becoming an Advocate

    19 Resources to Help Parent Advocating

    School Environment: What You Need to Know 2021 Tips for Working with Schools

    23 School Environment Flow Chart

    25 School Nutrition Environment

    27 Competitive Foods

    31 Physical Education Programs

    32 School Policies

    School Health Environment Assessment 3637 Conduct a Needs Assessment

    38 Assessment Resources

    40 Key Assessment Questions

    Evaluation 4243 Evaluation

    47 Share Your Success Story

    49 Mini-Grant Success Stories from Zone Teams

    P.A.R.E.N.T. Process: Taking Action for Change 5859 Introduction to the P.A.R.E.N.T. Process

    61 School Wellness Policies

    65 School Breakfast Program

    70 Creating a Healthy School Nutrition Environment

    Section 1

    Section 2

    Section 3

    Section 4

    Section 5

    Table of Contents

    Section 6

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    71 Healthy Snacks in Schools

    74 Healthy Fundraising Techniques

    77 Non-Food Rewards and School Celebrations

    80 Healthy School Celebrations and Healthy Rewards and Incentives

    86 Physical Activity and Physical Education

    90 Physical Activity Curricula and Programs

    93 Walking Programs

    97 Walking School Bus

    100 P.A.R.E.N.T. Process Resources

    Healthy Living at Home 122123 Introduction to Healthy Living at Home

    126 Breakfast

    128 Healthy Snacking

    130 Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

    132 Family Meals

    134 Helping Your Child Become More Active

    136 Portion Control

    138 Food Groups to Encourage

    Section 7

    Table of Contents


    Introduction04 Letter from the OAFHK Chair and Ohio PTA

    05 Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Fact Sheet

    07 Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Zone Teams

    10 How to Use this Toolkit

    Section 1

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    Letter from the Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Chair and Ohio PTA

    Welcome to the Ohio Parent Toolkit for Nutrition and Physical Activity brought to you by Ohio Action for Healthy Kids and Ohio Parent Teacher Association! We are pleased to present

    this toolkit to help parents impact the nutrition and physical

    activity environment in schools. The toolkit contains background

    information, success stories, supplemental resources and a

    P.A.R.E.N.T. Process for changing the wellness environment within

    schools. This version of the toolkit contains helpful information

    for parents to make positive changes within the home environment

    as well.

    We encourage parents to become actively involved in nutrition and

    physical activity projects in their schools. Given the rising rates of

    obesity, and the health and economic costs tied to this epidemic, it

    will take the efforts of everyone to address this issue. Schools and

    afterschool programs play a significant role in positively changing

    the health behaviors of children. Many parent-led wellness projects

    have produced significant results and this toolkit outlines the

    process for how to make these changes in your own school.

    We thank all of those who have contributed to this toolkit. Ohio

    parents, as well as many groups from other states truly made this

    a collaborative effort.

    We will continue to gather examples of positive parental involvement

    in schools and identify resources to assist your efforts. Please visit

    the Ohio Action for Healthy Kids website for updated information, Also tell us about your

    successes so we can add your story to our website! We hope to hear

    from you soon!

    1Letter from the OAFHK Chair and Ohio PTA

    Shelly Roth Beiting

    Ohio Action for Healthy Kids

    State Chair

    Sue Owen

    Ohio PTA

    Executive Director


    Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Fact Sheet

    What is Ohio Action for Healthy Kids?

    A partnership of more than 25 state education, fitness, nutrition and health organizations addressing the schools role in responding to childhood health. The Ohio Action for Healthy

    Kids Team is dedicated to improving the health and educational

    performance of Ohios children through better nutrition and

    physical activity by promoting a healthy school environment.

    Healthy schools produce healthy students -- and healthy students

    are better able to learn and achieve their true potential.

    What are Ohios Goals?Ohios goals create health promoting schools that support sound

    nutrition and physical activity programs.

    Goal #1: Expand the number of schools and students participating

    in the School Breakfast Program.

    Goal #2: Ensure healthy foods and beverages are provided

    in vending machines, school stores and all venues within the

    schools control.

    Goal #3: Promote student health through regular physical

    activity opportunities including a high quality physical education


    Goal #4: Support schools and provide assistance with the creation

    of effective school wellness policies.

    Our ResultsSchool Environment Outcomes School Year 2007-2008

    44,019 additional students participating in the USDA School Breakfast Program;

    Over 105 mini-grants awarded to Ohio Schools impacting over 30,373 students and 634 school staff with new school

    nutrition and physical activity programs;

    30 regional workshops held reaching over 2,044 school administrators, staff and community individuals.

    Communications Go-to resource for school wellness opportunities:;

    Monthly newsletters, quarterly conference calls and annual membership meetings.

    1Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Overview

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    Product Development A Zone Leadership Manual, Parent Toolkit, Student Mentoring

    Guide and Nutrition and Physical Activity Toolkits to provide to


    How to Get Involved? Ohio Action for Healthy Kids infrastructure provides various

    opportunities to foster sharing and collaboration among

    diverse groups to encourage and facilitate meaningful change

    in schools. The Steering Committee includes members of state-

    level organizations. There are 10 regional zone teams for school

    staff, community members, parents, child health advocates and

    individuals interested in school health. These Regional Zones

    work at the local level to provide best practice resources to


    For more information about activities in your regional zone

    and the Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Initiative:

    Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Overview


    Morrow 10

    Stark 7

    Carroll 7

    Jefferson 7

    Harrison 7

    Tuscarawas 7 Coshocton


    Muskingum 7

    Noble 7

    Belmont 7

    Guernsey 7

    Williams 1

    Fulton 1

    Lucas 1

    Defiance 1

    Henry 1

    Wood 1

    Paulding 1

    Ottawa 1

    Sandusky 1

    Seneca 1 Putnam

    2 Hancock 2

    Van Wert 2 Allen


    Mercer 2

    Auglaize 2

    Hardin 2

    Logan 2

    Darke 9

    Shelby 9

    Miami 9

    Champaign 9

    Clark 9

    Preble 9

    Montgomery 9

    Greene 9

    Butler 6

    Hamilton 6

    Warren 6

    Clinton 6

    Clermont 6

    Highland 6

    Brown 6 Adams 6

    Fayette 6

    Scioto 5

    Pike 5

    Pickaway 5

    Ross 5

    Fairfield 5 Perry


    Hocking 5

    Vinton 5

    Jackson 5

    Gallia 5

    Meigs 5

    Athens 5

    Washington 5

    Morgan 5

    Monroe 5

    Lawrence 5

    Delaware 8

    Union 8

    Madison 8

    Franklin 8

    Licking 8

    Knox 10

    Wyandot 10

    Crawford 10

    Marion 10

    Erie 10

    Huron 10

    Wayne 10

    Ashland 10



    Holmes 10

    Morrow 10

    Lorain 3

    Cuyahoga 3

    Summit 3

    Medina 3

    Lake 4

    Ashtabula 4

    Geauga 4

    Trumbull 4

    Portage 4

    Mahoning 4

    Columbiana 4

    Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Regional Zones

    8/22/2008 based upon Buckeye Association of School Administrators

    Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Zone Teams

    Regional Zone Team Structure

    Ohio Action for Healthy Kids is divided into 10 regional zone teams to create change in schools at the grassroots level by collaborating with local schools, organizations and child health

    advocates. Regional zone tea


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