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1. 1 Promoting creative minds and innovation among the youth Marc Lepage, Africa knowledge & innovation advisor UNDP Africa Regional Service Center, Addis Ababa 2. 2 Large scale initiatives 3. 3 entrepreneurship.. 4. 4 ..Government scheme 5. 5 Governments need to encourage entrepreneurship and provide job- focused training to help the millions of young unemployed people on the continent, says OECD Mix! 6. 6 Agenda Mind of an entrepreneur Social innovation in Africa What more can we do way forward 7. 7 Entrepreneur 8. 8 Social Entrepreneurs -The social entrepreneur harnesses entrepreneurship skills to do social good -Combines the passion of a social mission with an image of business-like discipline, innovation, and determination 9. 9 Definition of Social Enterprise A social enterprise is a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximize profit for shareholders and owners. 10. 10 Social Entrepreneurship (1) What is it? What do they do? Applying practical, innovative and sustainable approaches to benefit society Focus on marginalized and poor Starting for-profit or earned-income ventures by not for profit organizations 11. 11 Social Entrepreneurship (2) How different from NPO and NGO? NPO and NGO make social values mostly by donations. Social Entrepreneurs make social values mostly by BUSINESS. =SUSTAINABLE 12. 12 Role of Social Entrepreneurs To develop employment To make social and environmental Innovation To create new goods and services To promote Equity To serve the poor and marginalised To open new areas To make financial models work for users To offer wider social benefits To Assist the government 13. 13 Program areas of Social Entrepreneurs 1. Economic & Job Opportunity creation 2. Community & Rural Development 3. Environment & Nature Protection (Eco) 4. Market & Microenterprise Development 5. Institutional & Organizational Development 14. 14 Examples of Social Entrepreneurs Prof Mohamad Yunus Grameen Bank, Bangladesh Bill Drayton Ashoka Foundation-Innovators for the public, USA. David Kuria Ecotact Kenya (Ikotoilet), Kenya Ingrid Munro Jamii Bora MFI, Kenya 15. 15 Characteristics of Social Entrepreneurs (1) Social Catalysts Are visionaries who create fundamental social changes by reforming social systems and creating sustainable improvements. Socially aware Social improvement, as opposed to the creation of profit, should be the ultimate goal Opportunity-seeking Pursue their goals relentlessly, seeing every obstacle as an opportunity 16. 16 Characteristics of Social Entrepreneurs (2) Innovative They are creative, willing to think outside the box and ready to apply ideas to new situations. Resourceful Acting boldly without being limited by resources currently in hand Accountable Am I creating value for the people I am serving? Do I understand their needs? 17. 17 Ways of becoming a Social entrepreneur Most importantly Love your society & environment and dont give up to change it in a good way!! 18. 18 Are you? Lets look at few examples 19. 19 Innovation is about Needs and Solutions Innovation = New approach + Unmet social need 20. 20 THE NEED Cheap, affordable and clean electricity for low income families Access to Energy 21. 21 THE NEED Differentiating between genuine and fake drugs Health Security 22. 22 THE NEED Decent toilets in low-income urban centres Urban Equipments 23. 23 THE NEED Basic financial services get to people in the rural areas Mobile Banking 24. 24 THE NEED Decent & affordable housing for low- income urban and rural dwellers Housing 25. 25 THE NEED Improving access to clean water Hippo Water Roller Project 26. 26 Steal with prideand learn! Knowledge is outside. Work with young people. 27. 27 Skills matching: Concree 28. 28 Funding opportunities 29. 29 Innovative funding 30. 30 Malawi innovation fund 31. 31 Rwanda: YouthConnekt 32. 32 Incubators 33. 33 Innovation hub: IceAddis 34. 34 Ethiopia: entrepreneurship development center 35. 35 Technology Innovation Agency 36. 36 Rwanda: mobile app contest 37. 37 partnership approach: engage with social Innovation hubs in Africa & Centers across Africa. 38. 38 Where will you go tomorrow? 39. 39 THANK YOU! Questions?


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