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OutlineIntroduction of HydraulicsBasic law of hydraulicsFluid power & its applicationBasic hydraulics systemTools & materials usedOur project automatic hydraulic jackWorking Advantages & Disadvantages

Intoduction of Hydraulics ?Hydraulicsis a topic inapplied science and engineering dealing with the mechanical properties of fluids or incompressible fluid. On a very basic level Hydraulics is used for the generation, control and transmission of fluids in order to produce some mechanical work or in general as a part of engineering.

The basic laws of Hydraulics

Pascal's Law: It states that pressure exerted anywhere in a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid such that the pressure ratio (initial difference) remains the same. The Hydraulic jack, Hydraulic press and Breaking system for automobiles are some examples of application of this law. .

The relationship between pressure, force and area is given byP=F/A This relationship is very useful for obtaining a mechanical advantage.

The hydraulic lift works on the principle that the effort required to move something is the product of the force and the distance the object is moved. By using an incompressible fluid to transmit the force, the hydraulic lift allows a small force applied over a large distance to have the same effect as a large force applied over a small distance. In this way, a small hand pump may be used to lift an automobile. In order to fill the large cylinder under the car with fluid, however, the small pump must be operated many, many times.

Fluid Power & Its Applications

Fluid power deals with the control and transmission of energy through the use of pressurized fluids.

Fluid power is quite literally the force behind industry because it is used to push, pull, drive and regulate virtually all machines used in industry. Fluid power is used in the steering, brake system, and automatic transmissions of cars and trucks

Since fluids exist as either a liquid or a gas, fluid power is a term used to describe both hydraulics and pneumatics.

Basic Hydraulic Systems

1. Pump 2. Electric Motor (prime mover) 3. Valves 4. Conductors (pipes, tubes and hoses) 5. controller



Tools & Materials UsedTools: steel rule, saw, jack plain, chiesel, file, .Materials: wood, plastic syringe, rubber tubes, small plastic bottle, Steel balls, spring, gears shaft, electric motor, controller, wire .

Our Project : The Automatic Hydraulic jack and MachineOur project is based on the same laws that are mentioned before.Syringes are used as actuators as well as the switches.The medium of transmission is water.The whole project uses three syringes and in each syringe is acting as the actuator and the other one acts as the direction control valve .We can also use syringes of different diameter.

Working of hydraulic jack In automatic hydraulic jack, the P1 (piston) of C1 (cylinder) move the upper direction then the V1 (valve) is open and the liquid is sucked in C1 by the pipe. And the P1 moved in downward direction then V1 is closed and the V2 is open or the liquid is entered in C2 and the P2 moved upward direction with the help of gear shaft & motor then the liquid flow in C3 and the V2 is closed or the liquid entered in C3 then P3 move upward direction. The C2 & C3 are both attached to each other or when the pressure are applied on P2 then the P3 jack the work piece or material automatic with the help of motor & controller.

In this process , the pressure is applied at plunger A & the fluid is compressed or the plunger B at same pressure or the jack is move upper direction.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Hydraulic JackAdvantages:The hydraulic system easy to operate & control.The hydraulic system has light weight.The hydraulic system can realize automatic overload protection.The hydraulic system can be easy & flexible to arrange a as needed.Disadvantages:The hydraulic system easily ruptured.It will lose its needed pressure and will fail.

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